Urban Port

19 March 2018

Belfast: Waterside, a master plan by Henning Larsen

A total of 750 residential units, a hotel, offices and cultural facilities are planned for a 6.5 hectare site along the Lagan. The aim is for the outdoor spaces to be used for much more of the year than at present, for example by creating pedestrian or cycle areas, or by arranging buildings to reduce wind and noise. Work begins in the summer of 2018, and is due to be completed within four years.

Full article : Dezeen (+ images, video)

19 March 2018

Port-Louis Waterfront: Pad and Co. Ltd has begun work on the renovation of Coaster Sheds A and B and the esplanade development

Full article : Le Mauricien ; Le Défi Média

19 March 2018

Ipswich: the town buys the last silo at the entrance to the waterfront, an essential step in the global project

Full article : East Anglian Daily Times

14 March 2018

Porto Alegre: after years of waiting, conversion works on Cais Mauá start on 5 March

The works schedule was presented recently by the new President of Cais Mauá do Brasil, the organisation responsible for the development. Phase One will include the 11 historical warehouses at the centre of the site. They will be converted into cultural and recreational facilities, shops and restaurants, and public spaces. Phase Two will tackle the Docks area which will contain commercial blocks, a hotel and a conference centre. The final phase will be to convert the old gas plant into recreational spaces and shops. The redevelopment operation, along 3.2 km of the waterfront, is expected to generate 28,000 new jobs.

Full article : Cais Maua ; Video: Cais Mauá revitalization teaser ; Portos e navios

14 March 2018

Barcelona: new maritime dimension in prospect following the City–Port agreement to transform Port Vell and the Olympic Port

Full article : Naucher 07/02 ; Naucher 09/02

14 March 2018

San Diego: the port launches a study into a multimodal corridor along the Working Waterfront and opens a consultation of residents and users

Full article : Harbor Drive Study ; Port of San Diego

14 March 2018

Rouen (France): Hangar 107 opens, housing a contemporary arts centre, a day nursery, businesses, and restaurants.

Full article : Haropa Ports

7 March 2018

Bahia Blanca: the benefits and impacts of membership of an international city network

The Port of Bahia Blanca has been a member of AIVP since 2005. In this contribution, Patricia Viviana Del Cero, Professor at the University of Bahia Blanca, looks at trends among international networks of cities. Taking AIVP as a case study, she examines the impacts for a city of joining this kind of network, and highlights the benefits of sharing experience with other cities facing the same issues. This approach has had a direct impact on Bahia Blanca’s own projects, ranging from the Balcon Al Mar, to the port promenade and the various initiatives aimed at improving the Port’s societal integration. It is also a way of positioning Bahia Blanca on the international scene and enhancing the city’s appeal, with all the associated economic, cultural and tourist benefits.

Full article : Contribution

7 March 2018

Nueva York: 2.5 billion dollars to convert Brooklyn Navy Yard into a technological hub

Full article : Bloomberg


Citizen Port

19 March 2018

World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) launched in Antwerp, with AIVP among signatories to the official charter

At the initiative of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), with which AIVP has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the organisations ESPO, AAPA, PIANC and AIVP have actively committed to a collaborative programme for developing and stimulating actions to promote more sustainable strategies for ports’ activities, logistics chains and relations with the urban territory. On Thursday 22 March, Philippe Matthis, President of AIVP, will sign the formal declaration expressing the importance of city-port dialogue in the programme’s development.

Full article: WPSP


19 March 2018

Brest port redevelopment: old oil slicks resurface

Full article: Les Echos

19 March 2018

A record 9.2 million cruise passengers visited Spain in 2017

Full article: Eladelantado

19 March 2018

The Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) is working to develop heritage tourism by offering guided tours of ships and iconic sites

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14 March 2018

Contrecoeur terminal in Montréal and federal public consultations

The Port of Montreal took part in public consultations by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) from 27 February to 1 March, to present the results of the environmental impact study. An open-day and two moderated public sessions were organised by the CEAA, allowing representatives from the Montreal Port Administration to meet citizens and the various interest groups, answer their questions and listen to their concerns.

Full article: Port of MontrealACEE

14 March 2018

New period of adhesion to the “Sector-based Sustainable Development Plan” for the Port of Barcelona

Full article :Cadenadesuministro

14 March 2018

The bird reserve developed by the Port of Fremantle in Rous Head shows its effectiveness

Full article: Port of Fremantle

7 March 2018

Singapore: building human capital to prepare for the future in port cities

Professional workers will also have to plan for the future by spending more time with teaching establishments to tell them about the varied, interesting and enriching careers which the industry can offer. Learning is a permanent, life-long process for employees and should be an integral part of a company’s culture. Moreover, companies will have to make themselves visible and attractive to talented young people who will be able to develop the digital world of the future.

Full article : The Straits Times

7 March 2018

Tallinn Tech University signs an agreement with local authorities to help develop the shipbuilding industry in Saaremaa

Full article : Baltic Course


Enterprise-driver Port

4 July 2013

Turning to logistics, Laos could draw economic advantage from its location at the heart of ASEAN

Source : Bangkok Post, RZD Partner

4 July 2013

The Netherlands helps to finance the feasibility study for the construction of a cruise ship terminal in Cape Verde

Source: Macauhub – Oje

4 July 2013

The Port of Barcelona will manage a group of expert to elaborate the first technical guide on cruise terminals

Source: Globalports On Line

3 July 2013

1993 – 2013, for 20 years the port of Brussels has been acting for savings, jobs and mobility

In this work, Geneviève Origer, ex development director of the port who has worked on numerous projects with AIVP, retraces the development of a port in the centre of a large conurbation. Urban integration and developing logistical functions are at the heart of her words. (photo © AIVP)
Source : Courrier hebdomadaire n°2177-2178, Centre de Recherche et d’Information Socio-Politique

3 July 2013

Towing an iceberg from Newfoundland to the Canaries: 141-day test voyage planned to deliver 4 Mt of fresh water!

Source : Marine Energy Times

3 July 2013

The port of Dunkerque is betting on orderly diversification of its industry and the cohesion of the port community

Source : Le Marin

3 July 2013

Nigeria has begun construction of the deep-water port at Lekki to reduce congestion in the country’s other ports from 2017

Source : Vanguard

2 July 2013

Two-fold objective for the ferry terminal of Barcelona: reinforce motorways of the sea and break down city-port barriers.

Source : L’Antenne

1 July 2013

Piraeus: new Chinese investment of 224 M€ will bring 500 jobs and make it the Mediterranean’s No. 1 container port.

Source : Hellenic Shipping News

1 July 2013

Gazprom announces plan to build 13 Ice-Class LNG Carriers adapted to the Northern Sea Route

Source : gCaptain