Urban Port

17 October 2018

Palma: the winner is announced in the competition for ideas for the redevelopment of the Mollet zone

Port de Balears has awarded first prize to a project by the architects Rabassa y Forteza. The new marine promenade will become an axis to separate vehicles from pedestrians, who will once again have a view over the sea. An existing building may be demolished to combine the site with a planned maritime museum. The arcades at the fishing quay will be integrated into the new building, making a connection with the old ship-building yards.

Full article : Passio per la mar ; Diario de Mallorca

17 October 2018

San Francisco, Pier 70: Gensler has turned a former machine shop for destroyers and submarines into offices

Full article : Dezeen (+ images)

17 October 2018

Lemvig (Denmark): designed by 3XN, the Climatorium will host conferences and exhibits on climate change, but also concerts, etc.

Full article : Bustler (+ images)

15 October 2018

Gdynia: ULI’s recommendations for the Fishing Pier

In February, ULI Europe organised a workshop on the Fishing Pier, part of the Sea City project. The initiative covers a 71 hectare site next to the city centre, which is set to house 8,000 residents and 4,000 new jobs. The report sets out the extent of the challenges involved in the Sea City and Fishing Pier plans. The recommendations focus on the need for an inclusive approach involving all of the stakeholders, as well as the importance of transparency and flexibility, connections with the existing city, and innovative funding arrangements. All of these recommendations are regularly highlighted by AIVP in its experiencing sharing initiatives.

Full article : ULI Advisory Workshop Report

15 October 2018

Tongyeong (South Korea): the winner of the contest to convert a shipyard into a cultural and tourist hub has already been selected

Full article : Contest ; Winner

15 October 2018

Toronto: foundation stone laid in construction of the Waterfront Innovation Centre, first part of the future innovation cluster

Full article : Menkes

15 October 2018

Ayamonte (Spain): work begins to integrate the port into the city

Full article : Andalucia Informacion

10 October 2018

Cape Town: a 1.2 hectare park on the waterfront

Battery Park will be a part of the Canal District in its own right, and is presented by V-A Waterfront as a new gateway to the waterfront. It will notably include the historic ruins of the Amsterdam Battery fortifications, which will be a key element. The Canal will also allow water taxis to serve the congress centre.

Full article : fin24

10 October 2018

Tampico (Mexico): entrepreneurs call for the port redevelopment to encompass both tourism and continued port activity

Full article : El Sol de Tampico


Citizen Port

17 October 2018

Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes and the CREDDI (economic and law research institute) of the University of the Antilles sign a partnership on research applied to the port economy

Source: Port de la Guadeloupe

17 October 2018

Brest (France) hosts the 11th Sea Tech Week 2018 dedicated to marine bio-resources

Full article: Seatechweek

15 October 2018

BE MY PORT: A new identity to promote the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire and make the port part of city life

Together, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Port, the Union maritime Nantes ports (UMNP), the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Pays de Loire Region, the Carene, Nantes Métropole and the Loire-Atlantique département have decided to create promotional resources including a new visual identity. The new identity is designed to inspire inclusiveness and adoption by all potential users.

Full article: Nantes Metropole  + Port de Nantes Saint Nazaire

15 October 2018

London: controversy surrounds air quality impact following the announcement of plans for a new cruise terminal

Full article: The Guardian

15 October 2018

Interview with Tiedo Vellinga, professor at the University of Delft, on his roles in academia and business and the tangible interactions between them.

Full article: Dredging Today

10 October 2018

The port of Vigo unveils a new strategic plan open to the port community: “what the port needs”

The plan has been produced to anticipate the needs of the port community and prepare the way for future infrastructural developments at the port. Drafted internally by the Port Authority, the document must now be completed by contributions from all stakeholders in the local community. This collaborative process is not new to Vigo, as its strategic plan for blue growth was based on contributions from 18 external working groups.

Full article: Apvigo

10 October 2018

UK: Arup publishes a new report on ports and air quality

Full article: Ukmajorports

10 October 2018

Santos (Brazil): the port sector is looking for funds for worker qualifications

Full article: Portosenavios

8 October 2018

Responsible cruises: a scientific study attempts to deal with the global socio-economic impact

Full article: PortEconomics


Enterprise-driver Port

19 November 2013

Marine cabotage in USA is reserved to national flag vessels. Freeing this restriction could help to re-launch the country’s economy.

Source : Drewry

19 November 2013

Rotterdam imagines a reduction of 50% in its traffic during the second part of the 21st century!

rotterdam_bd_28nov2013Increase in world population, growing scarcity of raw materials, agricultural land and fossil fuels: if current policies on all these issues do not evolve, the consequences after 2040 will be violent for ports. The transition to a sustainable economy is inevitable. (Photo © AIVP)
Source : Port of Rotterdam

18 November 2013

Masterplan for Beira (Mozambique): maximising the port’s potential anticipating climate change

Beira, which is directly threatened by rising sea levels, needs to ensure port access roads for its coal traffic and exports of agricultural products. Extensive City-Port planning has become necessary, with mobilisation of all public and private players.
Source : GreenPort, Autumn 2013, pp 32-34 / Deltares

18 November 2013

US ports have strengths to build on in the development of the wind-power industry

durban_bd_15nov13The wind-power industry has become an area into which ports can diversify their revenues. There are 3 typical cases: ports which offer a logistics base for the industry; those which simply offer suitable maritime services; and those which welcome the installation of wind farms. (photo © AIVP)
Source : Seaports Magazine, pp 18-22

16 November 2013

Port-cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, new destinations for cultural and adventure cruising

Ever bigger and more luxurious passenger ships: this double trend in cruise ship supply means that relatively new vessels are being re-positioned to emerging markets. In this context, and if its port-cities define appropriate strategies, Sub-Saharan Africa has an opportunity.
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande 4897, Oct 2013, pp 18-19

15 November 2013

A standardised folding 40ft container: an important step in the fight against transporting empty space

hci-foldable-container_bd_15nov1320% of the containers transported by sea are empty (40% for land transport). Repositioning costs 20 billion € per year around the world. Generalised use of folding containers would allow savings of 25% and a reduction of 2.7% in the CO2 impact of marine container transport. (photos © HCI)
Source : Greenport, Autum 2013, pp 26-27 / Holland Container Innovation


15 November 2013

Long Beach: political tension between port and city may tarnish the city’s commercial attractiveness

Source : Journal of Commerce

15 November 2013

Thanks to its industrial capacity, Mexico has increased containerised exports over its ports by 50%

Source : Comunidad Portuaria

15 November 2013

Montreal: higher high tension cables to allow passage of bigger passenger vessels. In 2012, cruise ships earned Can$14M

Source : La Presse