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25 June 2018

La Réunion: towards an ecocity on a tropical island

This project is vital for the economy of Reunion Island. It involves the three most important districts of the Communauté d’Agglomération Territoire Côte Ouest (West Coast Territories Community), including that of Le Port and its port-city project. The ecocity is planned to provide 35,000 dwellings by 2045, reinforcing the area’s attractions, acting as a driver for economic development and job creation, promoting diversity and contributing to the emergence of a resilient, energy efficient city.

Full article : Région Réunion

25 June 2018

Palma: Ports de Balears is to launch a competition for ideas to redevelop the Mollet area and open it to the public

Full article : Ports de Balears

25 June 2018

Saint-John: plans announced for 1500 housing units, offices and shops on the 7.3 hectare Long Wharf site

Full article : CBC

11 June 2018

San Francisco: work starts on Pier 70

The project was finally approved last November. The 11.3 hectare site will be redeveloped in 3 phases over the next 15 to 20 years. Between 1100 and 2150 housing units will be built, 30% of which will be permanently affordable. The plan also includes cultural spaces and shops, while there will be facilities for light industry in three historic buildings. Finally, 3.6 hectares of parks and public spaces will be created, mainly along the shoreline. Allowance will be made for rising sea levels.
Full article : ABC7news

11 June 2018

The City and Port of Quebec set to create an elevated cycling path on Piers 21 and 22 at Pointe-à-Carcy, near the cruise terminal

Full article : Le Journal de Québec (+ images)  ; Video

11 June 2018

Valencia explains its approach to port-city relations to the Basque Region, especially the role played by the Port-City Integration Committee

Full article : Naucher

11 June 2018

Sydney: at the heart of the port, the Warships Pavilion of the National Maritime Museum has been built using shipbuilding techniques

Full article : Cyberarchi

6 June 2018

Sydney: Campbell’s Cove, a historic sector of the waterfront, redeveloped as a promenade by Johnson Pilton Walker (JPW)

The project forms part of a more general modernisation of Circular Quay West with a budget of 73M$AUS. JPW is planning for 4 sectors, each with its own identity and function. Particular care will be taken over reintegrating heritage structures on the site, including 19th century warehouses which have already been redeveloped. The project was reviewed after a public consultation organised in 2017.

Full article : Architecture Australia

6 June 2018

Yokohama: a cable-car is to be installed above the waterfront for the 2020 Olympics. It will serve Minato Mirai 21

Full article : Japan Times


Citizen Port

20 June 2018

The Port hosts the 6th edition of the Photo Program in collaboration with the Arts Council for Long Beach

Full article: Port of Long Beach

20 June 2018

A look back at the AIVP World Conference Cities and Ports in Quebec with the Port of Venice case study

Full article: Informazioni MarittimeLa Tribune

20 June 2018

Lorient: the Port Festival (Ports en fête) fulfilled all its objectives

Full article: Le Telegramme

6 June 2018

Contship’s PortoLab agenda ready for September 2018-2019

Sustainability is the focus for this year’s edition of the annual initiative, which gives children in various Italian port cities the opportunity to discover the world of the port and maritime activity. Through an account relating the story of an object – in this case, a printer – the children learn about the different sustainable development issues to do with transport and the logistics chain, along with the sometimes difficult choices to be made in order to act responsibly for our environment and for the planet. Since the Contship agenda was created in 2006, over 130,000 copies have been distributed with the support of various Port Authorities and public and private sector organisations.

Full article: Contship Italia + Informazioni Marittime

6 June 2018

“Propelling Montreal”: the Port Authority welcomes the City’s Action Plan which aims to enhance the international attractiveness of Montreal and position companies at the heart of the global exporting chains

Full article: Port of Montreal

6 June 2018

Santa Cruz (the Canaries): La Factoría de Cohesión Ciudad Puerto launches the “MarDEOportunidades” programme to make port activities known to the community

Full article: Facocip + Facocip 2

4 June 2018

Creation of an Italian national foundation (SILP) for future port-logistics training

The new body aims to provide a forum for contact between public institutions and private enterprise, in order to tackle the phenomena and processes driving changes in the port workplace. Automation, digitisation, the internet of things, and the rise of mega-ships all represent challenges that need to be faced quickly, in terms of jobs and the new skills needed. Genoa was chosen as the site for the Foundation by its creators: Isfort, employment agency Randstad, and the RINA Group.

