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17 June 2019

The City of Long Beach holds a consultation on its Climate Plan

Since June 2018, around twenty workshops and forums have been organised to present the plan to residents and business leaders. The aim is to prime them for the fight against climate change and rising water levels at the waterfront, and to gauge responses and suggestions. Long Beach joins over a dozen other US cities in adopting a plan of this kind, which includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt buildings on the waterfront, etc. The approach is of course in line with goals 1 and 2 from AIVP’s 2030 Agenda.

Full article : Bisnow

17 June 2019

The Port of Marseille opts for the project proposed by LAN architecture for the new waterfront office building

Full article : Made in Marseille

17 June 2019

£1.1 billion in funding announced for Stratford waterfront, with plans for cultural and educational facilities, along with 600 new homes

Full article : 3Dpersonnel ; Mayor of London

12 June 2019

Hanoi: flood risk and urban development

Three options are currently being considered to protect Hanoi from flood risks, while developing over 11,000 hectares of available land on both banks of the Red River. The CRTKL/Arcadis team recommends the third of these options, which involves stabilising the existing banks and creating floodable areas. Various cultural, sports and leisure facilities should complete the urban park. They claim this represents the most resilient option, and offers the most socio-economic benefits.

Full article : Urban Land Magazine

12 June 2019

Brussels: the Region approves the SAU’s plans for the nautical cluster, paving the way for mixed urban and port use of the waterway

Full article : SAU

12 June 2019

Portland (USA): a start-up incubator dedicated to blockchain technology is set to open on the waterfront

Full article : Geekwire

12 June 2019

The Port of Pasajes has selected a contractor to carry out works designed to integrate its warehouses at Herrera Sur more effectively into the urban fabric

Full article : El vigia

10 June 2019

Shanghai continues riverside developments

Numerous public spaces and promenades have been created along almost 1.2 km of the Yangpu River. Some relics of the area’s industrial heritage have been preserved. In the Baoshan district, two new parks have opened on the edge of the Yangtze. Formerly used for container traffic, the area will be home to 4,200 apartments, along with shops, restaurants, hotels, an Imax cinema, kindergartens, and more.

Full article : Arch Daily (+ images, plans) ; Shine (+ images)

10 June 2019

Buenos Aires: a 136,000 m2 park is officially inaugurated as part of the “Paseo del Bajo” City Port development project

Full article : Areas globales


Citizen Port

3 June 2019

The Port Center Havencentrum in Antwerp opens the innovative Lego Haven-Studio, using the famous blocks to build and explain port terminals to with teens

Full article: Gazet van Antwerpen, Ludwig Caluwé, Youtube

3 June 2019

FutureLand Port Center in Rotterdam celebrates 10 years explaining the Maasvlakte port expansion to the citizens

Full article: Port of Rotterdam

27 May 2019

Revue PORTUSplus / Call for papers: Governance in Port City Regions

The PORTUSplus review published by RETE, lauches call fopr papers which  aimes at researchers, experts and professionals.. Contributions must be submitted by 30 June. The aim is to explore multiple aspects of City Port governance, which we now know to be crucial to the success of projects involving more and more numerous stakeholders. Carola Hein, which just recently manages PORTUSplus and who also member of the AICP scientic network, coordonnates the call for papers.

Full article: Call for papers 2019 (Englis Version) / Appel à contribution (Version française)

27 May 2019

Ship emissions: the University of Le Havre attempts dynamic emissions mapping based on the size, speed and age of vessels

Full article: Projet Devport (pdf)

22 May 2019

300th anniversary of the Port of Trieste: the Torre del Lloyd, a symbol of maritime heritage, hosts Roberto Abbiati’s play “A tempest in a seapot”

Full article: Port of Trieste300

20 May 2019

Italy’s ports association launches the Italian Port Days to raise public awareness about port life and culture

The event will be held simultaneously in every port in the country between 15 and 21 May. A variety of activities will be available, including meetings, tours, fun workshops, etc., all with a dual objective: to promote the societal integration of ports and to strengthen City Port links. The event will close with a press conference at the Port Center in Livorno, a member of AIVP’s Port Center Network.

