Urban Port

22 April 2019

Hobart (Tasmania): a ten-year vision

The Macquarie Point development is high on the list of major projects planned as part of the Hobart City Deal. The aim is to turn this nine hectare waterfront site into a world-class cultural, scientific and tourist hub, while a dedicated website will include the public in the project.

Full article : Property Council of Australia ; Vision for Mac Point ; Macquarie Point

22 April 2019

Valencia opens the city’s first smart pedestrian promenade in the Marina district

Full article : Viu Valencia

22 April 2019

Sasebo (Japan): Berenblum Busch Architects designs “a cruise terminal in a nature park” for Carnival

Full article : Cruise Industry News

22 April 2019

Nanaimo (Canada): the cost of the kilometre-long promenade between the ferry terminal and port has rocketed

Full article : Chek news (+ video)

17 April 2019

Saint-Nazaire (France): plans for the pumping station unveiled

The Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the City and Agglomeration of Saint-Nazaire, and the ADDRN, have selected the project designed by Barré-Lambot and B2A for this iconic site located in the outer harbor area of Saint-Nazaire. It will host a brewery, a bar-restaurant and conference spaces. A six-storey luxury hotel will be built nearby, offering superb views from its roof terrace.

Full article : Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port ; Actu (+ images) ; Ville de Saint-Nazaire (+ images)

17 April 2019

Melbourne: an area of the Docklands could be turned into a biodiversity hotspot

Full article : Docklands news

17 April 2019

The port of Papeete has begun on work to develop public spaces and two maritime-themed buildings on the waterfront

Full article : TNTV

17 April 2019

San Diego (USA): after failing to find a viable operator, the City hands the Port responsibility for running the National City Aquatic Center

Full article : San Diego Union-Tribune

15 April 2019

Seattle (USA): invitation to tender for a new cruise terminal on the site of terminal 46

The project will need to address the port’s key requirements for cruise activity, which include not just functionality, but also integrating the facility with adjacent districts, mitigating environmental impacts, generating economic and cultural benefits for the community, especially regional tribes, minorities, women, etc.

Full article : Port of Seattle ; RFQ

15 April 2019

The President of the Port of Motril (Spain) wants to reorganise the port spaces to promote better City-Port integration

Full article : Ideal


Citizen Port

13 March 2019

Two initiatives from Maritime UK to increase the presence of women as speakers in the sector’s conferences and gender diversity among new recruits.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

13 March 2019

Project for Onshore Power Supply in Tenerife selected by the Ministry for Ecologic Transition of Spain among 63 initiatives for a carbon-free economy.

Full article: / Portal Portuario

11 March 2019

EU project Remember to develop alternative touristic programs based on port culture and heritage in the Adriatic.

The project Remember (REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth) will be led by the Central Adriatic Ports Authority and gathers 8 Italian and Croatian ports cities, including port authorities, universities, municipalities and companies. The ultimate goal of Remember is also to improve the port-city relationship based on heritage and culture using innovative virtual museums.

Full article: Porto Ancona

11 March 2019

Morocco should be able to rely on its geographic position to kick-start cruise activity at its ports, with a particular focus on Tangier.

Full article: La Vie Eco

11 March 2019

Maritime training in France: each overseas territory to have a high school specialising in marine-related studies.

Full article: Le Marin

11 March 2019

Port of Barcelona celebrates its 150 anniversary with concerts, port visits and an exhibition about the history of the port in the city’s museum.

Full article: Puerto de Barcelona / El Estrecho Digital

11 March 2019

ONE launches “Sail” Program in Europe to foster education and training in shipping

Full article: Revista Cargo

6 March 2019

Environmental organization “Wings of the Ocean” embarked in the Kraken last January to clean up the oceans and fight plastic pollution.

The NGO combines a training ship, scientific research and ecological mission. Wings of the Ocean was created in 2018 by Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau who had previously met, fighting Ocean pollution. This is the first mission of the team, including 24 volunteers, sailing towards the Canary Islands and Madeira. The team has already collected 170 kg from the ocean, with the support of Thomsea who provided the necessary equipment.
Full article: Mer et Marine / Wings of the Ocean

6 March 2019

Stricter emissions regulation to protect Norwegian fjords: ports cities will be consulted to reinforce the regulation

Full article: Dagsavisen

6 March 2019

Castellón seaport invested in the last three years over 70 mill. € in environmental protection initiatives

Full article: Portal Portuario

Enterprise-driver Port

22 April 2019

To protect jobs, the port of New York hires more dockers instead of relying on automation

Under an agreement signed in February 2019, the port plans to hire 650 additional workers by the end of 2020. In exchange for this social policy, productivity improvements are expected, guaranteeing 30 container movements every hour. Less efficient dockers may be allocated fewer hours. Agreements of this kind are applied in many ports around the world.

Full article: Ajot

22 April 2019

To compensate for the lack of profits from cruise activity, Tanzania is planning to build a dedicated terminal in Dar Es Salam.

Full article: Tanzania Ports Authority

22 April 2019

Maritime container transport is shaping up to set standards for digitisation and improved efficiency

Full article: World Maritime News

22 April 2019

Bremenports joins forces with Icelandic partners to create a port on the future Arctic route, as part of a project for the next 40 years

Full article: Finnafjord Port Project

22 April 2019

Paris, urban river-based logistics: success for the Franprix project launched in 2012, and new initiatives with the Lud’Eau project

Full article: NPI 1 / NPI 2 / Green Switch Meridian

17 April 2019

Los Angeles / San Pedro: Container business growth boosts office real estate needed for support and research services

Full article: GlobeSt

17 April 2019

Perth Fremantle: Port lands available for industry and logistics are scarce and sell quickly

Full article: The Sydney Morning Herald

17 April 2019

Canal Seine Nord Europe: To avoid any delay, the French Government should provide funding soon

Full article: NPI

15 April 2019

More and more ports are looking to kick-start innovation through industrial clusters

There are a host of projects in this area, including PierNext in Barcelona, RDM Campus and MH4 in Rotterdam, the Smart Port City programme in Le Havre, the COVE project in Halifax, and others. For Maurice Jansen, the aim is the same: to orchestrate collaborative innovation and converge financial, social, human and cultural capital.

Full article: Port Strategy

15 April 2019

Artificial power generation islands in the North Sea: projects continue to move forward with a test site potentially to be created within five years

Full article: Recharge Wind