Urban Port

18 February 2019

Wessal Casablanca Port: work progresses

The aim is to support the growth of the port’s activity and improve urban integration. Examples include the creation of a new fishing port, and the relocation and increased capacity for a new shipyard, for which a call for tenders has just been launched. Similarly, the new cruise terminal, with capacity for 500,000 passengers, is intended to help the city become a major tourist destination. In the historic zone, the tower housing the port authority and various port stakeholders should be completed by the end of March. Eventually, the port’s activities, the medina site and waterfront area will be completely restructured and requalified.

Full article : ANP ; L’Economiste

18 February 2019

Saint-Nazaire – Nantes (France): a Port and Territory Charter between the Joint Conurbation Authority and the Port identifies nine areas for joint action for the City Port interface

Full article : Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port – Le Mag, p. 19

18 February 2019

Auckland: the historic warehouse n°10 is now a mixed-used building, and is notably used for cruise activity

Full article : Panaku, Shed10

18 February 2019

The Port of Rotterdam has received twelve proposals for a marina dedicated to superyachts to be integrated into Rijnhaven

Full article : Port of Rotterdam

13 February 2019

Montreal: call for proposals to convert the iconic Silo 5

A quarter of a century after it closed, Silo 5, an emblematic building in Montreal’s Vieux Port district, Silo 5 is set to become the heart of new mixed-used district with housing, shops, a hotel, and leisure and tourist facilities. The request for proposals to redevelop the silo and the Pointe du Moulin site is based on the responses obtained during the associated public consultation. Priority will be given to showcasing the silo and its industrial history, and the building could be used to create spectacular viewpoints!

Full article : NewswireMontreal Gazette ; View Plan

13 February 2019

The Port of Cork (Ireland) begins urban design studies and consultations for the Tivoli Docklands, whose container terminal is set to be relocated

Full article : Port of Cork

13 February 2019

Shenzhen (China): KCAP joins forces with Chinese firm CAUPD, winners of the competition for the Longgang Riverfront, including plans for parkland and cultural facilities

Full article : World Architecture (+ images) ; KCAP

13 February 2019

Memphis (United States): an ecological and recreational park designed by Studio Gang partly inspired by the former terminals and silos

Full article : Dezeen (+ images)

11 February 2019

Valparaiso (Chile): citizens opt for the Parque Barón project

Some 11,344 people voted in the “Imagina el Muelle Barón” competition organised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, and the Municipality. They were invited to choose from a shortlist of three proposals for a future “Promenade of the Sea” to be developed on a 10.9 hectare site owned by the Port. New green spaces and four pedestrian access paths will recreate links with the city, notably for the cruise terminal. A wetland area, underground aquarium and marina are also planned. Work is set to be carried out in 2020 and 2012.

Full article : La Tercera, 27/01 ; La Tercera, 28/01 ;

11 February 2019

Port of Vigo (Spain): tender launched for the creation of the plan to define port spaces and their uses, and the “Especial Plan”

Full article : Faro de Vigo ; Licitation


Citizen Port

17 December 2018

The Port of Brussels is the first Belgian port to be CO2 neutral for all its buildings and vehicle fleet

The port has been awarded the “CO2 neutral business” certification issued by the company CO2logic. This label is based on an independent audit of CO2 emissions followed by an action plan aimed at reducing them: photovoltaic panels, thermal insulation of buildings, hybrid or electric vehicle fleet, etc. Finally, when emissions cannot be reduced any further, they are compensated by support for a social programme in Kenya.

Full article : Port de Bruxelles

17 December 2018

The port of Port Elizabeth hosts the Color Run, a popular carnival-style event. It is a unique occasion for companies to make their name known

Full article: Rnews

12 December 2018

Guadeloupe: the port’s biodiversity policy launched in 2016, “manage, avoid, anticipate”, is producing results.

Full article: L’Antenne

12 December 2018

Noise pollution from the port of Las Palmas: a new “noise map” will allow the creation of an action plan.

Full article: El Diario

10 December 2018

Valencia: go-ahead for the special plan for the port logistics zone aimed at creating a green belt and a landscaping policy

Full article: Presse Europa / Diario del Puerto

10 December 2018

CSR policy: the port of Huelva provides 61,000 euros of funding to 29 non-profit organisations in the cultural, sports, educational and social sectors.

Full article: Diario Huelva

10 December 2018

Ukraine: a national plan aims to develop cold ironing in ports to improve quality of life for local residents.

Full article: World Maritime News

5 December 2018

Buenos Aires: mural frescos to give new life to the Sand Terminal

Argentina’s flora and fauna have inspired the artists in this programme to recover buildings and sand silos which have been abandoned for years. The programme is part of the current project for F Dock, which will be converted into a riverside promenade. However, the manager responsible for the Port’s project stresses that the idea is for the Sand Terminal’s equipment to be brought back into use as well, as it can play an essential role in construction work around the city.
Full article : La Nacion (+ images)

5 December 2018

Kiel: a pollution measurement campaign suggests that cruise ships are not the main cause

Full article: Greenport

5 December 2018

The inland port of Goole will become self-sufficient in electricity, thanks to photovoltaic power. Other ABP ports are following the experiment closely.

Full article: Hull Live

Enterprise-driver Port

18 February 2019

Setting up in Dundee, Coast Renewables aims to transform the industrial landscape of this port city with the wind power industry.

Full article: Energy Voice

18 February 2019

Barcelona gets an incubator for 3D printing, a way for the port community to anticipate the technology’s logistical implications.

Full article: Diario del Puerto

18 February 2019

The EIB throws its weight behind plans to introduce Ecoslops in Antwerp and Marseille to recycle maritime oil residues.

Full article: Le Marin

13 February 2019

The ports of Ghana are crucial to the country’s development, while gradually integrating environmental issues

As the region’s third largest economy, Ghana is able to rely on a port system. In addition to terminals, investment has also been made in infrastructural links, notably with Burkina Faso, and smoother goods tracking procedures. Alongside this, and with the help of an international pool, the port of Tema has become a pilot project for an integrated and sustainable approach to port design.

Full article: Greenport / Marcopolis

13 February 2019

Saudi Arabia: LogiPoint, a member of AIVP this year celebrating its 20th anniversary, is now in charge of 178 hectares of logistics zones

Full article: LogiPoint

13 February 2019

Hamilton / Oshawa (Canada): jobs the priority in proposals for a potential merger of the two port authorities.

Full article: cbc

13 February 2019

The City and Port of Altamira (Mex) keen to work together to improve the competitiveness of the port and local region.

Full article: La Régión

11 February 2019

The City of Quebec is keen to strengthen innovation in the Littoral Est sector, as a complement to port development projects.

The initiative forms part of the wider Saint Lawrence project driven by the Province. At these sites, which have a clear economic purpose, a technological innovation zone will be focused on logistics activities, life sciences and clean technologies, particularly in the field of energy. The project is intended to generate synergies with plans to extend the port into the Beauport area.

Full article: Ville de Québec

11 February 2019

Futur port of Achères (Paris) dedicated to building materials: questions remain among residents about the height of the silos.

Full article: Les Echos

11 February 2019

Driverless rail wagons: inspired by baggage sorting in airports, the system could inject a whole new degree of flexibility into rail transport.

Full article: Flows