Urban Port

10 August 2018

London: green light for five-year plans to develop the 112 hectare site at the future Royal Docks Entreprise Zone

The main aim is to make the site attractive both for economic activities and culture. Altogether, some 35,000 skilled jobs could be created for residents of London and Newham, while there are also plans for 4,000 new homes. It is hoped the project will bring in £5 billion of foreign inward investment by 2037/2038.

Full article : ; Royal Docks

10 August 2018

In Trondheim (Norway), pedestrians and cyclists will soon able to take an autonomous electric ferry across the canal

Full article : New Atlas (+ video)

10 August 2018

Amsterdam: plans for a 1.5 km, urban cable car link designed by UN Studio above the IJ

Full article : Dezeen (+ images)

8 August 2018

Bourgas (Bulgaria): work on the new Congress Centre officially gets under way

The complex will also include a Research Centre for Control and Exploration the Black Sea. The six-storey building will be based in the eastern part of the port, and will also host exhibitions, concerts, and a variety of educational activities. The project forms part of moves to open urban areas up to the sea once more and redevelop industrial or port zones as part of the city’s master plan. Opening planned for 2020.

Full article : Bulgarian Ports

8 August 2018

Stockholm Royal Seaport: a building designed by Herzog and de Meuron to combine 317 apartments with public spaces on the site of a former gas holder

Full article : World Architecture News (+ images)

8 August 2018

Orillia (Ontario, Canada): Smart Kiosk, a vast touchscreen set up on the waterfront to inform local residents and visitors

Full article : Orillia matters

6 August 2018

Liverpool: a Maritime Knowledge Hub

The Hub will be one of the cornerstones of Wirral Waters, the regeneration scheme for the south bank of the Mersey. The aim is to make the hub a leading global centre for research, innovation, education and training in the maritime industries. Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen has been selected for the project. The Hub will include two buildings, including the 19th century Hydraulic Tower, which will be restored and refurbished, while there will also be a major focus on green spaces, including roof terraces.

Full article : World Architecture News ; Wirral Waters, MKH ; Liverpool John Moores University (+ vidéo)

6 August 2018

Amsterdam Science Park: Startup Village, Julius Taminiau Architects reuse containers to create office space at minimal costs

Full article : Inhabitat (+ images)

6 August 2018

Milford Haven Marina: green light for the new development, with plans for hotels, shops and 190 homes

Full article : BBC news

11 July 2018

Shanghai: new developments planned for Shiliupu Pier

Located in the Hangpu district, Shiliupu Pier was the city’s main ferry port in the 1980s. Having falling into disuse, it was redeveloped to become one of the water gates to the city for the world exhibition in 2010. But visitor numbers quickly fell. Today, the aim is to attract tourists by creating a transport hub and leisure area. A quayside promenade and viewing point overlooking the cruise ships are due to open to the public by the end of 2018, while a tourist information centre will be built on the opposite bank. There are also plans for hotels, shops and restaurants.

Full article : Shanghai Daily


Citizen Port

10 August 2018

The exhibition “Morocco and the Sea, Then and Now” opened on Wednesday at the Tanger-Med Port Center.

Full article: + Aujourd’

10 August 2018

The Port of Oakland publishes its new “Objective zero emissions” plan.

Full article: Port of Oakland

8 August 2018

A self-driving vehicle will be running by 2019, to take cruise passengers to the centre of Le Havre.

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8 August 2018

Plans for a desalination plant at the Port of Corpus Christi spark major concerns among local residents

To anticipate the potential need for water and to encourage inward investment, the Port has already decided to file a planning application. The move quickly drew criticism from environmental organisations and local residents, who fear the plant will have a serious impact on marine wildlife and endanger the regional fishing industry.

Full article: EU.caller

6 August 2018

The Port of Gothenburg has embarked on a project to replant seagrass, as a compensatory measure to accompany the construction of a new terminal.

Full article: Port of Goteborg

6 August 2018

Fincantieri to build two LGN-powered cruise liners for the company TUI, with delivery scheduled for 2024 and 2026.

Full article: Fincantieri

11 July 2018

The Port, University and Maritime Institute of Singapore invest S$18 million in a new Research Centre

Dubbed the “Centre of Excellence in Modelling and Simulation for Next Generation Ports (C4NGP)”, the facility will focus on the needs of industry, developing integrated systems and simulation platforms, as well as research into self-driving vehicles, traffic systems and flow optimisation.

Full article: Asia Today

11 July 2018

The Tourist Board in Aarhus (Denmark) announces plans for 1300 local volunteers to greet cruise passengers

Full article: Cruise Industry

9 July 2018

The Port of Quequen (Argentina) devises a plan to monitor marine wildlife

The port is committed to monitoring marine wildlife, and in particular eared seals. Aware of the impact of port activities on biodiversity, the port has joined forces with environmental groups to create a comprehensive programme including educational initiatives, research, monitoring, protection and care of animals.

Full article: Global Ports

9 July 2018

Festivities held at the Leixoes cruise terminal to satisfy the curiosity of local residents.

Full article: Journal da Economia do Mar


Enterprise-driver Port

4 October 2013

Port of Valparaiso (AIVP member): construction of a mega terminal in harmony with the city by 2025 is inevitable

Source : Plataforma Urbana

2 October 2013

Governance, intermodal transport, price stability: 3 key challenges for access to the sea in landlocked East African countries

Source : CNUCED – The way to the Ocean, 2013

1 October 2013

Four pilot wind farms to make France a world leader in Renewable Marine Energy

Source : Le Marin

1 October 2013

Cruise ships adopt innovations of all kinds: cabins soon to have digital balconies!

Source : Ports and Ships

1 October 2013

Does the wind power industry offer ports an interesting potential for growth and diversification?

iaph_rapport_bd_01oct2013By becoming logistical platforms for the offshore wind power industry, especially in Europe, ports can generate jobs and added value. Storage, maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, research and development, and imports/exports of components all represent potential sources of regional growth.
Source : IAPH (Report – 100p)

30 September 2013

Puertos del Estado, the state ports company, announces a reduction in several rates and dues for cruise ships in Spanish port-cities

Source: Puertos del Estado

30 September 2013

Carnival Corporation invests 20 M€ in a new cruise ship terminal in Barcelona. It will open in 2016.

Source : Cruise Industry

25 September 2013

Importing tomatoes into northern Europe by sea shows a better carbon footprint than local production

Source : Baltic Transport Journal 4/2013

25 September 2013

Are private marine terminals more profitable for port-cities, or do they hold back the growth of cruise ship business?

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande – 20 septembre 2013

25 September 2013

France: the 3 northern ports play on regional solidarity and a coordinated strategy

Union is strength, and alliances between ports are opening the way to new possible solutions. Symbiosis with industry, port efficiency, and region-wide river and rail services are also on the programme.
Source : Le Moniteur, 20 septembre 2013