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22 July 2019

The Port of Three-Rivers PDG mobilises the whole community for the redevelopment of the riverside zone

For Gaëtan Boivin, the object is to apply pressure to Transport Canada in advance of the federal elections next autumn. The Port aims to diversify its activities by developing shops and flats, particularly in Warehouse N°1. A pedestrian and cycle promenade will connect the port with the Cogeco amphitheatre, a multifunctional cultural space. Various important figures have pledged their support, including the mayor of Three Rivers.

Full article : Radio Canada

22 July 2019

Long Beach: the Port’s new head office will be opened on 29 July, in a sustainable building constructed next to the new City Hall which will be opened on the same day

Full article : Port of Long Beach

22 July 2019

New York: a 5-year loan of $250 million will be used to finance part of the redevelopment planned for the historic Seaport District

Full article : Menafn

15 July 2019

The port of Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) is to be transformed into a city

The 10-15 year project by Suria Capital Holdings Bhd has recently been unveiled. Jesselton Waterfront City will include an international conference centre, hotels, shops and offices, as well as a terminal for cruise ships and international ferries. The work to transfer existing port activities to Sabah Ports is due to start in late 2019.

Full article : Bornéo Post online ; Daily Express

15 July 2019

Liverpool (UK) may lose its world heritage status on account of the waterfront project of Peel Holdings, “Liverpool Waters”

Full article : Liverpool echo

15 July 2019

Duluth (USA): the City will be able to levy a special tax to kick-start waterfront projects

Full article : Duluth News Tribune

10 July 2019

Toronto: the Sidewalk Labs master plan for Quayside is provoking debate

Sidewalk Labs publicised its “Draft Master Innovation and Development Plan” for the 4.9 hectares of Quayside at the end of June. Waterfront Toronto has launched an evaluation procedure, based mainly on public consultation. There has been prompt reaction to the project from various angles in the press, as well as an open letter from the President of Waterfront Toronto. He points out that Waterfront Toronto was not involved in the creation of this master plan and that a certain number of disagreements still need to be resolved. One particular aspect is the governance plan for the project: leadership of the execution, use of data for the smart project, etc.

Full article : Waterfront Toronto, Quayside ; Open letter ; Sidewalk Labs’ Proposal ; Edmonton Journal

10 July 2019

Philadelphia (USA): a park above the freeway could reconnect the old city with the river

Full article : The Philadelphia Inquirer

10 July 2019

Bordeaux, Bassins à flots: in 2021 the “Quai des caps” will be home to a cinema, offices and shops

Full article : France Bleu ; La Tribune

8 July 2019

Belfast, Waterside Project: property developer Osborne+Co gets the go-ahead from the city authorities

The aim is to transform the former industrial site on the edge of the Lagan into an ecosystem for the city’s creative economy. The plan includes offices for almost 8,000 workers, cultural and leisure facilities, 675 apartments, and a hotel. The masterplan, designed by Henning Larsen, was recognized at the 2018 World Architecture News Awards.

Full article : Osborne, news ; Waterside Project



Citizen Port

23 September 2013

Los Angeles: reservations open for free visits by boat for pupils Primary School to Higher Education

Source: Port of Los Angeles

23 September 2013

The Action Plan of the Bilbao “Puerto y Ría” Foundation has been approved

The Bilbao Puerto y Ria Foundation was created in April 2011 by the Port Authority and 8 municipal districts which border the river. The object is to promote projects and actions of general interest with a socio-cultural and recreational dimension to increase understanding of the port, in the past and the present.

Source: Bilbaoport

23 September 2013

Birth of a “Port Festival” at Genoa

This Art and Theatre Festival is planned to take place between May and September 2014. It has been conceived and organised by the Genoa Port Centre in collaboration with the Province, and its object is to tell the story of the port and associated trades and professions through artistic spectacles of various kinds and forms.  Meanwhile, the first travelling spectacle took place during “Genoa Shipping Week” in the park of “la Lanterna”, the famous lighthouse which towers over the port of Genoa.

