Urban Port

21 February 2018

Dun Laoghaire: the port launches a CALL FOR TENDERS for Carlisle Pier

The site, covering 1.1 hectares, is located in the historic waterfront sector. It is currently used for car-parking and the port occasionally takes it over for discharge of unusual cargoes or cruise ship berthing, or for international regattas. The redevelopment proposals must be for predominantly cultural use, ensure permeability with the city, and allow improved public access to the waterfront.

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21 February 2018

Lorient: plans for a 3.3 megawatt solar farm (capable of providing power to 1000 homes) on the roof of the submarine base by 2019

Full article : Ouest France

21 February 2018

Mumbai: cruise facilities on the Eastern Waterfront will be inspired by Miami

Full article : Times of India

21 February 2018

Liverpool: work begins on project to open up views of the Stanley Flight, an important part of the port’s golden age

Full article : The Guide Liverpool

16 February 2018

Hong Kong: flats over the container terminal?

This is one of the solutions being studied by the government to meet the strong pressure for housing. The other option would be to relocate the terminal concerned, Kwai Tsing Container Terminal, which currently handles 80% of the territory’s traffic. For the Managing Director, the first option is worth considering and technically feasible. It could provide housing for tens of thousands of people. Relocating the 380-hectare terminal, on the other hand, raises the difficulty of finding an alternative site. A joint port-city solution which is unprecedented to say the least! It will be proposed to the public in March.

Full article : South China Morning Post

16 February 2018

Santander: development of public spaces around the passenger terminal will start this spring

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16 February 2018

Melbourne Docklands: reflections and an exhibition by RMIT students on a zero carbon future for Victoria Harbour

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16 February 2018

Marseilles: the five historic cranes of the Digue du Large sea wall are finally being preserved

Full article : La marseillaise

14 February 2018

Oulu (Finland): images of PAVE architects’ 2014 project to turn grain silos into housing

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)

14 February 2018

Sète: the port will seek consultation on the project to accommodate large yachts, which has given rise to much discussion

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Citizen Port

11 December 2017

The construction of a port platform by Port Paco (Belgium) very poorly received by its French neighbours

Full article: La Voix du Nord

6 December 2017

The Port of Oakland agreement could provide a national template for local recruitment

Community leaders hailed the deal to develop the Port of Oakland, with plans for a major logistics and distribution platform. The agreement gives priority to workers from neighbouring districts, and provides a national template for local recruitment. The community leaders behind the deal will be able to monitor the implementation of this employment policy, which also includes a focus on professional training.

Full article: Port of Oakland

6 December 2017

Le Havre: The Port Teaching and Research Institute (IPER) launches an additional session on “female port management”

Full article: IPER

4 December 2017

A new environmentally-friendly luxury ferry (powered by LNG) is built for the operator Viking Line.

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4 December 2017

The port of Baku (Azerbaijan) aims to become the region’s most environmentally-friendly port

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4 December 2017

The port of Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia) signs an agreement with Malaysia Terengganu University to develop courses in maritime and logistics studies

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4 December 2017

Port of Kalama (USA): the coastal management council calls for more studies of the impact of port extension plans in terms of greenhouse gases

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29 November 2017

Antwerp’s Port Center plans to move closer to the city centre

Aiming for 100,000 visitors to raise awareness among all of the city’s residents about today’s port world, Rudi De Meyer, director of the Havencentrum in Antwerp, explains the need to forge a closer relationship with the public. Currently located over 30 km away at the heart of the port, the Port Center is restricted in its ability to fulfil its role in educating, informing and promoting a port culture shared by all. The Province is now looking at technical and financial feasibility, and eventually some eight million euros should be invested in the new site, in the heart of the Eilandje zone.

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29 November 2017

The Port of Montreal prepares to welcome its new Port Center

With over 21,000 visitors since the summer, and a temporary exhibition on the “History of Ships”, the Port of Montreal is preparing to realise the Port Interpretation Center at its new cruise terminal. The project is part of the commitment adopted by the Port in June 2014, when it ratified the AIVP Port Center Missions Charter.

Full article: Port of Montreal

Enterprise-driver Port

21 February 2018

In a fast-changing economy, what does the future hold for the maritime industry?

In a recent publication, Danish Ship Finance offers some answers based on a macro-economic analysis. The report touches on issues including purchasing power and impact on maritime trade, new technologies and social impacts, urbanisation and industrial change. Meanwhile, British Ports Association is launching a more comprehensive study to predict the shape of the port environment in 2050. Will there be a larger number of smaller ships visiting more ports?

Full article: Danish Ship Finance / British Ports Association

21 February 2018

To improve its urban logistics, IKEA will take over 50,000 m2 of a dual-level warehouse at the Port of Gennevilliers

Full article: Haropa Ports de Paris Seine Normandie

21 February 2018

Faced with queues at the terminal, the port of Long Beach refines its predictive analytics and considers a “peel pile” stacking system to reduce truck turn times when collecting import containers.

Full article: World Cargo News

19 February 2018

China acquires a 770 km2 stretch of maritime space in the Wanshan archipelago for testing autonomous ships.

Full article: Le Marin

19 February 2018

Professor Rodrigue gives his thoughts on the organisation of container traffic on the Saint Lawrence between Quebec and Montreal.

Full article: Jean-Paul Rodrigue – Linkedin

14 February 2018

Smart Port: Hamburg launches a platform to test 5G at an 8,000 hectare area of the port

One of the key aims will be to ensure infrastructures can be used more reliably and securely by boosting real-time management capabilities. The project will see Hamburg become one of the first test sites in Europe to confirm the protocols for 5G applications. Logistics is one of the sectors where the new technology, which combines both terrestrial and mobile network support, could provide much-needed flexibility.

Full article: Port of Hamburg

14 February 2018

By doubling its capacity over the next ten years, the Port of Savannah hopes to reinforce its role as a key economic growth engine for the State of Georgia

Full article: Splash 24/7 / Georgia Ports

14 February 2018

Dubai Ports invests in the development of interior logistics platforms in the Indian provinces of Jammu and Kashmir.

Full article: Business Standard

12 February 2018

The port of Hamilton set to pursue its industrial operations while continuously improving its integration into the urban fabric

For the port’s CEO, this strategy is vital. Space is scarce and redeveloping the port on its current site will be a priority for the local economy, although the strategy must not prevent urban development. Creating more green spaces and landscaping the port, while working in permanent consultation with local residents, is essential.

Full article: CBC