Urban Port

19 August 2019

The Port of Seville invites firms TO BID FOR a contract to design a new urban-port district

The winning contractor will be required to draw up a master plan to integrate port activities into the urban environment. The main objectives of the project are to develop cruise business, cultural, leisure and commercial activities, and to host innovative firms at Tablada dock and the adjacent district. The chosen contractor will also need to preserve and showcase the local port and industrial heritage, and propose an inclusive approach.

Full article : Puerto de Sevilla


19 August 2019

The City of Liverpool approves plans for a business incubator in the Wirral Waters district

Full article : Wirral Globe

12 August 2019

Baltimore: West 8 chosen for the Middle Branch Waterfront

The project will create over 11 miles of park and a network of promenades for the local community. There will also be a bridge to Port Covington, a district in the south of Baltimore where other regeneration projects are also in progress.

Full article : SouthBaltimore (+ images, videos) ; ArchDaily (+images) ; Video : West8 presentation

12 August 2019

The passenger terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have spaces open to visitors and city residents

Full article : El Dia

12 August 2019

Two cultural facilities for Brest: 70.8, a cultural centre dedicated to maritime innovation in the Ateliers des Capucins buildings (in 2020), and the International Lighthouse Centre in the old fish market (in 2021)

Full article : Actu (+ images)  ; Emag-pennarbed

12 August 2019

“Tank Shanghai”: a site covering nearly 5 hectares and its oil tanks converted into a park and cultural centre on the edge of the Hanpu River

Full article : Architectural Record (+ images, plan)

8 August 2019

The Port of Le Havre CALLS FOR TENDERS for the Citadelle district

The aim is to create a port and urban land development plan for the Citadelle area. The chosen contractor will be required to carry out an exhaustive assessment of the district, create scenarios, put together a guide plan and produce pre-operational studies.

Full article : Ted Europa

8 August 2019

Dortmund: following the redevelopment of the southern side of the Speicherstraße, the northern side is now set for a mixed-use district

Full article : Rhur24


Citizen Port

24 June 2019

Port of Oslo explains in an interview its ambitious plans to become Zero-Emission Port

Full article: World Maritime News

24 June 2019

Fremantle port and Notre Dame university sign an agreement to create new study, research and training opportunities for students

Full article: Fremantle Ports

24 June 2019

Aportem, the solidarity platform from port of Valencia, offers books and musical instruments to local school

Full article: Aportem

24 June 2019

W-Foundation from Korea, an organization dedicated to international relief and global conservation of nature, cooperating with UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative, launches a gaming app to encourage citizens to reduce their polluting emission.

Full article: W- Foundation, Coin Telegraph

19 June 2019

11 shipping banks launch the Poseidon Principles initiative to align their new shipping loans with green shipping and environmental impact

Full article: Wall Street Journal, Poseidon Principles

19 June 2019

EcoAction Program from the Port of Vancouver offers a discount on port fees to ships that voluntarily meet the environmental best practices

Full article: Port of Vancouver

19 June 2019

Port of Inverness launches a public consultation initiative for developing the new Maritime Heritage Trail.

Full article: Inverness Courier

17 June 2019

France’s president announces a plan to increase the number and level of French marine protected areas

Full article: Mer et Marine

17 June 2019

Port authority of Singapore and Our Singapore Reefs sign an agreement for the next three years to disclose and protect the local biodiversity

Full article: Greenport

Enterprise-driver Port

29 July 2019

The port of New York, on its way to becoming the second most important in the country, presents its 2050 master plan.

Where the previous plan stressed improving sea access, the new one looks to generating profits from these new competitive advantages. This plan concludes two years of discussions with all the stakeholders. Sustainability and resilience are the key, and will require the port to commit to close partnerships with neighbouring communities. The review of concession contracts will follow the same guidelines.

Full article: Port of New York New Jersey / Report (pdf)

29 July 2019

Odessa: the mayor begins a dialogue with the port to regulate truck traffic and create a shared vision for the region.

Full article: L’Observateur

29 July 2019

Soft mobility in Antwerp: some peripheral municipalities keen to be connected to the very popular waterbus network.

Full article: Flows 1 / Flows 2

29 July 2019

As expected, UNCTAD names a trio of Asian countries as the top three maritime states with the best global connections

Full article: CNUCED / UNCTAD

29 July 2019

Lisbon: moves to modernise the Alcantara container terminal in the city centre will promote intermodality and the use of rail transport

Full article: Cargo Revista

22 July 2019

Cruise ships: poor return on investment for share-holders, associated with high risk, may encourage companies to change their business model.

Full article: Times Malta

22 July 2019

Zadar: to limit impacts on the historical city, the port decides to build a cruise ship terminal away from the centre which will be able to absorb growth in traffic.

Full article: Port Authority Zadar

22 July 2019

“Clean Maritime Plan”: United Kingdom wants to speed up zero-carbon shipping and innovation in the industry.

Full article: Le Marin / UK Government / Report

10 July 2019

China: the province of Shandong initiated, in turn, a merger of ports with the takeover of the Weihai Port (45 Mt) by Qingdao.

Full article: Splash 247

10 July 2019

Marseille: the biological recycling of industrial CO2 through the capture of fumes by microalgae works!

Full article: Port de Marseille (pdf)