Urban Port

14 January 2019

New York (United States): Brooklyn Navy Yard looking for a developer

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp oversaw the radical transformation of the yard which is now home to an industrial campus, film studios, and soon a food manufacturing centre. A call for tenders has been made for a final quay damaged six years ago by Hurricane Sandy. The aim is to maintain maritime activities in the area in conjunction with the ship repair activities already present.

Full article : Crain’s New York Business

14 January 2019

Guayaquil (Ecuador): in 2020, an aerial cableway across the river will improve urban mobility

Full article : Mundo Maritimo

14 January 2019

Cadiz (Spain): Puertos del Estado grants the port permission to sell more than 11 hectares of the Port of Santa Maria for urban development

Full article : El Vigia

9 January 2019

Singapore: redevelopment for Tanjong Pagar after the port moves

The relocation of port activities to Tuas will free up several thousand hectares of land in the southern waterfront district after 2027. The government wants to turn the area into a mixed-use zone combining high-quality housing and facilities to create an international tourist destination.

Full article : The Online Citizen

9 January 2019

Oslo: competition for a new cultural center in the Vippetangen waterfront district

Full article : StartforTalents

9 January 2019

Manilla: ESCA Inc. selected for a feasibility study on the development of a cruise port

Full article : Philstar

9 January 2019

Bellingham waterfront (United States): following the recent opening of Waypoint Park, numerous new developments are planned for 2019

Full article : Bellingham Herald

7 January 2019

The Port of Barcelona opens a new promenade

The promenade is located on the breakwater protecting Marina Vela. Additional work carried out under a public-private partnership has seen 36,000 m² of new public spaces created in the district. The second phase of the project is already planned for the marina, and should improve the attractiveness of the entire sector, while plans are also being studied to create a branch of the Hermitage Museum.

Full article : El Périodico


Citizen Port

14 January 2019

Marc Van Peel, former alderman of the port of Antwerp, is to work towards the creation of a port museum by the Port Center Havencentrum

Full article: Flows

14 January 2019

Cruise industry: Chile adopts a draft law to allow cabotage for liners between port cities.

Full article: Portal Portuario

14 January 2019

Castellon (Spain): more than 1,100 pupils from 28 schools visited the port in 2018 as part of the “Know Your Port” campaign

Full article : Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

9 January 2019

The Port of Prince Rupert sets aside Can$ 1 M to preserve the Skeen river salmon, vital to the local economy.

Full article: Marine Link

9 January 2019

The Port of Bilbao is continuing to organise free tours of the port for adult members of the public every Saturday and Sunday, an idea first launched in 2004.

Full article: Bilbao Port

9 January 2019

Port of Guadeloupe: the Cayoli environmental project enters a new phase with the restoration of a mangrove area

Full article: Port Guadeloupe Caraïbes

7 January 2019

Awareness of the maritime knowledge ecosystem will be an advantage for port cities in the 21st century

Researcher Maurice Jansen, well known to AIVP, is convinced of it. Future demographic growth in coastal areas and port cities will force them to adopt an increasingly holistic management approach to become true maritime capitals. Mapping the ecosystem of maritime knowledge production in the Port City, and maximizing the potential of that human capital, will be key to their success and their ability to adapt to change.

Full article: Port Strategy

7 January 2019

Smart Port City: Le Havre puts the finishing touches to its territorial project, key to a City-Port-Business-Citizen relationship focused on innovation and talent.

Full article: NPI

7 January 2019

Chile is working on a new cruise route from Panama to Valparaiso via Peru, Ecuador and the port city of San Antonio.

Full article: Portal Portuario

2 January 2019

In the little town of Hoona, Alaska, the development of the cruise ship industry is a source of income but also of concern

Full article: Juneau Empire


Enterprise-driver Port

10 December 2013

Antwerp Regional Development Plan partially cancelled: the port extension is suspended.

Source : 7 sur 7

10 December 2013

Australia: green light for ore ports close to the Great Barrier Reef. Environmental questions remain.

Source : The Sydney Morning Herald

9 December 2013

Valparaiso: the port wants to anticipate tsunamis

The seminar held recently in Valparaiso brought together Japanese and Chilean experts with the aim of implementing a strategy for anticipating extreme climate phenomena so as to ensure the continuity of port work and minimise the impact on the city.

Source : Mundo Maritimo ; Universidad de Valparaíso

9 December 2013

Quebec: Labour appears to be the central challenge for the future development of port-cities and the maritime industry

Source: Technopole Maritime du Québec

6 December 2013

The port of Nice, which forms an enclave in the city, is reorganising to move away from residential areas. No port relocation for 20 years.

Source : L’Antenne

6 December 2013

Inter-port partnerships around the world: cooperation and coordination

As inter-port co-operations, national, international and local, multiply, the subject remains misunderstood. Halfway between competition and partnerships, they are often organisations for “co-opetition” based on economic opportunities. Examples around the world.
Source : Note de synthèse ISEMAR

6 December 2013

The port of Sochi will manage maritime facilities built for the 2014 Olympic Games, with the object of becoming a major centre for cruise ships

Source : ITAR-TASS News Agency

5 December 2013

The city of Malmö believes in its port and will invest 260 M€ in the Norra Hammen sector between 2014 and 2025

The transport and logistics industry will be given priority on the 20 ha site. But the ultimate objective is to construct an industrial symbiosis in which every company will win. The organisation of transport cycles, energy policy, and recycling will be the main thrusts.
Source : Copenhagen Malmö Port

4 December 2013

Walvis Bay : construction of new Namibian port to begin in 2014. One aim : to become a SADC regional logistics hub

Source : Ports & Ships

4 December 2013

Going against the current of world trends, Mexico’s Pacific ports suffer a big fall in cruise ship calls

Source : Comunidad Portuaria