Urban Port

20 March 2019

Fremantle (Australia): a steering committee for Victoria Quay

The new steering committee met recently to look at possible uses for the 13 hectare site. A number of developments have already been realised, including the passenger terminal. The stated aim for this historic site in Fremantle is to combine an active port with a tourist hub.

Full article : Infrastructure ; Fremantle Ports

20 March 2019

Marseille waterfront: the Port selects three architects to design an office building, while a tower for shipping line CMA CGM is also planned

Full article : TPBM ; Le Moniteur

18 March 2019

Oakland (USA): new version of the waterfront stadium project unveiled

BIG, Gensler, and Field Operations have presented their updated plans for a baseball stadium on the waterfront. The new stadium will be circular shaped and more open, and will also have a landscaped roof open to the public. The aim is to ensure that the arena is better integrated into the surroundings of this Howard terminal site, which will also host a housing and office development programme.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; Howard Terminal

18 March 2019

Hull (UK), Humber Quays West: a COMPETITION to develop a waterfront district taking into account flood risks

Full article : H-Living with Water

18 March 2019

Santos (Brazil): the new port operator casts doubt on plans to redevelop the Valongo district for urban uses

Full article : A Tribuna

18 March 2019

Edinburgh (UK): 7N Architects announces plans for over 900 homes and a large park in the Western Harbour area

Full article : Scottish Construction Now

13 March 2019

The Wild Mile: a floating eco-park for Chicago

Designed by SOM architects, the park will use the existing canal walls to create a network of floating wetland zones and walking areas for residents and kayakers. The aim is to create both a natural habitat and recreational and educational spaces. The park is expected to open in 2020.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; World Architecture (+ images) ; WildMile Chicago

13 March 2019

The City of Glasgow (UK) launches a public consultation on plans to create a park on the banks of the Clyde

Full article : Urbanrealm


Citizen Port

20 March 2019

Improvements in SHIP information centre in Ijmuiden sea lock complex.

SHIP, a similar structure to AIVP’s port centers, is now more reachable thanks to a new boat connection. The center has also improved the Technolab for youngsters with three new workshops. SHIP also hosts now a temporary exhibition of artist Thijs Zwart.

Full article: Port of Amsterdam / SHIP

20 March 2019

New partnership between the ports of Douala and Bordeaux to learn in particular about port-city relationship

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20 March 2019

Inscriptions open for the bike race around the waterfront of Strasbourg, organized by the port

Full article : Stras’N’Bike

18 March 2019

Port of La Rochelle (AIVP member), launches new website about port economy and employment.

The initiative has been done in cooperation with Union Maritime, gathering 35 port companies. The main goals is to give disclosure to port employment and facilitate the process for future applicants. The website is only one of the elements of the program “Cap sur l’économie portuaire”, developed by the port and Union Maritime to increase the visibility of port related professions.

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18 March 2019

Port Authority of Valencia wins Green4sea award for their use of hydrogen to reduce environmental impact

Full article: Safety4sea

18 March 2019

World Ocean Council (WOC) and Port of Vancouver propose a global platform to facilitate the coordination and use of environmental incentives for carriers and other maritime companies

Full article: Safety4sea

18 March 2019

Hackathon in the port of Santos (BR) gives chance to students to propose innovative solutions for port problems

Full article: Informativos dos portos

13 March 2019

Port Authority and Municipality of Valparaíso agree to create a joint working committee to discuss port development.

This measure could allow better dialogue for port-city relationship and a common vision. This decision is motivated by the current situation of terminal 2, where the port authority will be responsible for the environmental assessment. Other port and urban projects, including a pier for cruises were also discussed. The mayor emphasized that their priority is to make sure that port development is done according to environmental requirements, but also that create jobs, and bring prosperity to the port and the city. The president of the port authority welcomed the common initiative with the municipality and, looking beyond the short term decisions concerning the terminal 2.

Full article: Portal Portuario

13 March 2019

Port of LA announces 1 million US$ Community Investment Grant Program.

The goal of the program is to fund different kinds of initiatives that work for the benefit of the port community. This grant program is funded with shipping and lease revenues, rather than tax payers money. Applications are possible until May 6th.

Full article: Port of LA / Greenport


Enterprise-driver Port

30 September 2013

Carnival Corporation invests 20 M€ in a new cruise ship terminal in Barcelona. It will open in 2016.

Source : Cruise Industry

25 September 2013

Importing tomatoes into northern Europe by sea shows a better carbon footprint than local production

Source : Baltic Transport Journal 4/2013

25 September 2013

Are private marine terminals more profitable for port-cities, or do they hold back the growth of cruise ship business?

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande – 20 septembre 2013

25 September 2013

France: the 3 northern ports play on regional solidarity and a coordinated strategy

Union is strength, and alliances between ports are opening the way to new possible solutions. Symbiosis with industry, port efficiency, and region-wide river and rail services are also on the programme.
Source : Le Moniteur, 20 septembre 2013

25 September 2013

Sète, France: the port generates 239 M€ for the local economy and more than 1350 jobs

Source : Econostrum

25 September 2013

Logistics in Latin America is 5 to 100% more expensive than in OECD. Port-cities in the region could suffer.

Source : Comunidad Portuaria

25 September 2013

World port traffic: traffic of 100 Mt is the threshold for the top 50!

In 2012, port traffic rose all over the world. Some falls in Asia resulted from weak growth in China and reduced demand in western countries. European ports played a minor role: only 7 ports in the top 100.
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande


20 September 2013

Wind ship: will the cargo vessels of the future make better use of the wind for “greener” sailing?

LadeSA_windshipThe first wind tunnel tests carried out by a Norwegian entrepreneur seem to show that they will. Use of the hull as a sail to capture not only natural wind but also that created by the movement of the cargo could reduce fuel consumption by 60% and emissions by 80%.(Photo © Lade SA)
Source : treehugger

20 September 2013

Launch of Europe’s Naiades II programme: waterways are vectors for growth

With this programme, Europe hopes to continue developing infrastructure to make traffic more fluid and encourage intermodal connections. The objectives also include further improving the ecological impact of river transport and developing training courses.
Source: NPI, European Union

20 September 2013

Ports are vital for Papua New Guinea, since the country’s growth depends on international trade

Of the country’s 18 ports, the central position is held by Port Moresby. Improving its efficiency is therefore a constant economic priority. Port improvements also provide opportunities for minimising the inconvenience caused to the city and for bringing together all the parties involved around a sustainable strategy for the port.
Source : PNG Port Corportaion Ltd (pdf)