Urban Port

23 October 2019

The port of Riga receives an award for its Wind Barriers

The project was marked out for special praise at the annual architectural awards in Riga. The 2 kilometre long, 23 metre high barriers was installed at the new coal terminal built on Krievu Island, and aims to reduce dust pollution in urban areas. Other technological measures have also been taken to improve the level of protection further.

Full article : Freeport of Riga

23 October 2019

Puerto Quequén (Argentina): the Port begins work on a tourist promenade using recycled containers, with nine viewing towers

Full article : TSN Noticias

23 October 2019

Bellingham (USA): Port and Universiy join forces for the Western Crossing Innovation Park focused on R-D in the field of renewables

Full article : Bellingham Herald (+ video)

21 October 2019

Almeria (Spain): City Port projects to be submitted for public approval

The City’s Mayor made the announcement, in agreement with the President of the Port. The initial phase of the masterplan concerns the Muelle de Levante, the “Club de Mar” and a park. There are some port activities remaining in the area. The plan will require the City to continue working with the Port on the future uses for the land. Meanwhile, in the Cable Inglés district, a dock for ores and minerals is set to be turned into a promenade, with the works contract due to be awarded in November.

Full article : La Voz de Almeria 1La Voz de Almeria 2

21 October 2019

Miami: Berenblum Busch Architects to expand Carnival Cruise Line’s Terminal F with a maritime identy

Full article : Dexigner (+ images)

16 October 2019

The residents of Sacramento set to reclaim their river

The City has chosen the Canadian architects Stantec to regenerate the river along old Sacramento (USA). The project includes plans for a dual-level market with a terrace, a history museum overlooking the river, and “River Terrace”, a series of new floating terraces for leisure activities and walking. A hotel tax will help fund the project.

Full article : The Sacramento Bee (+ video)

16 October 2019

Tallinn (Estonia): the passenger terminal refurbished, with views of the old city and port.

Full article : Port of Tallinn

16 October 2019

Chatham (UK): Peel L-P unveils plans for 950 apartments, shops, educational facilities and a promenade along the Medway

Full article : Kent Online ; Chatham Waters


Citizen Port

23 October 2019

Port leaders gather in Barcelona to discuss Smart port technologies in the event “Smart Ports – Piers of the Future” between 19 to 21 of november 2019

The Port of Barcelona, along with other 5 leading ports – including AIVP members Rotterdam, Antwerp and Montreal-, will host during the next Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, a parallel event titled “Smart Ports – Piers of the Future”. Among the main discussion topics will be digitalisation, automation and connectivity.

Full article: Smart Ports, Program

23 October 2019

Amendments to the BWM Convention to prevent invasive species enter into force this week. The amendment is the implementation of a new schedule for the ballast water D2 Standard, with stricter criteria of presence of organisms and potentially harmful pathogens. Other amendments include survey and certification

Full article: Maritime Professional

21 October 2019

European ports meet in Venice to discuss the future of cruises

Port of Venice hosts the meeting “Cruise 2030: Call for Action”, gathering delegates of several major European cruise ports to discuss the future of the sector and the interaction with cities. The main idea on the table is developing a “Europe Class fleet” compatible with European port cities. This discussions directly reflect goal 9 of the AIVP Agenda 2030, concerning health and life quality of local citizens. The next meeting of the working group will be in Palma de Mallorca, next January

Full article: Port of Venice 

21 October 2019

Port of Valparaíso hosts a painting competition for children called “Brush Strokes for the Port”. The event took place in the Baburizza Museum and the winning paintings will be incorporated in the aerodynamic spoiler developed by the company Venti

Full article: Portal Portuario

21 October 2019

The Sea Grant mechanism of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded $16 million to 42 research projects focused on sustainable aquaculture

Full article: Government Europa

16 October 2019

Chilean ports contribute to the quality of local life by collaborating in the maintenance of public spaces

Ports of Chile show their commitment with the local population with cleaning campaigns of beaches and coastal areas. The Captaincy and Port of Talcahuano lead a program with the help of 600 volunteers that removed more than 1,5 tons of waste. The port of San Antonio removed almost 8 tons of waste in September in several urban areas close to the port. The terminal operator DP World has led another cleaning program with the help of students in the beach of Lirquén.

Full article: Radio Galactika, Portal Portuario, Portal Portuario

16 October 2019

Port of Brisbane restates its commitment with sustainable development in the sustainability report of 2018/2019. One the main goals is to reduce 24% of the emissions by 2024/2025

Full article: Port of Brisbane

16 October 2019

Ports de la Generalitat, the regional organizations gathering the small ports of Catalonia, launches a new initiative called “Porta’m” to reduce use of plastic bottles at sea, providing the users with reusable alternatives

Full article: El Vigía

11 October 2019

New initiative to protect orcas in Seattle ports

Northwest Seaport Alliance (Seattle and Tacoma) partner up with other organizations to develop a program to protect endangered orca population in the Salish Sea. The main goal is to mitigate the effect of ship noise.

Full article: Port of Seattle

11 October 2019

The Maritime Heritage Institute of South Africa hosted the Inaugural Maritime Heritage Conference in the Vaal University of Technology, in Vanderbijlpark. The three days event focused on a broader understanding of maritime heritage and its role in sustainable economic development.

Full article: Maritime Heritage, The Heritage Portal


Enterprise-driver Port

31 July 2013

The cruise ship industry in Mexico is in crisis: 7 ports have not had a single call for over 18 months.

Source : Comunidad Portuaria

31 July 2013

A new port-city will grow up alongside the port of Colombo, financed by Chinese investment

The Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA) has announced that a city is to be established on a polder covering 230 hectares beside Colombo South Port. It should be completed by 2017. The SLPA will build its head office there, and housing and leisure activities are also in the plans. Colombo South Port itself will open in September 2013.
Source : Port Technology

30 July 2013

North Sea Canal Zone and the port of Amsterdam: a future cluster to support offshore wind power?

There are already 66 companies working on wind-powered electricity generation around the port. Located less than 25 km from large offshore wind parks, the region offers 100 ha of land for developing this industry. Finally, a training centre is being set up at Ijmuiden.
Source : Port of Amsterdam

30 July 2013

Greater exports of manufactured products could result from relocation of industries, to the benefit of US ports.

Source : AAPA

30 July 2013

The future Lamu and Bagamoya corridors are critical developments for absorbing the 6% growth expected in East Africa.

Source : Ports and Harbors

29 July 2013

Turkey as a cruise hub in East Med: The case of Istanbul

Cruise lines seek for new markets in order to accommodate the growing demand for cruise tourism. In this context, East Mediterranean and Black sea ports would be an alternative cruise destination. Based on cultural and social attractions, Istanbul would be a candidate on serving as a homeport for the region.
Source : Port Economics / Mickael Dooms, Oguz Bagis

29 July 2013

Environment: China demands greater quality in its imports of recycled materials. A reduction is expected in this traffic worth 700,000 TEU per year

Source : novethic

29 July 2013

Netherlands: more LNG for transport to strengthen the country’s position as a gas hub

The development of LNG as a fuel could create thousands of jobs and generate a clear environmental benefit: a reduction in CO2, NOx and SOx emissions, and in noise pollution. The country aims to have 50 sea-going vessels, 50 lighters and barges, and 500 trucks powered by LNG by 2015.
Source : Port of Amsterdam

29 July 2013

Creation of a “logistics hotel” at the port of Paris Austerlitz to develop river-borne urban logistics

Source : L’Antenne