Urban Port

16 October 2019

The residents of Sacramento set to reclaim their river

The City has chosen the Canadian architects Stantec to regenerate the river along old Sacramento (USA). The project includes plans for a dual-level market with a terrace, a history museum overlooking the river, and “River Terrace”, a series of new floating terraces for leisure activities and walking. A hotel tax will help fund the project.

Full article : The Sacramento Bee (+ video)

16 October 2019

Tallinn (Estonia): the passenger terminal refurbished, with views of the old city and port.

Full article : Port of Tallinn

16 October 2019

Chatham (UK): Peel L-P unveils plans for 950 apartments, shops, educational facilities and a promenade along the Medway

Full article : Kent Online ; Chatham Waters

14 October 2019

New York: Governors Island to become a climate laboratory

New York City wants to turn Governors Island into a living laboratory for adapting to climate change. It has invited proposals for a climate research and education centre to be based in the south of the island, which would complete the offices and cultural amenities planned for the district.

Full article : 6sqft

14 October 2019

The submarine base in Bordeaux continues its transformation, and will host a digital arts centre – “Les Bassins de Lumières” – in 2020

Full article : KulteCulturespaces ; Video

14 October 2019

The City of Hull (UK) receives £27.4m in funding to regenerate its marine heritage and identity

Full article : Maritime Hull

14 October 2019

Los Angeles: the new deep-water cruise terminal at San Pedro could be used for other purposes when no ships are visiting, and during the off-season

Full article : Daily Breeze

9 October 2019

The South Korean Government wants to make Jeju more attractive

Plans have been unveiled for a new cruise terminal on Jeju Island, with capacity for 4.7 million visitors annually. It will be completed by a 820,000 m2 leisure and tourism complex. The approach has been adopted in the country’s main ports, for example in Busan where a new terminal was opened in September 2018 and new cultural amenities are planned.

Full article : Korea Herald

9 October 2019

The citizens of Barranquilla (Colombia) have regained access to the river with the 4.5 km Gran Malecon promenade, which has attracted 4 million visitors since 2017

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)


Citizen Port

16 October 2019

Chilean ports contribute to the quality of local life by collaborating in the maintenance of public spaces

Ports of Chile show their commitment with the local population with cleaning campaigns of beaches and coastal areas. The Captaincy and Port of Talcahuano lead a program with the help of 600 volunteers that removed more than 1,5 tons of waste. The port of San Antonio removed almost 8 tons of waste in September in several urban areas close to the port. The terminal operator DP World has led another cleaning program with the help of students in the beach of Lirquén.

Full article: Radio Galactika, Portal Portuario, Portal Portuario

16 October 2019

Port of Brisbane restates its commitment with sustainable development in the sustainability report of 2018/2019. One the main goals is to reduce 24% of the emissions by 2024/2025

Full article: Port of Brisbane

16 October 2019

Ports de la Generalitat, the regional organizations gathering the small ports of Catalonia, launches a new initiative called “Porta’m” to reduce use of plastic bottles at sea, providing the users with reusable alternatives

Full article: El Vigía

11 October 2019

New initiative to protect orcas in Seattle ports

Northwest Seaport Alliance (Seattle and Tacoma) partner up with other organizations to develop a program to protect endangered orca population in the Salish Sea. The main goal is to mitigate the effect of ship noise.

Full article: Port of Seattle

11 October 2019

The Maritime Heritage Institute of South Africa hosted the Inaugural Maritime Heritage Conference in the Vaal University of Technology, in Vanderbijlpark. The three days event focused on a broader understanding of maritime heritage and its role in sustainable economic development.

Full article: Maritime Heritage, The Heritage Portal

11 October 2019

Port of Mallorca installs 25 air quality monitoring stations as part of the SmartSensPORT project in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands.

Full article: Mallorca Diario 

9 October 2019

The “No plàstic” campaign by the port community of Valencia achieves great success in just a few months

The port community of Valencia, including Aportem, the port’s solidarity organization, launched last June the “No Plastic” initiative to reduce the use of plastics in port companies. The focus is mainly on single-use products, recycling systems and environmental education. The main goal was eliminating from the port sector companies one million plastic bottles and other items of this material. First results have inspired the participating companies to a more ambitious goal: to become 100% plastic free

Full article: Aportem

9 October 2019

Port of St. Petersburg hosts a water tour for the children from port employees

Full article: Port News

9 October 2019

Port of Stockholm among the finalists for the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Award. Their shore power project in the Värtahamnen port has been selected for the Air Quality category.

Full article: Vessel Finder

7 October 2019

Only three months after been installed, the eco-structures of the underwater garden of Vigo show promising results to recover biodiversity

Full article: Faro de Vigo, Universidade de Vigo


Enterprise-driver Port

2 October 2019

The urban heating network around the Hague, powered by residual heat from the port of Rotterdam, will be up and running by 2023.

Full article: Port of Rotterdam

2 October 2019

Warehouses: developers are faced with increasing demands from clients for sustainability criteria, including for societal issues.

Full article: Urbanland

2 October 2019

For the CEO of the Port of Barcelona, the future is about two things: sustainability and terrestrial connectivity. But no limits on activity.

Full article: El Mercantil

27 September 2019

Valencia and Antwerp make real steps toward using hydrogen as a port fuel

Using different technologies, specifically a fuel cell or a hybrid hydrogen-diesel dual fuel engine, the two ports are looking to supply port machinery and service vessels. Many port operators are now looking at the goal of achieving a zero-carbon port, and these initial field experiments should be followed closely around the world.

Full article: Port of Antwerp / El Vigia

27 September 2019

The development of Abu Dhabi’s ports is designed as a global transports ecosystem promoting innovation.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

25 September 2019

France: the port cities of Le Havre, La Rochelle, and Dunkirk selected by the Government to be innovation areas

Le Havre’s “Smart Port City” project, endorsed by the AIVP, will promote innovation in many areas of the City-Port relationship, including logistics, training, community relations, the future Port Center, the cruise industry, etc. Dunkirk will focus its efforts on energy by involving citizens in all the current changes. Finally, La Rochelle will bring in a wide range of innovative measures aimed at achieving zero carbon status. All of these projects are driven by AIVP members, and will provide inspiration for others.

Full article: Gouvernement français (pdf) / Haropa Port du Havre / Le Havre Seine Métropole / Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque / Communauté d’Agglmomération de La Rochelle

25 September 2019

Douala: a third bridge planned on the River Wouri will support goods transport leaving the port for Chad and Central African Republic

Full article: Investir au Cameroun

22 September 2019

For Ricardo J Sanchez of UNECLAC, the future of ports in fifty years will probably depend on them moving outside cities!

Full article: Linkedin

22 September 2019

Perishables logistics: safety, traceability, environmental footprint… consumers are forcing change!

Full article: Diario del Puerto