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4 November 2019

Shanghai waterfront: urban ecology and heritage

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A 2.7 kilometre stretch of public space has been developed along the Huangpu, taking advantage of the existing industrial heritage. The area will house sports and leisure activities, along with urban art. The environment is a key priority for the project, which involves adopting low-carbon technology, re-using some of the existing vegetation, and deploying “spongy city” technologies to anticipate flood risks, etc.

Shanghai Daily


4 November 2019

Bordeaux (France): after Iboat, a former ferry transformed into a cultural venue, the Bassins à Flots docks are set to host floating offices

Full article : Iboat ; LinkedIn

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4 November 2019

Cadiz (Spain): an agreement between the Mayor of Santa Maria and the President of the Port paves the way for an urban development at the mouth of the river

Full article : Andalucia Informacion

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30 October 2019

Hobart (Tasmania): a fifteen-year masterplan for the waterfront

The Hobart waterfront is already Tasmania’s most popular destination. TasPorts, which owns and operates the port, is keen to make the area even more attractive by restructuring part of the docks. Measures including replacing certain ageing buildings, creating a marina in an area currently home to fishing activities, additional berths for cruise vessels, and a new layout for existing berths. Anthony Donald, CEO of TasPorts, has announced that the process will be carried out in consultation with stakeholders.

Full article : ABC news

30 October 2019

Boston: a waterfront hotel designed with a permeable ground floor, to anticipate rising sea levels

Full article : Archinect

30 October 2019

Dunkirk (France): an ice rink designed by Chabanne et Partenaires on a former industrial port site

Full article : Chroniques d’architecture ; Video

28 October 2019

Copenhagen: waste plant and leisure centre

“Copenhill”, a new waste recycling plant, is now open to the public. The site is in fact much more than just a power plant, and is home to various leisure facilities including a ski slope, climbing wall, and hiking trail. It also has an environmental education centre, and commands panoramic views of the city and port. The project was designed by Bjarke Ingels and landscape architects LSA. Full article : Design boom (+ images)

28 October 2019

New York City finally set to create a new park on the Union Dry Dock site in Hoboken

Full article : Hudson reporter

28 October 2019

Morocco’s National Ports Agency considers plans to redevelop the former port of Safi and integrate the site into the city

Full article : Le Matin

23 October 2019

The port of Riga receives an award for its Wind Barriers

The project was marked out for special praise at the annual architectural awards in Riga. The 2 kilometre long, 23 metre high barriers was installed at the new coal terminal built on Krievu Island, and aims to reduce dust pollution in urban areas. Other technological measures have also been taken to improve the level of protection further.

Full article : Freeport of Riga


Citizen Port

4 July 2013

A bridge to link the old fortress of Leghorn with the city

At the end of this month, the city will publish notification of a project for the creation of a floating bridge. It will create a new pedestrian route between the port and the city, and improve the management of tourist flows from the Maritime Station. In the longer term, the fortress will be operated by the company managing the passenger terminal in order to hold cultural events and house the new Port Centre. (photo © AIVP)

Source: Comune di Livorno

4 July 2013

Rotterdam: Art in the Submarine Wharf

The Port of Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, is mounting a cultural exhibition to make the most of this exceptional port site. A ceiling more than 20 metres high has given three internationally famed artists a chance to let their imaginations run riot.

Source: e-flux


2 July 2013

The Port of Antwerp receives the CSR Charter initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Antwerp

Source: Port d’Anvers

2 July 2013

President Port of Cagliari Massidda reduces taxes in order to attract businesses and create jobs for youngsters

Source: Casteddu

2 July 2013

The International Maritime Organisation adopts additional measures from the Cruise Industry to enhance passenger safety

Source: CLIA

24 June 2013

The use of dredging for roads is complex and should only be carried out at a suitable distance around ports.

Source : Le Marin

21 June 2013

The Port of Marseille opens its doors with a new record of over 10,000 visitors

As part of its celebrations as the European Capital of Culture 2013, the Port of Marseille organised boat trips around its Eastern basins: tours which met with real success amongst both the people of Marseille and tourists. Port staff helped visitors to board boats from the old J4 wharf, home to the Museum of Civilizations from Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) and Villa Méditerranée.
Source: Port de Marseille

19 June 2013

Canal project in Nicaragua: Maritime economy to grow but at what cost to the environment and the development of tourism?

Source : New Republic
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

18 June 2013

Port Louis positions itself as a hub port between Africa and Asia. The port is hoping to present itself to the Mauritian people via a new museum.

Source : Le Mauricien

Enterprise-driver Port

30 October 2019

Strasbourg wants to rely on river transport for more sustainable urban logistics.

Since May 2018, a terminal has been set up at the Quai des Pécheurs in the heart of the metropolis for the needs of a construction site. The City wants now to go further today and is calling for projects to make this terminal a platform for low-carbon urban logistics. The terminal shall operate on a daily basis in perfect harmony with other urban and tourist uses of the waterway. This project is part of the Strasbourg climate plan. Full article: VNF / NPI

30 October 2019

Climate: global groups like Nike or H&M are, like some major shipping companies are, refusing to use the Arctic route.

Full article: Sea Trade Maritime News / Flows

30 October 2019

Following the study by Deloitte, the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge set a two-years deadline to lay the foundations for a possible merger.

Full article: Port of Zeebrugge / Flows 1 / Flows 2

30 October 2019

The ports of Duisburg and Liège rely on intermodality to take advantage of direct rail links with China.

Full article: Marine Link / Flows

28 October 2019

Plastic waste: Malaysia negotiates the return of almost 300 containers of waste to their countries of origin.

Full article: Marine Link

28 October 2019

Marseille: in addition to cold ironing projects, cruise industry operators are committed to cutting ship sailing speeds

Full article: L’Antenne

23 October 2019

The Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA), a member of AIVP, expands its field of action to tackle the challenges facing ports

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

23 October 2019

River navigation defines graded levels of autonomy for vessels, to improve professional and personal living conditions for operators.

Full article: L’Antenne

23 October 2019

Spain: the new national port framework should lead to safe, sustainable ports existing in harmony with citizens

Full article: Rotacion

21 October 2019

For the first time, ports rate climate change among the three biggest environmental priorities

Cutting carbon emissions and adpting infrastructures are key concerns. However, more and more ports, local partner communities and businesses are organising in clusters to tackle issues globally, with citizens increasingly concerned about the way their future is being shaped. Meanwhile, the IMO has recently removed obstacles to cross-border carbon storage, which should help the industry organise and operate more efficiently.

Full article : ESPO (pdf) / All about shipping