Urban Port

16 January 2019

Milwaukee (United States): new access to the water

The City wants to create a park and extend Riverwalk, a promenade running along the edge of the river in the interior port. The project will include provision for interactions with the existing industrial or port activities, and is part of a wider programme for the Harbor District.

Full article : Urban Milwaukee

16 January 2019

Huelva (Spain): Tinto quay is now an integral part of the riverside promenade

Full article : 20minutos

16 January 2019

Vejle (Denmark), waterfront: The Wave, multi-award winning apartment blocks designed by Henning Larsen, are now complete

Full article : Archinect

16 January 2019

Budapest (Hungary): Snohetta selected for a project to provide accommodation for up to 12,000 students on a 135 hectare riverside site

Full article : Design boom (+ images)

14 January 2019

New York (United States): Brooklyn Navy Yard looking for a developer

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp oversaw the radical transformation of the yard which is now home to an industrial campus, film studios, and soon a food manufacturing centre. A call for tenders has been made for a final quay damaged six years ago by Hurricane Sandy. The aim is to maintain maritime activities in the area in conjunction with the ship repair activities already present.

Full article : Crain’s New York Business

14 January 2019

Guayaquil (Ecuador): in 2020, an aerial cableway across the river will improve urban mobility

Full article : Mundo Maritimo

14 January 2019

Cadiz (Spain): Puertos del Estado grants the port permission to sell more than 11 hectares of the Port of Santa Maria for urban development

Full article : El Vigia

9 January 2019

Singapore: redevelopment for Tanjong Pagar after the port moves

The relocation of port activities to Tuas will free up several thousand hectares of land in the southern waterfront district after 2027. The government wants to turn the area into a mixed-use zone combining high-quality housing and facilities to create an international tourist destination.

Full article : The Online Citizen

9 January 2019

Oslo: competition for a new cultural center in the Vippetangen waterfront district

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Citizen Port

16 January 2019

Publication of a ITF and WBU study on the impact of automation on jobs in the transport industry

This is the first independent study on this crucially important issue. Some 40% of the research focused on the maritime sector, including an analysis of the situation in 17 countries. The report stresses that the impact of automation will be gradual, bringing changes not just to jobs themselves but also to their location, potentially generating social tensions.

Full article: ITF Global / WMU

16 January 2019

Supporting research: City Port integration is one of the themes selected by port operator Yilport for its 2019 innovation competition.

Full article: Yilport / Portal Portuario

16 January 2019

Belgium: an air quality map for Flanders, including Ghent, Zeebrugge and Antwerp, created with the help of 20,000 members of the public.

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16 January 2019

Taiwan: the port of Hualien displays outdoor artworks to encourage residents to stroll in certain public port spaces.

Full article: Taiwan International Ports

14 January 2019

Marc Van Peel, former alderman of the port of Antwerp, is to work towards the creation of a port museum by the Port Center Havencentrum

Full article: Flows

14 January 2019

Cruise industry: Chile adopts a draft law to allow cabotage for liners between port cities.

Full article: Portal Portuario

14 January 2019

Castellon (Spain): more than 1,100 pupils from 28 schools visited the port in 2018 as part of the “Know Your Port” campaign

Full article : Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

9 January 2019

The Port of Prince Rupert sets aside Can$ 1 M to preserve the Skeen river salmon, vital to the local economy.

Full article: Marine Link

9 January 2019

The Port of Bilbao is continuing to organise free tours of the port for adult members of the public every Saturday and Sunday, an idea first launched in 2004.

Full article: Bilbao Port

9 January 2019

Port of Guadeloupe: the Cayoli environmental project enters a new phase with the restoration of a mangrove area

Full article: Port Guadeloupe Caraïbes


Enterprise-driver Port

14 January 2014

Milford Haven: the Port launches a park of 20,000 photovoltaic panels. 100 jobs created for construction.

Source : Port of Milford Haven

14 January 2014

State of port works around the world and a spotlight on the situation in Latin America

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande, 27 déc. 2013, dossier 11p. / World Port Development, Supplement, Dec 2013, 16p

14 January 2014

Marine Highway M-580, a barge link between the ports of Oakland, Stockton and Sacramento: 200 fewer trucks per day on the highway

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande, 27 déc 2013, p24

14 January 2014

Use of marine sediments in civil engineering: the European CEAMaS project attempts its first operational synthesis

Source : Union Européenne

14 January 2014

The port of Pointe Noire hopes to further reinforce its strategic economic position by developing an ores port covering 9 km²

Source : Ecofin

10 January 2014

For its future due 2050, the city of Geelong (Australia) relies on its port bulk.

The growth of the port (60 Mt in 2050) will stabilize the local economy and attract new industrialists and trade flows. Ten development scenarios built on a close cooperation city / port. Maritime and land transport constraints are raised.
Source : City of Greater Geelong

10 January 2014

What public policies of the port city to maximize the positive effects of the port?

From the study of 27 harbour cities, the OECD delivers its first answers. If some Asian and European cities get loose due to their global performance, a large majority has committed strategies in varied domains but with a “not always” optimal coherence.
Source : OCDE, Regional Development Working Papers, 2013/25, 36 p.

10 January 2014

Connected by rail at Barcelona and Tarragona, the combined transport hub platform of Perpignan (France) sees its activity growing

Source : WK Transport Logistique

10 January 2014

USA: port productivity gains are to be found in automation and the use of ICT

Source : Journal of Commerce