Urban Port

16 October 2019

The residents of Sacramento set to reclaim their river

The City has chosen the Canadian architects Stantec to regenerate the river along old Sacramento (USA). The project includes plans for a dual-level market with a terrace, a history museum overlooking the river, and “River Terrace”, a series of new floating terraces for leisure activities and walking. A hotel tax will help fund the project.

Full article : The Sacramento Bee (+ video)

16 October 2019

Tallinn (Estonia): the passenger terminal refurbished, with views of the old city and port.

Full article : Port of Tallinn

16 October 2019

Chatham (UK): Peel L-P unveils plans for 950 apartments, shops, educational facilities and a promenade along the Medway

Full article : Kent Online ; Chatham Waters

14 October 2019

New York: Governors Island to become a climate laboratory

New York City wants to turn Governors Island into a living laboratory for adapting to climate change. It has invited proposals for a climate research and education centre to be based in the south of the island, which would complete the offices and cultural amenities planned for the district.

Full article : 6sqft

14 October 2019

The submarine base in Bordeaux continues its transformation, and will host a digital arts centre – “Les Bassins de Lumières” – in 2020

Full article : KulteCulturespaces ; Video

14 October 2019

The City of Hull (UK) receives £27.4m in funding to regenerate its marine heritage and identity

Full article : Maritime Hull

14 October 2019

Los Angeles: the new deep-water cruise terminal at San Pedro could be used for other purposes when no ships are visiting, and during the off-season

Full article : Daily Breeze

9 October 2019

The South Korean Government wants to make Jeju more attractive

Plans have been unveiled for a new cruise terminal on Jeju Island, with capacity for 4.7 million visitors annually. It will be completed by a 820,000 m2 leisure and tourism complex. The approach has been adopted in the country’s main ports, for example in Busan where a new terminal was opened in September 2018 and new cultural amenities are planned.

Full article : Korea Herald

9 October 2019

The citizens of Barranquilla (Colombia) have regained access to the river with the 4.5 km Gran Malecon promenade, which has attracted 4 million visitors since 2017

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)


Citizen Port

7 October 2019

President of Port Authority of Trieste emphasizes the importance of human capital development and evolution of ports into innovation hubs

Full article: ESPO

7 October 2019

Port of Barcelona confirms its commitment to reduce its negative externalities by renewing three environmental certification

Full article: El Vigía

7 October 2019

European Union presents the Green City Tool, a new guide to make cities greener and more sustainable. The platform also includes a self-assessment tool to identify what initiatives are more appropriate for each case

Full article: European Commission, Green City Tool

4 October 2019

The “Puerto Educa” program continues in Talcahuano, with a new visit from high-school students to the port of San Vicente in Chile

The visit is part of the program “Puerto Educa – Port Educates”, from the logistic community of Talcahuano (Comlog), the port of Talcahuano and the City Port Coordination Board. This program started this year 2019, will include 10 visits from local schools to the port facilities. The main goal is to promote the local port identity as well as to improve the relationships between the port and the citizens, allowing local inhabitants to discover how the port works. This kind of action is clear example of goal 6 from AIVP Agenda 2030, focused on promoting the port city identity generating a sense of pride.

Full article: ComLog, Portal Portuario

2 October 2019

Aportem, the solidarity organization of the port community of Valencia, helps 800 children in the beginning of the school year, providing them schools supplies and sport clothing

Full article: Aportem

2 October 2019

Port of LA is successfully pursuing the Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) to reduce the emissions despite the cargo throughput increase.

Full article: Portal Portuario, Greenport

26 September 2019

Port of Setubal hosts the week of the sea until Sept. 29th including port and ship visits, tours, conferences on environmental and maritime issues and sport events

Full article: Port of Setubal

26 September 2019

Port of Bilbao becomes greener thanks to the new lighting system, saving 50% of the energy of the previous one

Full article: El Estrecho Digital

25 September 2019

Getting to Zero Coalition: A new global initiative to decarbonize shipping, supported by more than 70 organizations worldwide

Full article: Global Maritime Forum, Portal Portuario

25 September 2019

The port of San Antonio and local school inaugurate an educational workshop with high school students to discuss about the port history, geography and logistics.

Full article: Cable Noticias

Enterprise-driver Port

16 October 2019

Decarbonising shipping: 60 businesses from all sectors sign up to the “Getting to Zero Coalition” under the aegis of the Forum Maritime Mondial

Full article: Global Maritime Forum

16 October 2019

“Wind energy is part of the future of shipping.” Alizé’s sail-powered cargo ship wins the contract to transport the Ariane 6 rocket.

Full article: Le Marin

16 October 2019

Climate emergency: protecting Singapore’s port could cost US$90 billion. The bill will be between 9 and US$12 billion for Californian ports. Will all ports have such means?

Full article: Le Marin, 3 octobre 2019

14 October 2019

Autonomous shipping: successful test for NYK on a voyage between Japan and China, which is getting a dedicated research centre.

Full article: Port Technology / Portal Portuario

9 October 2019

Port and food production: Rotterdam and Sète announce new industrial investments in the beverage sector.

Innocent, a leader in the fruit juice industry will be the first company to set up in the Rotterdam Food Cluster. The production will be of 400 million bottles each year for all of Europe. In Sète, the OFW Ships project reaches a new milestone with the installation of a logistics base for the factory vessel dedicated to the desalination and bottling of deep-sea water for consumption. This technology could be developed in many port cities for local markets. The production capacity is 2.5 million liters per 5-day campaign.

Full article: Port of Rottedam / Le Marin / OFW ships

9 October 2019

Three Belgian ports compete to host a large hydrogen production unit. This energy sector is flying high.

Full article: Flows

7 October 2019

Moving goods storage closer the dockside to promote soft last mile logistics

With the huge growth in e-commerce, logistics operators are looking to move closer to city centres, while striving to centralise flows of freight as much as possible. With land increasingly scarce and expensive, the profitability of multi-level warehouses such as those in New York is rising, and more and more of these facilities are being built. Another solution is the use of floating warehouses, as demonstrated by the Fludis system currently being trialled in Paris.

Full article: Journal of Commerce / Bisnow / NPI

7 October 2019

Valencia: plans to expand the port of Valencia mark a new milestone, but the mayor remains cautious about the impact on the environment and living conditions.

Full article: Mercantil 1 / Mercantil 2 / Mercantil 3

7 October 2019

Offshore wind: the Port of New York aims to position itself as a logistics hub for the offshore wind industry on the Eastern seaboard.

Full article: Renews

7 October 2019

More and more commuters in the Antwerp City-Port area are opting to travel by bike and waterbus, with the port set to continue its efforts.

Full article: Flows 1 / Flows 2