Urban Port

22 April 2019

Hobart (Tasmania): a ten-year vision

The Macquarie Point development is high on the list of major projects planned as part of the Hobart City Deal. The aim is to turn this nine hectare waterfront site into a world-class cultural, scientific and tourist hub, while a dedicated website will include the public in the project.

Full article : Property Council of Australia ; Vision for Mac Point ; Macquarie Point

22 April 2019

Valencia opens the city’s first smart pedestrian promenade in the Marina district

Full article : Viu Valencia

22 April 2019

Sasebo (Japan): Berenblum Busch Architects designs “a cruise terminal in a nature park” for Carnival

Full article : Cruise Industry News

22 April 2019

Nanaimo (Canada): the cost of the kilometre-long promenade between the ferry terminal and port has rocketed

Full article : Chek news (+ video)

17 April 2019

Saint-Nazaire (France): plans for the pumping station unveiled

The Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the City and Agglomeration of Saint-Nazaire, and the ADDRN, have selected the project designed by Barré-Lambot and B2A for this iconic site located in the outer harbor area of Saint-Nazaire. It will host a brewery, a bar-restaurant and conference spaces. A six-storey luxury hotel will be built nearby, offering superb views from its roof terrace.

Full article : Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port ; Actu (+ images) ; Ville de Saint-Nazaire (+ images)

17 April 2019

Melbourne: an area of the Docklands could be turned into a biodiversity hotspot

Full article : Docklands news

17 April 2019

The port of Papeete has begun on work to develop public spaces and two maritime-themed buildings on the waterfront

Full article : TNTV

17 April 2019

San Diego (USA): after failing to find a viable operator, the City hands the Port responsibility for running the National City Aquatic Center

Full article : San Diego Union-Tribune

15 April 2019

Seattle (USA): invitation to tender for a new cruise terminal on the site of terminal 46

The project will need to address the port’s key requirements for cruise activity, which include not just functionality, but also integrating the facility with adjacent districts, mitigating environmental impacts, generating economic and cultural benefits for the community, especially regional tribes, minorities, women, etc.

Full article : Port of Seattle ; RFQ

15 April 2019

The President of the Port of Motril (Spain) wants to reorganise the port spaces to promote better City-Port integration

Full article : Ideal


Citizen Port

22 April 2019

Port of Authority of Halifax in Canada (HPA – AIVP member) is undertaking a public consultation to co-construct with its citizens the future of the port

The online survey is only the latest step on a broader consultation process started in 2016. The Port of Halifax has since discussed and presented the different options to structure its growth, profiting form the expansions of containerized cargo. In the website created for the online consultation, citizens can get first hand information on the different alternatives and take the survey to express their opinion and preferences. Besides information about the planning alternatives, the website also includes didactic material and port terminology to help locals to understand what is been discussed, so they can give a well educated opinion. AIVP has supported this kind of processes, particularly linked to Port Centers. The case of Halifax resonates with goal 4 of AIVP Agenda 2030: Promoting a renewed governance approach.

Full article : PortCityHfx ; The Chronicle Herald

22 April 2019

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) raise awareness to the issue of gender equality in the maritime sector. NPA also expressed its commitment for women welfare.

Full article : Safety4sea

22 April 2019

The port of Leixões (PT) shows its commitment with citizens’ health, with a program for the World Health Day including sport events, check-ups and massages.

Full article : Revista Cargo

17 April 2019

Port of Venice develops an intense event calendar to engage younger generations with the port.

In the past week, the Port Authority of Venice has showed an extraordinary engagement with younger generations, in initiatives raging from play days to theater groups and plastic recycling. The playday 2019 was the final event of a broader port community project for. In this years’ edition, the port authority created a “Venice port square” with several workshops for children to get to know the port. Other partners included disabled sport organizations a local stakeholders. Additionally, a high-school students’ theater group won an award for their interpretation of Otello in the port. Italian ports have shown an increasing sensibility to societal engagement, also visible in the agenda of the ports Trieste, Livorno, Genoa or Naples.

Full article : Twitter 1 ; Twitter 2 ; Port of Venice 1 ; Port of Venice 2 ;

17 April 2019

Bolipuertos, the national entity responsible for Venezuelan ports, will create 8 new university centers to foster higher education for port workers

Full article : Portal Portuario

17 April 2019

New efforts in France for energy transition and reducing emissions. The French government proposes shipping speed limits and the maritime cluster creates working group

Full article : Mer et marine ; Safety4sea

17 April 2019

Porthos project in the Port of Rotterdam for carbon capture gains momentum as a realistic option to reduce pollution.

Full article : Port of Rotterdam ; Greenport

15 April 2019

GloFouling project launched in London to protect marine biodiversity

Full article : Profesionales Hoy

15 April 2019

Port of Oslo presents their project for a zero-emission boat dedicated to cleaning the harbour

Full article : Nettavisen ; OsloHavn


Enterprise-driver Port

15 April 2019

Green Deliriver: a new river-based urban logistics pilot project in Paris to meet the needs of e-commerce and the construction industry.

Full article: Voxlog

15 April 2019

Study of port governance and the cruise sector: four standard models and an overall trend towards multi-party management of facilities

Full article: Port Economics

10 April 2019

The EIB grants a 90 million euro loan to the Brittany region for the planned renewable marine energy terminal at the port of Brest

Full article: La Tribune

8 April 2019

Future governance of the Antwerp / Zeebrugge port complex: all options still open for finding the right balance

Full article: Flows

8 April 2019

Thessaloniki: for the port’s CEO, the relationship between City and Port is now a success, especially in terms of culture

Full article : ESPO

8 April 2019

New Zealand: will the Ports of Auckland eventually have to be moved to Northland? The different political stakeholders are taking up positions on the issue

Full article: News Hub

3 April 2019

Hamburg: the port CEO reviews the contribution of 5G technology, thanks to its processing power and versatility

After a pilot phase, three applications tested in real-life conditions show the benefits of the technology: the ability to obtain environmental data directly from sensors on board vessels approaching the port; regulation of traffic when mobile installations are on the move; data capture to monitor the development of superstructures using virtual reality.

Full article: Port Technology

3 April 2019

A port in northern Newfoundland to connect the territory to the Arctic route? A process of reflection and preliminary studies are under way.

Full article: CBC

1 April 2019

Free Zones are only useful if they create prosperity for their territories, meaning shared wealth.

There are some 2,500 free zones around the globe, with over 550 represented by a worldwide association. Many of them are located in port cities. At a congress in Barcelona, the association presented its “prosperity index aimed at measuring the contribution of free zones to their direct zones of influence”. The aim is economic sustainability, an increasingly important demand for local residents.

Full article: Diario del Puerto / Free Trade Zones Organizations

1 April 2019

Seattle: the port and airport join forces to manage the handling of cruise passengers’ baggage, allowing them to visit the city hands-free!

Full article: Cruise Industry News