Urban Port

21 August 2019

Amsterdam: what strategy for Haven-Stad?

The City of Amsterdam wants to turn the 650 hectare Docklands site into a sustainable mixed-use district, capable of accommodating some 70,000 homes and generating 58,000 jobs. Last February, it called in experts from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to assess the opportunities and risks of the vast project. In its report, the ULI recommends accelerating the project, engaging investors, and also sharing the risks by setting up a public/private development company involving all of the stakeholders concerned.

Full article : UrbanLand ; ULI full report

21 August 2019

Barcelona: the Generalitat de Catalunya gives the green light for the Hermitage Museum in the port

Full article : Catalunyapress

21 August 2019

Rostock: invitation to tender for a mobile ISPS dam combining safety, aesthetic appeal and flexible use of space

Full article : Ted Europa ; Tender

21 August 2019

Durban: four derelict buildings demolished to make way for new developments at the Point Waterfront project site

Full article : Moneyweb

19 August 2019

The Port of Seville invites firms TO BID FOR a contract to design a new urban-port district

The winning contractor will be required to draw up a master plan to integrate port activities into the urban environment. The main objectives of the project are to develop cruise business, cultural, leisure and commercial activities, and to host innovative firms at Tablada dock and the adjacent district. The chosen contractor will also need to preserve and showcase the local port and industrial heritage, and propose an inclusive approach.

Full article : Puerto de Sevilla


19 August 2019

The City of Liverpool approves plans for a business incubator in the Wirral Waters district

Full article : Wirral Globe

12 August 2019

Baltimore: West 8 chosen for the Middle Branch Waterfront

The project will create over 11 miles of park and a network of promenades for the local community. There will also be a bridge to Port Covington, a district in the south of Baltimore where other regeneration projects are also in progress.

Full article : SouthBaltimore (+ images, videos) ; ArchDaily (+images) ; Video : West8 presentation

12 August 2019

The passenger terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have spaces open to visitors and city residents

Full article : El Dia


Citizen Port

1 July 2019

The Agency for sustainability and climate change will certify the positive impact of the deal for clean production between the 7 ports of the Bio Bio Region in Chile

Full article: Portal Portuario

1 July 2019

The ports of Lisbon, Setubal and Sesimbra open a new documentation centre in Barreiro, on the south side of the Tagus estuary. The goal is to improve the preservation of historical documents, facilitating their consultation for the scientific community and the general public

Full article: Revista Cargo

1 July 2019

Port of Cartagena (es) invests 2 million € in a new trail overlooking the port, allowing the citizens to get to know the historic maritime context

Full article: Cope

1 July 2019

Port of San Diego earns green marine certification for their continuous environmental efforts

Full article: Cruise Industry News

26 June 2019

Port authority of Las Palmas and regional government will create a Port Center to explain the port and support innovative start-ups

Full article: La Vanguardia

26 June 2019

Port of Vigo installs the first artificial micro-reefs to enhance the port’s biodiversity

Full article: Blue Growth Vigo

26 June 2019

Consortium led by the Port of Rotterdam ships a smart-container to obtain data about pollution and power generating possibilities of container shipping

Full Article: Greenport

24 June 2019

New initiatives to increase the social integration of port activities in Lorient

The port and city of Lorient hosted on June 15 and 16, the successful “Ports en Fête” festival, celebrating the fishing sector with concerts, port visits and other cultural events emphasizing the importance of the fishing port sector for society and local identity. At the same time, the Port Center of Lorient co-financed the «Explo’r@de» app to discover more than 120 highlights of the port spread over the bay, using augmented reality, improving the users’ experience. The project was done by the ‘Espace des sciences/Maison de la Mer. All this news, and the new “Carnet de bord” with illustration explaining the port to children, are available in the website of the port center.

Full article: Ports en fête / Espace des Sciences Maison de la Mer / Echos Sciences Bretagne / Lorient Port Center

24 June 2019

Port of Oakland presents the “Seaport Air Quality 2020 and Beyond Plan”, an ambitious document to guide the transition to a port free of greenhouse gases emissions. The plan includes changes in operations, equipment and fuels

Full article: Port of Oakland 1, Port of Oakland 2


24 June 2019

Ports Australia creates a new sustainability hub, an online platform to share the environmental and social projects done in Australian ports

Full article: Ports Australia

Enterprise-driver Port

21 August 2019

The Port of Lisbon presents its study of navigability on the Tagus estuary, essential to the competitiveness of the City Port territory

Full article: Cargo Revista / Porto de Lisboa

21 August 2019

Helsinki: 5G to be deployed in autumn 2019 for the benefit of the 7 million passengers using West Terminal 2

Full article: Port of Helsinki

21 August 2019

Madagascar: to promote development in the south of the country, the government is planning transport corridors for goods leaving the ports of Tuléar and Ehoala

Full article: Ecofin

21 August 2019

Hydrogen Industry: liquefaction plant developed at Port Hasting (Australia), prospective study published in Rotterdam.

Full article: HESC / Le MarinPort of Rotterdam

21 August 2019

Greener shipping: nine French shipping lines adopt commitments above and beyond their regulatory obligations

Full article: Le Marin

19 August 2019

Kribi: City-Port agreement for territorial development balanced between economic, environmental and social priorities.

The framework cooperation agreement aims to achieve harmony between City and Port, as the new port of Kribi grows in stature. The quest to reconcile port and urban strategies needs to promote the local territory as a port conurbation, and a Socio-Economic Support Programme for the Kribi area (PASEK) will soon be created to this end.

Full article: Afrik Info

19 August 2019

The Port of Gdynia becomes the nerve centre for the development of offshore wind power in Poland, with target of 6 GW of capacity by 2030.

Full article: World Energy Trade

19 August 2019

Port of Lyon: container installations modernised, renewable energies dock opened, and new logistics hotels developed

Full article: L’Antenne / Les Echos

19 August 2019

Odessa: City-Port land issues surround road access to terminals at Ukraine’s main port.

Full article: usionline