Urban Port

19 September 2018

Bellingham (WA, United States): the port and city in partnership to develop a heritage trail

The aim is to showcase historic heritage across the 237 acres of the Waterfront District. The Heritage Trail Concept Plan is the brainchild of firms Walker Macy and Aldrichpears Associates, whose recommendations are based on a detailed inventory of uses, heritage value and historical context of the different buildings and elements of interest at the site.

Full article : Waterfront District Redevelopment ; Heritage Trail Concept Plan

17 September 2018

The future of city-port relations in the Canaries

The President of Puertos del Estado, Ornella Chacón, recently met the Mayors of Arrecife and Santa Cruz de La Palma, and representatives from the port authorities. In both cases, she highlighted the need to develop port capacities, but also underlined the importance of permanent dialogue to identify which port spaces could become port-city areas, and foster harmonious city/port relations.

Full article : Diario de Lanzarote ; El Dia

17 September 2018

Dunedin (New Zealand): Regional funding and a MoU with project partners to redevelop the waterfront

Full article : Stuff (+ project video)

17 September 2018

Rio de Janeiro: a public-private partnership could save Porto Maravilha and restart the suspended work to redevelop the former port district

Full article : Porto e Navios1 ; Porto e Navios2

12 September 2018

Bremen: Uberseeinsel in 2040? Interview

The Uberseeinsel project will be developed at the site of the former Kellogg’s plant and its silo. The peninsula is at the heart of the Uberseestadt project, the masterplan for which is set to be adjusted. Several international architects have been approached, some for their knowledge of urban ports. Klaus Meier believes the priority is to create a living district, free from traffic and full of children.

Full article : Uberseeinsel ; Interview

12 September 2018

San Francisco: the Crane Cove Park development could finally get under way this summer, with the Port set to retain its historic sites

Full article : The Potreroview

12 September 2018

Auckland: the City buys Onehunga Wharf from the port for a 30 year development project

Full article : Panaku Development

10 September 2018

Toronto: Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs reach agreement on the proposed smart redevelopment of Quayside

The agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, with Waterfront Toronto set to oversee the regeneration, while Sidewalk Labs (a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) will provide expertise in digital technology and innovative urban solutions. By September 2019, a Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) should be in place for Quayside, a site in the eastern waterfront district. Combining offices, retail spaces and housing, the project is being touted as a future model for the smart connected city, with its multi-purpose buildings, smart sensors, etc., although there are concerns about how the data collected will be used.

Full article : Archdaily (+ images) ; Negocios ; Waterfront Toronto ; SidewalkToronto ; CityMetric ; Villes du futur



Citizen Port

19 September 2018

A Norwegian fund to tackle the challenge of preserving our oceans

The fund, one of the largest of its kind in the world, invests Norway’s oil and gas revenues in over 9,000 companies in 72 countries. As a global investor, the fund’s aims overlap significantly with the United Nations 2030 goals for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Full article: The Meditelegraphe Reuters

19 September 2018

The Port of Cadiz opens up to the city by creating a cycle path and demolishing some fences

Full article: Lavozdigital

19 September 2018

What if music could strengthen ties between cities, ports and citizens? The Port of Valparaiso launches a singing competition with the University INACAP and the Culture and Arts Centre Renaca

Full article: Mundo Marittimo

19 September 2018

Port of Long Beach: 20 million dollars transferred to the municipal fund to improve waterfront quality of life for residents

Full article: Port of Long Beach

17 September 2018

The Port of Valparaiso publishes its 5th report on sustainable commitments for the environment, social ties and economic development

Full article: Mundo Maritimo

17 September 2018

Overview of the growing cruise market with a summary note produced by ISEMAR, the Nantes Saint Nazaire higher institute for maritime economics

Full article: ISEMAR

17 September 2018

The Little Museum of Dublin and the Port of Dublin announce a new short feature competition on the theme “port, city and river”

Full article: Creenireland

12 September 2018

Italy: Assoporti this summer signed a MOU with the National Tourist Board (ENIT)

The MOU will see the two partners work together to promote and develop tourism, and in particular to establish more sustainable city-port relations. A newly created working group will identify areas of mutual interest and define actions to be developed. The Chairman of Assoporti, Zeno D’Agostino, is delighted with the collaboration and highlights the commitment of Italy’s ports to working more and more closely with the different local stakeholders, and notably in conjunction with the tourist and cruise industries. Full article: Assoporti + Meditelegraphe

12 September 2018

India plans to develop its local cruise market and is targeting 5 million passengers by 2020

Full article: Cruise Industry

12 September 2018

HAROPA joins the non-profit organisation Bruitparif aimed at finding solutions to control, manage and reduce noise and ensure a better living environment for local residents

Full article: Haropa + Bruitparif


Enterprise-driver Port

23 January 2014

Cape Town: ship-repair yards to move from the waterfront to the port. The Royal Yacht Club might move in the opposite direction.

Full article: Ports & Ships

23 January 2014

Giant ships upset the organisation of the logistical chain: are they a good economic choice?

Heavy investments in port infrastructure, limited possibility of mass handling pre- and post-shipment, territorial inequalities, spatial constraints and conflicts with cities, the capacity of insurance companies – all these challenges need to be solved. This complete dossier raises numerous issues.Full article: NPI, Déc. 2013, pp. 15-27

23 January 2014

Campine (Belgium): trials in using water transport for household rubbish (pop. 500,000) and industrial waste

Full article: NPI, Déc. 2013, pp. 8-9

23 January 2014

Pays de Loire Region (France): 100% renewable energy by 2050, 50% from marine energy sources.

The region’s strengths: a sea port, an efficient naval dockyard, a structured industry and finally a research pole with considerable means. Performance in the future will depend on making supply more structured and specialised in order to earn profits from exporting all this know-how.
Full article: Le Marin, 10 janv. 2014, pp. 18-19

23 January 2014

Financial equilibrium, logistical fluidity: the relationship between river transport and sea ports requires a concerted strategy

Full article: Journal de la Marine Marchande, 13 déc. 2013, dossier, pp. 17-26

20 January 2014

Susports Project: the ports of Valencia and Felixstowe collaborate in optimising their energy management

Source : Climate-KIC

20 January 2014

Kurt Nagle, CEO of AAPA: more than ever before, ports must act as “arteries of growth”

aapa_nagle_bd_20jan2014The emergence of a middle class in numerous countries would represent a market of US$50 billion by 2030, which might boost US exports. Unemployment could fall by 3%. The Canada / Europe Free Trade Agreement will have a positive impact on Canadian ports.
Source : JOC
Note: AIVP and AAPA have been linked by a cooperation agreement since June 2006

20 January 2014

Coega (South Africa): the wind power assembly platform associated with the port of Ngqura will be completed in March 2014

It will receive wind power generation units delivered by sea which are destined for different wind farms on land. 250 jobs were created during construction. The industrial facilities and offices will be energy-efficient and will use renewable energy sources..
Source : Coega Development Corporation

17 January 2014

Pointe-à-Pitre: the old port warehouse has been converted into a cruise terminal with a modular design

Source : Mer et marine ; Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes

15 January 2014

The impact of the economy on port activity 2013: weak demand in Europe, a new deal in America, progress in emerging economies.

Source : Isemar / Journal de la Marine Marchande, 27 dec 2013, pp. 19-19