Full article: Assoporti / Program (pdf)

20 May 2019

Fairness, diversity and social inclusion: the Port of Seattle appoints a director to implement its societal integration policy.

Full article: Port of Seattle

15 May 2019

Puertos del Estado from Spain develops broad overarching sustainability strategy to anticipate the consequences of traffic increases

Full article: El Vigía

15 May 2019

MCT terminal in Gioia Tauro will use hybrid straddle carriers reducing emissions

Full article: Portal portuario

13 May 2019

New interpretations of the Port Center concept are emerging worldwide

In the past weeks we have seen news portraying new models of Port Centers. In Southampton the 1851 trust, from the sailing team INEOS, has a space named STEM Crew HQ with a rich educational content to link the classroom to the maritime world, especially in sciences, technology, math and engineering. In Florida, the new Sea the World Storefront, from Marine Industry, will open next May, with an exhibition and activities to engage with students and raise awareness to maritime professions, investing on human capital and education. In Hamburg, the Discovery Dock opened in April, from private investors, that created this space to explore the port as an attraction, using advanced VR gadgets. Finally, we could also read that the port of Barcelona will open its Port Center in 2021, framed in the special plan Port Vell. These news confirm AIVP’s message, that citizen engagement, port culture and education are crucial for sustainable port-city relationships, and that Port Centers are a crucial tools for these purposes

Full article: 1851 Trust, Maritime Executive, Discovery Dock, Abendblatt

Enterprise-driver Port

17 June 2019

The future of sea transport requires global reflection on its environmental and climate impacts

Safety, pollution, giant ships – is shipping reaching a critical point? This question, discussed in an important debate on a large French public radio station, is being raised more and more frequently. The cruise ship industry, despite its efforts, is criticised for its impact on the health of port city inhabitants. Political and social issues seem to be outweighing purely commercial questions. More than ever before, Cities, Ports and Citizens must learn to understand one another and work together for a more sustainable shipping world. AIVP is working on this, day in, day out. .

Full article: France Culture / BFM TV / Transport & Environnement (pdf report) / CLIA

17 June 2019

If their urban territories are not competitive, port developments may suffer. Port cities must build their future in coordination!

Full article: El Comercio / Freeport of Riga

17 June 2019

Halifax: port capacity to be increased to reduce heavy vehicle traffic in the city, which is causing problems.

Full article: Red Deer Advocate

17 June 2019

Africa1: Guinea envisages a new deep water port and Morocco steps up the rate of its port investments

Full article: La Tribune / Les

17 June 2019

Africa 2: Nigeria looks to river traffic to strengthen its port economy, while projects on the future of the Sénégal River are moving forward

Full article: Teranga News / Ecofin

12 June 2019

Auckland: for Smart Cities expert Mark Thomas, the future of the city lies in more port cooperation, not moving the port itself.

Full article: Stuff

12 June 2019

Straits of Europe: the crucial issue of ferries between banks is encouraging cities to invest directly by acquiring stakes in the capital of companies.

Full article: European Straits Initiative

10 June 2019

Le Havre Smart Port City: definitive project plans submitted to the French government

Driven by the region’s leading urban and port stakeholders, the project brings together the research sector and local businesses, as well as some major international groups. The aim is to kick-start innovation in the City Port territory, as part of ambitious plans to tackle the challenge posed by the digital, energy and environmental transition.

Full article: Le Havre Seine Métropole / Havre Smart Port City

10 June 2019

The Port of Quebec joins forces with Hutchinson Ports and CN Rail for its planned container terminal

The move represents a crucial step forward for the project, which was introduced to all AIVP members at last year’s world conference. It sees the Port of Quebec join the operator’s 52 other ports in 27 countries, and cements Quebec’s position at the heart of commercial trade while making the Laurentia terminal a powerful engine for economic development for the City Port region. Mario Girard, CEO of the Port of Quebec and Vice-Chairman of AIVP, aims to make it one of the terminals with the smallest environmental footprint in the world.

Full article: Port of Quebec / Port Technology / Le Soleil

27 May 2019

United States: job creation has never been stronger in ports than over the last five years

Full article: Logistics Management