Urban Port

24 September 2018

Borkum (Germany): urban redevelopment and offshore wind

Ten offshore wind farms are planned for Borkum, an island that was used as a military base during the Second World War. The real estate subsidiary of WPD offshore is proposing a programme of 240 housing units for workers at these plants. An initial phase should see 100 homes built in the port of Borkum by 2020.

Full article : Windpower offshore

24 September 2018

Melbourne: the Chamber of Commerce invites bids for a permanent light and sound show at Victoria Harbour in the Docklands

Full article : Docklands News ; Expression of Interest

24 September 2018

The Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía announces 13.8 million euros in funding to improve spaces between its ports and their cities

Full article : La Opinion de Malaga

24 September 2018

Mossel Bay (South Africa): Transnet wants to redevelop the waterfront, with plans to include a cruise terminal

Full article : CapeTownetc ; Video

19 September 2018

Bellingham (WA, United States): the port and city in partnership to develop a heritage trail

The aim is to showcase historic heritage across the 237 acres of the Waterfront District. The Heritage Trail Concept Plan is the brainchild of firms Walker Macy and Aldrichpears Associates, whose recommendations are based on a detailed inventory of uses, heritage value and historical context of the different buildings and elements of interest at the site.

Full article : Waterfront District Redevelopment ; Heritage Trail Concept Plan

17 September 2018

The future of city-port relations in the Canaries

The President of Puertos del Estado, Ornella Chacón, recently met the Mayors of Arrecife and Santa Cruz de La Palma, and representatives from the port authorities. In both cases, she highlighted the need to develop port capacities, but also underlined the importance of permanent dialogue to identify which port spaces could become port-city areas, and foster harmonious city/port relations.

Full article : Diario de Lanzarote ; El Dia

17 September 2018

Dunedin (New Zealand): Regional funding and a MoU with project partners to redevelop the waterfront

Full article : Stuff (+ project video)

17 September 2018

Rio de Janeiro: a public-private partnership could save Porto Maravilha and restart the suspended work to redevelop the former port district

Full article : Porto e Navios1 ; Porto e Navios2

12 September 2018

Bremen: Uberseeinsel in 2040? Interview

The Uberseeinsel project will be developed at the site of the former Kellogg’s plant and its silo. The peninsula is at the heart of the Uberseestadt project, the masterplan for which is set to be adjusted. Several international architects have been approached, some for their knowledge of urban ports. Klaus Meier believes the priority is to create a living district, free from traffic and full of children.

Full article : Uberseeinsel ; Interview


Citizen Port

24 September 2018

A new Port Center in Dunkirk joins the “Port Center by AIVP” community

On Thursday 6 September 2018, the founding assembly of the Dunkirk Port Center association elected its Board of Directors. The decision to create the association was accelerated following a public debate on the “Cap 2020” plans for the Port of Dunkirk. During the debate, local residents expressed strong support for the project, indicating a desire to retain close ties with the port through a suitable vehicle, and the Port Center is the answer to that very legitimate request.

Full article: Mer et marine

24 September 2018

Analysis of environmental performance trends at Brazil’s ports

Full article: Portosenavios

24 September 2018

Code of ethics: the Port of Cartagena and the dedicated committee promote respect for human rights, professional development, equal opportunities, security and safety at work

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19 September 2018

A Norwegian fund to tackle the challenge of preserving our oceans

The fund, one of the largest of its kind in the world, invests Norway’s oil and gas revenues in over 9,000 companies in 72 countries. As a global investor, the fund’s aims overlap significantly with the United Nations 2030 goals for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Full article: The Meditelegraphe Reuters

19 September 2018

The Port of Cadiz opens up to the city by creating a cycle path and demolishing some fences

Full article: Lavozdigital

19 September 2018

What if music could strengthen ties between cities, ports and citizens? The Port of Valparaiso launches a singing competition with the University INACAP and the Culture and Arts Centre Renaca

Full article: Mundo Marittimo

19 September 2018

Port of Long Beach: 20 million dollars transferred to the municipal fund to improve waterfront quality of life for residents

Full article: Port of Long Beach

17 September 2018

The Port of Valparaiso publishes its 5th report on sustainable commitments for the environment, social ties and economic development

Full article: Mundo Maritimo

17 September 2018

Overview of the growing cruise market with a summary note produced by ISEMAR, the Nantes Saint Nazaire higher institute for maritime economics

Full article: ISEMAR

17 September 2018

The Little Museum of Dublin and the Port of Dublin announce a new short feature competition on the theme “port, city and river”

Full article: Creenireland


Enterprise-driver Port

15 January 2014

Port Management: getting away from traditional silo thinking is a measure of port efficiency

The port as a central link has everything to win by acting as a privileged point of contact for all the interested parties in its territory: the citizen community, shipping companies, road or rail transport companies, etc. Neutral coordination is essential for a smooth-flowing logistics system.
Source : Port Strategy, Dec 2013, pp. 16-17

14 January 2014

Milford Haven: the Port launches a park of 20,000 photovoltaic panels. 100 jobs created for construction.

Source : Port of Milford Haven

14 January 2014

State of port works around the world and a spotlight on the situation in Latin America

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande, 27 déc. 2013, dossier 11p. / World Port Development, Supplement, Dec 2013, 16p

14 January 2014

Marine Highway M-580, a barge link between the ports of Oakland, Stockton and Sacramento: 200 fewer trucks per day on the highway

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande, 27 déc 2013, p24

14 January 2014

Use of marine sediments in civil engineering: the European CEAMaS project attempts its first operational synthesis

Source : Union Européenne

14 January 2014

The port of Pointe Noire hopes to further reinforce its strategic economic position by developing an ores port covering 9 km²

Source : Ecofin

10 January 2014

For its future due 2050, the city of Geelong (Australia) relies on its port bulk.

The growth of the port (60 Mt in 2050) will stabilize the local economy and attract new industrialists and trade flows. Ten development scenarios built on a close cooperation city / port. Maritime and land transport constraints are raised.
Source : City of Greater Geelong

10 January 2014

What public policies of the port city to maximize the positive effects of the port?

From the study of 27 harbour cities, the OECD delivers its first answers. If some Asian and European cities get loose due to their global performance, a large majority has committed strategies in varied domains but with a “not always” optimal coherence.
Source : OCDE, Regional Development Working Papers, 2013/25, 36 p.

10 January 2014

Connected by rail at Barcelona and Tarragona, the combined transport hub platform of Perpignan (France) sees its activity growing

Source : WK Transport Logistique