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21 August 2019

Amsterdam: what strategy for Haven-Stad?

The City of Amsterdam wants to turn the 650 hectare Docklands site into a sustainable mixed-use district, capable of accommodating some 70,000 homes and generating 58,000 jobs. Last February, it called in experts from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to assess the opportunities and risks of the vast project. In its report, the ULI recommends accelerating the project, engaging investors, and also sharing the risks by setting up a public/private development company involving all of the stakeholders concerned.

Full article : UrbanLand ; ULI full report

21 August 2019

Barcelona: the Generalitat de Catalunya gives the green light for the Hermitage Museum in the port

Full article : Catalunyapress

21 August 2019

Rostock: invitation to tender for a mobile ISPS dam combining safety, aesthetic appeal and flexible use of space

Full article : Ted Europa ; Tender

21 August 2019

Durban: four derelict buildings demolished to make way for new developments at the Point Waterfront project site

Full article : Moneyweb

19 August 2019

The Port of Seville invites firms TO BID FOR a contract to design a new urban-port district

The winning contractor will be required to draw up a master plan to integrate port activities into the urban environment. The main objectives of the project are to develop cruise business, cultural, leisure and commercial activities, and to host innovative firms at Tablada dock and the adjacent district. The chosen contractor will also need to preserve and showcase the local port and industrial heritage, and propose an inclusive approach.

Full article : Puerto de Sevilla


19 August 2019

The City of Liverpool approves plans for a business incubator in the Wirral Waters district

Full article : Wirral Globe

12 August 2019

Baltimore: West 8 chosen for the Middle Branch Waterfront

The project will create over 11 miles of park and a network of promenades for the local community. There will also be a bridge to Port Covington, a district in the south of Baltimore where other regeneration projects are also in progress.

Full article : SouthBaltimore (+ images, videos) ; ArchDaily (+images) ; Video : West8 presentation

12 August 2019

The passenger terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have spaces open to visitors and city residents

Full article : El Dia


Citizen Port

21 August 2019

All ports of the Balearic will have a air quality and acoustic pollution monitoring system. The system was already functioning in Palma, and will be extended to other islands during the next two years

Full article: Ports de Balears, Esmartcity

21 August 2019

Port of Seattle implements the innovative Blue Carbon project to capture carbon through aquatic plants and sediment. The project will also contribute to reducing ocean acidification, improving water quality and enhancing maritime habitat

Full article: Port of Seattle, Crosscut, CEDAR

21 August 2019

Port of Buenos Aires launched a website with the port’s construction sites, constantly updated, including brief descriptions and photos

Full article: Portal Portuario, Puerto de Buenos Aires

19 August 2019

The port of San Diego will install 72 Econcrete tide pools to provide ecological protection and stabilize the shoreline, while contributing to the the regeneration of the local ecosystem. The three-year pilot project is the eight initiative of the port’s Blue Economy Incubator

Full article: Port of San Diego

19 August 2019

Hafencity in Hamburg will start testing a self-driving bus. Until mid-2020, the tests will run without passenger in a limited area. The second phase, including passengers, will continue until 2021, to finally start the final phase with the full route including stops

Full article: Hochbahn, Abendblatt

12 August 2019

The port of Barcelona tackles air pollution with quay electrification and joining the Lean and Green program

The port president, Mercè Conesa, explained that the port will requested a new connection to the electric network, that should be approved in less than 18 months. This initiative complements the investment done in LNG infrastructure and the participation in the Lean & Green program. The goals of this initiative from the regional producers association is to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20% in the next five years. The port authority, along with the municipality and environmental organizations, also propose creating a SO2-free zone in the Mediterranean to reduce the emissions of this harmful polutant.

Full article: Port de Barcelona, La Vanguardia

12 August 2019

Port of San Diego will test innovative solution, using NASA technology, to clean toxic pollutants from sediment, soil and groundwater. This initiative is part of their Blue Economy Incubator functioning since 2016

Full article: Port of San Diego, Ecospears, Portal Portuario

12 August 2019

Antofagasta Terminal Internacional, en Chile, implements new lighting systems to improve the working condition and reduce light pollution

Full article: Portal Portuario

12 August 2019

The port of Helsinki celebrated on August 11th its open door event, including concerts and circus acts

Full article: Port of Helsinki


Enterprise-driver Port

31 July 2013

Shore Power technology to reduce pollution emissions and noise from ships when alongside

helsinki_bd_juillet2013Californian ports have been showing the way since 2006, and on 1 January 2014 their emissions reduction requirements will be made even stricter. Other ports around the world have followed their example without upsetting port activity. Run-down of the technologies available. (photo © AIVP)
Source : World Port Development

31 July 2013

The port of Dalian has extended its hinterland with rail container service to Russia. Service to Europe is under study.

Source : Sino Ship News

31 July 2013

The cruise ship industry in Mexico is in crisis: 7 ports have not had a single call for over 18 months.

Source : Comunidad Portuaria

31 July 2013

A new port-city will grow up alongside the port of Colombo, financed by Chinese investment

The Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) has announced that a city is to be established on a polder covering 230 hectares beside Colombo South Port. It should be completed by 2017. The SLPA will build its head office there, and housing and leisure activities are also in the plans. Colombo South Port itself will open in September 2013.
Source : Port Technology

30 July 2013

North Sea Canal Zone and the port of Amsterdam: a future cluster to support offshore wind power?

There are already 66 companies working on wind-powered electricity generation around the port. Located less than 25 km from large offshore wind parks, the region offers 100 ha of land for developing this industry. Finally, a training centre is being set up at Ijmuiden.
Source : Port of Amsterdam

30 July 2013

Greater exports of manufactured products could result from relocation of industries, to the benefit of US ports.

Source : AAPA

30 July 2013

The future Lamu and Bagamoya corridors are critical developments for absorbing the 6% growth expected in East Africa.

Source : Ports and Harbors

29 July 2013

Turkey as a cruise hub in East Med: The case of Istanbul

Cruise lines seek for new markets in order to accommodate the growing demand for cruise tourism. In this context, East Mediterranean and Black sea ports would be an alternative cruise destination. Based on cultural and social attractions, Istanbul would be a candidate on serving as a homeport for the region.
Source : Port Economics / Mickael Dooms, Oguz Bagis

29 July 2013

Environment: China demands greater quality in its imports of recycled materials. A reduction is expected in this traffic worth 700,000 TEU per year

Source : novethic