Urban Port

17 June 2019

The City of Long Beach holds a consultation on its Climate Plan

Since June 2018, around twenty workshops and forums have been organised to present the plan to residents and business leaders. The aim is to prime them for the fight against climate change and rising water levels at the waterfront, and to gauge responses and suggestions. Long Beach joins over a dozen other US cities in adopting a plan of this kind, which includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt buildings on the waterfront, etc. The approach is of course in line with goals 1 and 2 from AIVP’s 2030 Agenda.

Full article : Bisnow

17 June 2019

The Port of Marseille opts for the project proposed by LAN architecture for the new waterfront office building

Full article : Made in Marseille

17 June 2019

£1.1 billion in funding announced for Stratford waterfront, with plans for cultural and educational facilities, along with 600 new homes

Full article : 3Dpersonnel ; Mayor of London

12 June 2019

Hanoi: flood risk and urban development

Three options are currently being considered to protect Hanoi from flood risks, while developing over 11,000 hectares of available land on both banks of the Red River. The CRTKL/Arcadis team recommends the third of these options, which involves stabilising the existing banks and creating floodable areas. Various cultural, sports and leisure facilities should complete the urban park. They claim this represents the most resilient option, and offers the most socio-economic benefits.

Full article : Urban Land Magazine

12 June 2019

Brussels: the Region approves the SAU’s plans for the nautical cluster, paving the way for mixed urban and port use of the waterway

Full article : SAU

12 June 2019

Portland (USA): a start-up incubator dedicated to blockchain technology is set to open on the waterfront

Full article : Geekwire

12 June 2019

The Port of Pasajes has selected a contractor to carry out works designed to integrate its warehouses at Herrera Sur more effectively into the urban fabric

Full article : El vigia

10 June 2019

Shanghai continues riverside developments

Numerous public spaces and promenades have been created along almost 1.2 km of the Yangpu River. Some relics of the area’s industrial heritage have been preserved. In the Baoshan district, two new parks have opened on the edge of the Yangtze. Formerly used for container traffic, the area will be home to 4,200 apartments, along with shops, restaurants, hotels, an Imax cinema, kindergartens, and more.

Full article : Arch Daily (+ images, plans) ; Shine (+ images)

10 June 2019

Buenos Aires: a 136,000 m2 park is officially inaugurated as part of the “Paseo del Bajo” City Port development project

Full article : Areas globales


Citizen Port

17 June 2019

France’s president announces a plan to increase the number and level of French marine protected areas

Full article: Mer et Marine

17 June 2019

Port authority of Singapore and Our Singapore Reefs sign an agreement for the next three years to disclose and protect the local biodiversity

Full article: Greenport

17 June 2019

CMA-CGM will receive 20 new LNG container vessels until 2022, reducing their environmental footprint

Full article: CMA-CGM

17 June 2019

Port of Tenerife to cut 15 tons of CO2 emissions per year with new plan including smart illumination, electric vehicles and renewable energies

Full article: Portal Portuario, El dia

17 June 2019

Port of Tarragona publishes the report of their port city activities for the year 2018, including numerous examples of animation.

Full article: Port de Tarragona

17 June 2019

Conferences about port governance organized in Chile. Dr. Miguel Angel de Marco gave two masterclasses in the cities of Valparaíso and Asunción, connected to educational and research programmes.

Full article: Portal Portuario

17 June 2019

Photo exhibition in Universitè Littoral in Dunkerque portraits port and maritime activities in the coast of France, Senegal and Togo

Full article: Université du Littoral

12 June 2019

Port of Vigo installs the first artificial micro-reefs to enhance the port’s biodiversity

Full article: Blue Growth Vigo

12 June 2019

Port of Long Beach awards 100 000 $ in scholarships for 77 local high-schools and colleges

Full article: Port of Long Beach

12 June 2019

Port terminal of Talcahuano sings an agreement with high school to facilitate traineeship in the port

Full article: Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

27 May 2019

For the Port of Amsterdam, the growth of offshore wind requires increasingly strong and flexible cooperation between ports.

Full article: Port of Amsterdam

22 May 2019

With its inland waterways master plan, Germany is looking to increase river transport’s market share to 15% by 2030.

Measures to be improve infrastructures, thereby helping to reduce the increasingly frequent periods of low water levels, and moves to bring the fleet into line with environmental standards, will be two key planks of the plan. Certain public procedures will also be simplified to ensure decisions can be implemented more speedily. A total of 80 measures have been announced.

Full article : NPI / BMVI / Report

22 May 2019

Jobs and logistics: despite eliminating low-skilled jobs, automation will also drive an active search for new talents.

Full article: El Mercantil

22 May 2019

Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao: a vast development plan for the bay will aim to strengthen links between City, Port and Territory

Full article: China Daily

20 May 2019

Antwerp: the planned extension of the container terminals on the south bank will spare the village of Doel, as demanded by local communities.

Full article: Flows

20 May 2019

Bordeaux: elected representatives unanimously agree to develop freight on the Garonne, but so far there is little in the way of practical measures planned.

Full article: 20 minutes Bordeaux

20 May 2019

Tema, Ghana: some traditional port stakeholders are concerned about the impact plans to expand the port could have on their business and jobs.

Full article: Ghana Web

20 May 2019

Energy transition: Nantes Saint Nazaire Port redoubles its efforts in the area of heat networks and the LNG industry

Full article: Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port

20 May 2019

Urban-port agriculture: the pilot floating farm created in the port of Rotterdam enters its operational phase.

Full article: Designboom

15 May 2019

Cutting CO2 emissions: proposals to limit sailing speeds do not enjoy unanimous support. But could we see the end of just-in-time?

For certain experts, slowing ships too much would make additional vessels necessary, which would wipe out the benefits in terms of CO2 emissions. But given the need to act against climate change, some are suggesting that cities, ports, logistics operators, industry and consumers should be prepared to accept a reasonable increase in delivery times. In which case that additional vessel would simply be unnecessary.

Full article: The Loadstar