Urban Port

11 June 2018

San Francisco: work starts on Pier 70

The project was finally approved last November. The 11.3 hectare site will be redeveloped in 3 phases over the next 15 to 20 years. Between 1100 and 2150 housing units will be built, 30% of which will be permanently affordable. The plan also includes cultural spaces and shops, while there will be facilities for light industry in three historic buildings. Finally, 3.6 hectares of parks and public spaces will be created, mainly along the shoreline. Allowance will be made for rising sea levels.
Full article : ABC7news

11 June 2018

The City and Port of Quebec set to create an elevated cycling path on Piers 21 and 22 at Pointe-à-Carcy, near the cruise terminal

Full article : Le Journal de Québec (+ images)  ; Video

11 June 2018

Valencia explains its approach to port-city relations to the Basque Region, especially the role played by the Port-City Integration Committee

Full article : Naucher

11 June 2018

Sydney: at the heart of the port, the Warships Pavilion of the National Maritime Museum has been built using shipbuilding techniques

Full article : Cyberarchi

6 June 2018

Sydney: Campbell’s Cove, a historic sector of the waterfront, redeveloped as a promenade by Johnson Pilton Walker (JPW)

The project forms part of a more general modernisation of Circular Quay West with a budget of 73M$AUS. JPW is planning for 4 sectors, each with its own identity and function. Particular care will be taken over reintegrating heritage structures on the site, including 19th century warehouses which have already been redeveloped. The project was reviewed after a public consultation organised in 2017.

Full article : Architecture Australia

6 June 2018

Yokohama: a cable-car is to be installed above the waterfront for the 2020 Olympics. It will serve Minato Mirai 21

Full article : Japan Times

6 June 2018

Almeria: Junquera Arquitectos chosen to develop the Port/City project masterplan

Full article : 20 minutos

4 June 2018

Kochi (India): a NATPAC report on the redevelopment of five canals crossing the city in two phases

The object is to re-establish water traffic on these canals, which could help relieve congestion on the streets. However the NATPAC report also recommends recovering the banks and creating recreational spaces, businesses and housing. A training centre for water sports has also been proposed.

Full article : The Hindu

4 June 2018

Cadiz: the Mayor set to make a proposal to the Port and Puertos del Estado to redevelop a 7.5 hectare site by the Guadalete

Full article : Diario de Cadix

4 June 2018

Lille: a 15-story tower and 485 housing units on the site of Grands Moulins de Paris on the banks of the Deûle abandoned since 1989

Full article : Trouver un logement


Citizen Port

20 June 2018

The Port hosts the 6th edition of the Photo Program in collaboration with the Arts Council for Long Beach

Full article: Port of Long Beach

20 June 2018

A look back at the AIVP World Conference Cities and Ports in Quebec with the Port of Venice case study

Full article: Informazioni MarittimeLa Tribune

20 June 2018

Lorient: the Port Festival (Ports en fête) fulfilled all its objectives

Full article: Le Telegramme

6 June 2018

Contship’s PortoLab agenda ready for September 2018-2019

Sustainability is the focus for this year’s edition of the annual initiative, which gives children in various Italian port cities the opportunity to discover the world of the port and maritime activity. Through an account relating the story of an object – in this case, a printer – the children learn about the different sustainable development issues to do with transport and the logistics chain, along with the sometimes difficult choices to be made in order to act responsibly for our environment and for the planet. Since the Contship agenda was created in 2006, over 130,000 copies have been distributed with the support of various Port Authorities and public and private sector organisations.

Full article: Contship Italia + Informazioni Marittime

6 June 2018

“Propelling Montreal”: the Port Authority welcomes the City’s Action Plan which aims to enhance the international attractiveness of Montreal and position companies at the heart of the global exporting chains

Full article: Port of Montreal

6 June 2018

Santa Cruz (the Canaries): La Factoría de Cohesión Ciudad Puerto launches the “MarDEOportunidades” programme to make port activities known to the community

Full article: Facocip + Facocip 2

4 June 2018

Creation of an Italian national foundation (SILP) for future port-logistics training

The new body aims to provide a forum for contact between public institutions and private enterprise, in order to tackle the phenomena and processes driving changes in the port workplace. Automation, digitisation, the internet of things, and the rise of mega-ships all represent challenges that need to be faced quickly, in terms of jobs and the new skills needed. Genoa was chosen as the site for the Foundation by its creators: Isfort, employment agency Randstad, and the RINA Group.

Full article: Ship2shore

4 June 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

30 May 2018

The OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) publishes a new report entitled: Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden

Full article: Port of Gothenburg

30 May 2018

The Port of Oslo to use drones to find waste in the docks

Full article: Next City


Enterprise-driver Port

6 November 2013

Fighting against the costly, highly-polluting transport of empty containers is a priority for the Port of Rotterdam

rotterdam_bd_november13To reduce these negative effects, the Inland Links computer platform – covering more than 50 inland ports connected to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – coordinates the positioning of all empty containers : vital information for making shippers’ logistical chains more efficient. (photo © Port of Rotterdam)
Source : Port of Rotterdam

6 November 2013

The northern sea route presents a high environmental risk but IMO is convinced that traffic on the route will grow

Source : Port News / IHS Maritime

5 November 2013

Dredging spoil: 4 years of research confirms its potential use for the building of roads. Will this become a new industry?

Source : Le Marin, n°3460, Nov. 2013

5 November 2013

Europe agrees to provide €2 million of funding to Civitavechhia for its project ‘Est’ within the framework of the Ten-T

Source: Informazione Marittime

5 November 2013

The port of Rijeka (AIVP member) could be the new maritime gateway for Central Europe

rijeka_bd_octobre 2013.pngThe neighbouring ports of Trieste and Koper do not currently fully achieve this role. Thanks to its rail connections, the port of Rijeka appears to be better connected to Budapest, Munich or Vienna. In addition, Croatia’s entry into the EU gives it one new commercial advantage. (© photo AIVP)
Source : Port Strategy, Oct. 2013, p51

5 November 2013

Cruises in Montreal (AIVP member): up 46% between 2011 and 2013 and US$ 13.5 million in economic repercussions.

Source : Quebec Huffingtonpost

5 November 2013

The UK approves marine energy park dedicated to wind turbines in Humberside on the East Coast

The Able Marine Energy Park will be dedicated to the manufacturing, storing, assembly and deployment of offshore wind turbines. It will be located in a 500-hectare logistics park. The aim is to create a regional industrial cluster at the heart of one of the world’s main offshore wind energy centres.
Source : Maritime Journal / Able Marine Energy Park

24 October 2013

The port of Corunna to move the Repsol oil terminal by 2018: improving the environment and economic efficiency

Source : El Vigia

24 October 2013

Sohar, 1st port in the Middle East to give preference to clean ships. 20 other ports world-wide have already adopted the practice

Source : Port of Sohar

24 October 2013

The growth of the Russian port “Ust Port Luga” will harm the activity of Baltic ports, including Tallinn and Riga (AIVP members), in the long term

Source : bbn