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23 May 2018

Copenhagen: Blox, the Danish architecture centre, opened on 7 May

Designed by OMA, it will be partly raised above the dock on which it has been built, to preserve the continuity of the promenade. The multi-purpose building will house a museum, restaurant, offices, housing units, and more.

Full article : Le Moniteur (+ images) ; The Guardian (+ images)

23 May 2018

Newcastle (Australia): the maritime museum set to be relocated to the pumping station? The cost of moving the heritage site would be very high, according to the Port

Full article : The Herald

23 May 2018

Barcelona: Carnival Corporation has opened its new cruise terminal, capable of accommodating ships running on LNG

Full article : Cruise News

23 May 2018

Fort William (Scotland) wants to welcome cruise passengers directly onshore, in a bid to boost the Highlands’ tourist appeal

Full article : The national

21 May 2018

Winnipeg: a community-wide ideas competition for Alexander Dock

Activity ended in this sector alongside the Red River in 2015. The area is now owned by the City and a public consultation was organised in 2017. The main aim of the On the Docks competition is to restore access to the river, but all proposals for this public space will be welcomed.

Full article:  Competition Web SiteCompetition Brief ; Consultation report

21 May 2018

Montreal: public spaces at the Grand Quai and cruise terminal to be inaugurated on 3 June, with work set to start on the viewing tower in 2019

Full article : Radio canada (+ images ; Video)

21 May 2018

The Port of Valparaiso approves Agunsa’s plans for a priority dock for cruise ships, capable of accommodating two ships at once

Full article : Mundo maritimo ; Seatrade Cruise News

21 May 2018

Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival: over the years, the shipping container has become a symbol of the city’s cultural identity. A look back at the 2017 edition.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images)

16 May 2018

Valencia: the Mayor favours uses linked to culture and innovation for the Marina Réal docks

This announcement follows an agreement with Docks Logistics Spain, S.A., bringing forward the end of their concession which was to have run until 2022. Use of this emblematic building will then be returned to Consorcio Valencia 2007-CV07, which manages the marina. In March, CV07 launched a consultation process with a group of independent professionals and experts. The different proposals centre on the concept of a living space designed by the community as a whole, devoted to culture, education, research, etc.

Full article : Valencia Plaza ; El

16 May 2018

Houston: a vast tunnel network will not be enough to protect the city from future floods – a long-term approach is needed

Full article : Grist


Citizen Port

21 May 2018

The Province of Antwerp prepares to move the Port Center to a new site closer to the city centre, next to the Port Authority HQ, by 2022

Full article: Havencentrum

21 May 2018

The OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF) publishes a new report entitled: Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden

Full article: Port of Gothenburg

21 May 2018

The Port of Oslo to use drones to find waste in the docks

Full article: Next City

16 May 2018

The European HERIT-DATA project aims to develop sustainable management of cruise tourism

Taking advantage of technology and the latest innovations in management tools (open data, connected objects, etc.), the project aims to reduce the impact of tourism on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean regions. The consortium brings together organisations, businesses and technology centres, along with local and regional public authorities from Italy, Spain, Croatia, France and Portugal, including four regions which are members of the Intermediterranean Commission, namely Tuscany, Valencia, Occitania and Western Greece.

Full article: Fundacion Valenciaport

16 May 2018

Cruise operators are increasingly looking to promote and create private tourist destinations

Full article: Maritime Executive

16 May 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

14 May 2018

University of Concepción (Chile) initiates a project on sustainability in port cities

The initiative is led by the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Geography, and is financed by an innovation fund to boost regional competitiveness. Mabel Alarcón, project director, explained that the object is to solve the problems which arise between ports and their associated port cities, in particular logistical problems.Full article: Portal Portuario

14 May 2018

Costa and the Port of Marseilles sign for an economic and environmental sustainable cruise industry

Full article: La Provence

6 May 2018

More than 30,000 visitors at Singapore Maritime Week 2018 (SMW)

In an increasingly variable and fragile situation, this year’s theme turns resolutely towards the levers of the future, such as connectivity, innovation and talent. Organised by the Singapore Maritime Authority, SMW 2018 serves as a platform for discussion and motivation to encourage debate among the actors in the regional and international maritime scene. There will be 19 discussion sessions and presentations, 11 networking receptions and four large-scale events for the general public.

Full article: Seatrade maritime + SMW


Enterprise-driver Port

31 July 2013

To get round the lack of space in ports, container terminals could grow upwards!

Source : World Port Development

31 July 2013

Shore Power technology to reduce pollution emissions and noise from ships when alongside

helsinki_bd_juillet2013Californian ports have been showing the way since 2006, and on 1 January 2014 their emissions reduction requirements will be made even stricter. Other ports around the world have followed their example without upsetting port activity. Run-down of the technologies available. (photo © AIVP)
Source : World Port Development

31 July 2013

The port of Dalian has extended its hinterland with rail container service to Russia. Service to Europe is under study.

Source : Sino Ship News

31 July 2013

The cruise ship industry in Mexico is in crisis: 7 ports have not had a single call for over 18 months.

Source : Comunidad Portuaria

31 July 2013

A new port-city will grow up alongside the port of Colombo, financed by Chinese investment

The Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) has announced that a city is to be established on a polder covering 230 hectares beside Colombo South Port. It should be completed by 2017. The SLPA will build its head office there, and housing and leisure activities are also in the plans. Colombo South Port itself will open in September 2013.
Source : Port Technology

30 July 2013

North Sea Canal Zone and the port of Amsterdam: a future cluster to support offshore wind power?

There are already 66 companies working on wind-powered electricity generation around the port. Located less than 25 km from large offshore wind parks, the region offers 100 ha of land for developing this industry. Finally, a training centre is being set up at Ijmuiden.
Source : Port of Amsterdam

30 July 2013

Greater exports of manufactured products could result from relocation of industries, to the benefit of US ports.

Source : AAPA

30 July 2013

The future Lamu and Bagamoya corridors are critical developments for absorbing the 6% growth expected in East Africa.

Source : Ports and Harbors

29 July 2013

Turkey as a cruise hub in East Med: The case of Istanbul

Cruise lines seek for new markets in order to accommodate the growing demand for cruise tourism. In this context, East Mediterranean and Black sea ports would be an alternative cruise destination. Based on cultural and social attractions, Istanbul would be a candidate on serving as a homeport for the region.
Source : Port Economics / Mickael Dooms, Oguz Bagis