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18 March 2019

Oakland (USA): new version of the waterfront stadium project unveiled

BIG, Gensler, and Field Operations have presented their updated plans for a baseball stadium on the waterfront. The new stadium will be circular shaped and more open, and will also have a landscaped roof open to the public. The aim is to ensure that the arena is better integrated into the surroundings of this Howard terminal site, which will also host a housing and office development programme.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; Howard Terminal

18 March 2019

Hull (UK), Humber Quays West: a COMPETITION to develop a waterfront district taking into account flood risks

Full article : H-Living with Water

18 March 2019

Santos (Brazil): the new port operator casts doubt on plans to redevelop the Valongo district for urban uses

Full article : A Tribuna

18 March 2019

Edinburgh (UK): 7N Architects announces plans for over 900 homes and a large park in the Western Harbour area

Full article : Scottish Construction Now

13 March 2019

The Wild Mile: a floating eco-park for Chicago

Designed by SOM architects, the park will use the existing canal walls to create a network of floating wetland zones and walking areas for residents and kayakers. The aim is to create both a natural habitat and recreational and educational spaces. The park is expected to open in 2020.

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images) ; World Architecture (+ images) ; WildMile Chicago

13 March 2019

The City of Glasgow (UK) launches a public consultation on plans to create a park on the banks of the Clyde

Full article : Urbanrealm

13 March 2019

San Francisco (United States): two ferry terminals redeveloped and adapted in anticipation of rising sea levels

Full article : SF Chronicle

11 March 2019

Oran (Algeria): the Wali keen for a port that is open to the city

Development studies currently under way will outline a range of options for improving the way the various port spaces are integrated and smoothing their visual impact. The final study will then be formally debated at a meeting. Another study on the development of a small marina and the fishing port was also launched a few months ago.

Full article : Algerie360

11 March 2019

Oakland (United States): BIG designs a zero-emission urban gondola for the future Howard Terminal Ballpark on the waterfront

Full article : World Architecture (+ images)


Citizen Port

18 March 2019

Port of La Rochelle (AIVP member), launches new website about port economy and employment.

The initiative has been done in cooperation with Union Maritime, gathering 35 port companies. The main goals is to give disclosure to port employment and facilitate the process for future applicants. The website is only one of the elements of the program “Cap sur l’économie portuaire”, developed by the port and Union Maritime to increase the visibility of port related professions.

Full article:

18 March 2019

Port Authority of Valencia wins Green4sea award for their use of hydrogen to reduce environmental impact

Full article: Safety4sea

18 March 2019

World Ocean Council (WOC) and Port of Vancouver propose a global platform to facilitate the coordination and use of environmental incentives for carriers and other maritime companies

Full article: Safety4sea

18 March 2019

Hackathon in the port of Santos (BR) gives chance to students to propose innovative solutions for port problems

Full article: Informativos dos portos

13 March 2019

Port Authority and Municipality of Valparaíso agree to create a joint working committee to discuss port development.

This measure could allow better dialogue for port-city relationship and a common vision. This decision is motivated by the current situation of terminal 2, where the port authority will be responsible for the environmental assessment. Other port and urban projects, including a pier for cruises were also discussed. The mayor emphasized that their priority is to make sure that port development is done according to environmental requirements, but also that create jobs, and bring prosperity to the port and the city. The president of the port authority welcomed the common initiative with the municipality and, looking beyond the short term decisions concerning the terminal 2.

Full article: Portal Portuario

13 March 2019

Port of LA announces 1 million US$ Community Investment Grant Program.

The goal of the program is to fund different kinds of initiatives that work for the benefit of the port community. This grant program is funded with shipping and lease revenues, rather than tax payers money. Applications are possible until May 6th.

Full article: Port of LA / Greenport

13 March 2019

Two initiatives from Maritime UK to increase the presence of women as speakers in the sector’s conferences and gender diversity among new recruits.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

13 March 2019

Project for Onshore Power Supply in Tenerife selected by the Ministry for Ecologic Transition of Spain among 63 initiatives for a carbon-free economy.

Full article: / Portal Portuario

11 March 2019

EU project Remember to develop alternative touristic programs based on port culture and heritage in the Adriatic.

The project Remember (REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth) will be led by the Central Adriatic Ports Authority and gathers 8 Italian and Croatian ports cities, including port authorities, universities, municipalities and companies. The ultimate goal of Remember is also to improve the port-city relationship based on heritage and culture using innovative virtual museums.

Full article: Porto Ancona

11 March 2019

Morocco should be able to rely on its geographic position to kick-start cruise activity at its ports, with a particular focus on Tangier.

Full article: La Vie Eco


Enterprise-driver Port

11 September 2013

A logistics platform for hazardous goods at Dunkirk. The object is to encourage intermodal corridors

Source : Port de Dunkerque n°45

11 September 2013

100 M$ to 12 port-related projects: AAPA urges that 25% of future TIGER grants be provided for this type of project

Source : Port Finance International

11 September 2013

Nine ports on the upper Rhine hope to increase cooperation through a common multimodal logistics offer

Source : Port Autonome de Strasbourg

9 September 2013

South Carolina Inland Port: bringing the port closer to clients and consumers

The object of the South Carolina Inland Port, which is connected to the Port of Charleston, is to promote exports and to strengthen industry and distribution. According to the State Governor, supporting this type of infrastructure opens up possibilities for job creation. Traffic is expected to reach 100,000 containers within 5 years.
Source : Journal of Commerce

9 September 2013

Rouen industrial-port complex: 18,000 jobs, 4,200 of which in the maritime sector, and 2.1 billion € of wealth created

Source : INSEE

9 September 2013

The growth of the Port of Genoa is connected with the creation of European rail corridor 24, but its budget has not been defined

Source : Econostrum

9 September 2013

The Port of Los Angeles approves the most important update to its Master Plan for 30 years

losangeles_bd_mai2013_9sept13This document, ratified on 8 August 2013, guarantees the city and the country an optimised, beneficial, responsible use of the port. It places a cap on port productivity, and also addresses public access to the waterfront, recreational use, fishing and heritage issues. The number of port zones is reduced from 9 to 5. (Photo © AIVP)
Source : Port of Los Angeles

9 September 2013

European “Green EFFORTS” project: which innovations will improve the energy mix of ports and terminals? Results in June 2014

Source :

6 September 2013

Extending the initiatives taken by Dunkirk, the Nord Pas-de-Calais region adopts a plan for industrial ecology

Source : novethic