Sources: Primocanale,

23 September 2013

Tuticorin: Indian port to invest in maritime academy

The Indian shipping minister inaugurated the Maritime Training Institute that has been set up by the Shipping Corporation of India and the V.O. Chidambaranar Port Trust. At this occasion, the Minister confirmed also the enlargement project for the port of Tuticorin which should become a major hub port.

Source: Times of India
Shipping Corporation of India
Port of Tuticorin

13 September 2013

The Port of Hamburg presents its first report on sustainable development

hamburg_gm_13sept13The report will form the basis for a more generalised strategy for the Port, which intends to make a firm commitment to ecologically responsible policies: emissions reductions, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. The port has also started a project called smartPort Energy, in cooperation with the city.
Source : Port d’Hambourg

13 September 2013

Eticlab Genoa is organising a workshop on CSR and shipping as part of Genoa Shipping Week

Genes-eticlab-gm10sept13The question of Corporate Social Responsibility is being debated ever more frequently in the shipping and port industries. A number of speakers, including Mauro Solinas, La Spezia Container Terminal, Gruppo Contship – Daniela Picco, MSC Crociere – Piero Fabiano, VTE – PSA Voltri Prà – Maria Paola Profumo, Galata Museo del Mare – Carmen Giordano, Genoa Port Center, will present examples of good practices which help to create sustainable added value for all those involved.


13 September 2013

Genoa Shipping Week: Meetings, conferences and debates with and about the shipping community

gênes_gm_8 juillet2013Between 16 and 22 September Genoa will be host to more than 3,000 people from the world of shipping. Conceived two years ago at an association dinner of young shipping agents, the event offers a full programme of scientific meetings, but also lighter-hearted items such as a photographic competition and a running race.

Genoa Shipping Week
Port&Shipping Tech
Concours Photo : Shoot your port

Enterprise-driver Port

22 July 2019

Cruise ships: poor return on investment for share-holders, associated with high risk, may encourage companies to change their business model.

Full article: Times Malta

22 July 2019

Zadar: to limit impacts on the historical city, the port decides to build a cruise ship terminal away from the centre which will be able to absorb growth in traffic.

Full article: Port Authority Zadar

22 July 2019

“Clean Maritime Plan”: United Kingdom wants to speed up zero-carbon shipping and innovation in the industry.

Full article: Le Marin / UK Government / Report

10 July 2019

China: the province of Shandong initiated, in turn, a merger of ports with the takeover of the Weihai Port (45 Mt) by Qingdao.

Full article: Splash 247

10 July 2019

Marseille: the biological recycling of industrial CO2 through the capture of fumes by microalgae works!

Full article: Port de Marseille (pdf)

10 July 2019

CO2 impact of e-commerce: rapid and individual deliveries are responsible for a very strong growth in emissions

Full article: Journal du GeekAxios

8 July 2019

African port metropolis: logistics fluidity and governance at the heart of all challenges!

Since 2000, nearly 50 billion Euros have been invested in West African ports and traffic has tripled. Integrated into rapidly growing urban areas, ports today face the challenge of metropolitan freight corridors. These corridors could lead to new types of Private Public Partnerships based on governance that integrates local populations and environmental interests.
Full article: Ports et corridors

8 July 2019

On the Gulf of Bengal, India wants to make Machilipatnam a global port city on more than 25 miles of coastline.

Full article: The Hindu

8 July 2019

The Marseilles’ port community, along with the Port, the Chamber of Commerce and the University, wants to boost the blue economy and innovation.

Full article: Le Marin

3 July 2019

For terminal operator TTI, ports must move beyond logistics and improve their industrial competitiveness

The view, expressed by the director of the terminal at Algeciras, aims to prevent an endless trade war between ports. On the contrary, port territories need to make efforts to consolidate industrial activity and generate jobs. Control of the logistics chain and development of import and export business requires control of production.

Full Article: El Mercantil