Full article: Ship2shore

4 June 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

30 May 2018

The OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) publishes a new report entitled: Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden

Full article: Port of Gothenburg

30 May 2018

The Port of Oslo to use drones to find waste in the docks

Full article: Next City


Enterprise-driver Port

15 November 2013

Upstream transport corridor inefficiencies and the implications for port performance: a case analysis of Mombasa port

Source : Maritime Policy & Management, Vol 40, pp 558-573, Nov. 2013

14 November 2013

Cruise ships in Italy, an industry with a future which urgently needs organizing

Livourne140The port-city of Leghorn, an active member of AIVP, hosted the third “Italian Cruise Day” on 25 October. A study carried out by the consultant “Risposte Turismo”, entitled “Italian Cruise Watch 2013”, was presented and debated at the meeting. The study shows that the world cruise ship industry continues to grow, despite the crisis, and forms the principal challenge for Italian port-cities, which are among the most sought-after destinations in the world.

Today, forty-four Italian ports are involved in cruise ship traffic. In 2012 however, 50% of this traffic of more than 10 million passengers was captured by just three ports – Civitavecchia, Venice and Naples. If the group is extended to the top 10 ports, they take 90% of the total traffic. Like the world market as a whole, the Italian market offers significant growth potential in this sector, but thanks to a lack of coordinated investment, appropriate legislation and effective environmental measures, the number of cruise ship passengers could fall as from 2014. Since the Costa Concordia affair, sustainable development and safety are essential factors for the cruise ship industry, which continues to invest heavily (4 billion euros) in environmental performance, especially ships.

All the same, according to the vice-president of Assoporti, Franco Mariani, and the president of the Port of Leghorn, Giuliano Gallanti, the cruise ship sector cannot depend on exponential growth indefinitely. The business, although it continues to develop, is entering a more uncertain phase in which it will have to find new methodological tools for observation and analysis. Leghorn is finding it difficult to keeping certain cruise lines which are being “diverted” to neighbouring ports such as La Spezia. Other Mediterranean ports are having to find solutions to the trend for ever larger ships, which is not limited to the bulk cargo and container sectors. The Venice Terminal is paying the price already. The maximum size for vessels permitted to use the Giudecca canal has just been set at 96,000 DWT with effect from the end of 2014. “We can no longer respond indefinitely to increasing vessel size, or submit to the pressure of global operators – we have to play on our solidarity”, stresses Giuliano Gallanti. Industry players agree in condemning irresponsible competition between ports, which brings no development benefits either to the ports themselves or to the territories which they serve. A forum for reflection on the future and the organisation of the industry, involving all the players concerned including local organisations, is urgently needed to discuss the equilibrium of investment commitments, services offered, environmental strategies, territorial marketing and the development of new excursions and trips.

This meeting at Leghorn proved highly successful, with more than 300 people registered and several speakers from the cruise ship industry, including the secretary general of CLIA Europe Europe (Cruise Line International Association), Robert Ashdown.
The next Italian Cruise Day will be held in Naples in 2014.
Italian Cruise Day 2013 press release

13 November 2013

Leghorn (AIVP member): the new cruise ship terminal is ready to receive ships longer than 300m

Source: Informazioni Marittime

13 November 2013

The City and Port of Barcelona (AIVP members) officially launch a maritime cluster involving more than 35 organisations

Source: Port de Barcelone

12 November 2013

France wants to make Marseilles port and city the Mediterranean gateway to Europe

marseille_bd_8november2013The State will invest 3.5 Billion € in a double thrust – port and city – supporting the urban redevelopment for which commitments have already been made and ensuring the future of a bi-annual international event; and strengthening the port’s competitiveness by improving access routes and industrial growth. Creation of 20,000 jobs expected by 2020.
Source : Econostrum

12 November 2013

Triple energy challenge for sustainable ports: supply security, reducing consumption and green production.

Source : Seaports Magazine, pp 26-27

12 November 2013

The “Seine Nord Europe” Canal could receive 40% financing from the EU. This commitment will get the project moving again.

Source : WK Transport Logistique

8 November 2013

Kagoshima (Japan): the world’s largest solar power plant (70 MW) is opened in the port zone

kagoshima_bd_nnovembre13Located on land reclaimed from the sea, this plant places the port-city of Kagoshima at the heart of the country’s energy transition. A public information stand explains the issues involved. The only question is whether this type of installation will start to compete with port terminals for space. (© photo Kyocera)

Source : Kyocera

7 November 2013

Call for project: La Rochelle hopes to position itself as a yacht refit centre

Source :  Call for project / Le Marin