Urban Port

22 July 2019

The Port of Three-Rivers PDG mobilises the whole community for the redevelopment of the riverside zone

For Gaëtan Boivin, the object is to apply pressure to Transport Canada in advance of the federal elections next autumn. The Port aims to diversify its activities by developing shops and flats, particularly in Warehouse N°1. A pedestrian and cycle promenade will connect the port with the Cogeco amphitheatre, a multifunctional cultural space. Various important figures have pledged their support, including the mayor of Three Rivers.

Full article : Radio Canada

22 July 2019

Long Beach: the Port’s new head office will be opened on 29 July, in a sustainable building constructed next to the new City Hall which will be opened on the same day

Full article : Port of Long Beach

22 July 2019

New York: a 5-year loan of $250 million will be used to finance part of the redevelopment planned for the historic Seaport District

Full article : Menafn

15 July 2019

The port of Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) is to be transformed into a city

The 10-15 year project by Suria Capital Holdings Bhd has recently been unveiled. Jesselton Waterfront City will include an international conference centre, hotels, shops and offices, as well as a terminal for cruise ships and international ferries. The work to transfer existing port activities to Sabah Ports is due to start in late 2019.

Full article : Bornéo Post online ; Daily Express

15 July 2019

Liverpool (UK) may lose its world heritage status on account of the waterfront project of Peel Holdings, “Liverpool Waters”

Full article : Liverpool echo

15 July 2019

Duluth (USA): the City will be able to levy a special tax to kick-start waterfront projects

Full article : Duluth News Tribune

10 July 2019

Toronto: the Sidewalk Labs master plan for Quayside is provoking debate

Sidewalk Labs publicised its “Draft Master Innovation and Development Plan” for the 4.9 hectares of Quayside at the end of June. Waterfront Toronto has launched an evaluation procedure, based mainly on public consultation. There has been prompt reaction to the project from various angles in the press, as well as an open letter from the President of Waterfront Toronto. He points out that Waterfront Toronto was not involved in the creation of this master plan and that a certain number of disagreements still need to be resolved. One particular aspect is the governance plan for the project: leadership of the execution, use of data for the smart project, etc.

Full article : Waterfront Toronto, Quayside ; Open letter ; Sidewalk Labs’ Proposal ; Edmonton Journal

10 July 2019

Philadelphia (USA): a park above the freeway could reconnect the old city with the river

Full article : The Philadelphia Inquirer

10 July 2019

Bordeaux, Bassins à flots: in 2021 the “Quai des caps” will be home to a cinema, offices and shops

Full article : France Bleu ; La Tribune

8 July 2019

Belfast, Waterside Project: property developer Osborne+Co gets the go-ahead from the city authorities

The aim is to transform the former industrial site on the edge of the Lagan into an ecosystem for the city’s creative economy. The plan includes offices for almost 8,000 workers, cultural and leisure facilities, 675 apartments, and a hotel. The masterplan, designed by Henning Larsen, was recognized at the 2018 World Architecture News Awards.

Full article : Osborne, news ; Waterside Project



Citizen Port

22 July 2019

Gala in Tenerife to celebrate the relationship between port and city

Factoria de Cohesión in Tenerife organized on July 18th the 2nd gala “Port and City together”, cooperating with the municipality and port authority. The event, celebrating the coexistence between city and port, also included awards recognizing individuals or entities that have actively contributed to improve the port-city relationship in different aspects, such as sustainability, job creation or social actions. Factoría de Cohesión is an innovative platform in Tenerife, lead by a young team to foster better relationships between the port community and the city. You can find out more in the interview we did last February.

Full article: Factoría de Cohesión

22 July 2019

Port of Amsterdam joins H2Ships project focused on using hydrogen as maritime fuel

Full article: World Maritime News

22 July 2019

Port of Riga inaugurates new LNG regular services, protecting the environment and increasing their traffic

Full article: Port News

22 July 2019

Transnet Port Terminals (South Africa) launched the student exposure program AIM for young port city citizens. The students will get to discover the port and the different careers paths that can take in it

Full article: Africa Ports and Ships

22 July 2019

Port of Barcelona celebrates its 150th anniversary with a public concert in the docks, by the Symphony Orchestra del Vallès, playing classical music and films soundtracks. On the same week, the port also presented their report on sustainability

Full article: El Mercantil

22 July 2019

The port authority of Vancouver donates 2 mill $ to improve the CRAB park and other community initiatives. The donation is framed under the new Centerm Expansion Project to increase the terminal’s capacity

Full article: Port of Vancouver

15 July 2019

German Government and the city of Hamburg will destine 38 million € for the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services, improving the facilities and developing new research for innovations in ports, shipping, shipbuilding and maritime logistics

Full article: Hamburg News

15 July 2019

The Port of Valencia is planning to become energy self-sufficient by 2025, using renewable energy sources. The plans includes installing wind turbines 4 or 5 km on the sea, photo-voltaic panels, an electrical substation and potentially creating a new artificial reef

Full article: Portal Portuario

15 July 2019

Port of Long Beach will fund a 26.3 million $ project to restore the coastal habitat of Colorado Lagoon

Full article: Port of Long Beach

15 July 2019

Ege Port of Kusadasi, first cruise port to receive the ECO Port certificate

Full article: Portal Portuario


Enterprise-driver Port

7 June 2013

France: reducing technical costs and reviewing the financial package are the two objectives of the reconfiguration of the Seine-Nord Canal.

Source : French Government
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

6 June 2013

Cruise ships up to 135 metres long, operated by Viking River Cruises, will serve the Le Havre – Paris route

Source: Les et Le Marin

5 June 2013

World Bank: Kenya must solve the problem of port congestion in Mombasa. Land-locked countries are calling for another outlet to the sea.

Source : Standard Media

4 June 2013

Port of Los Angeles: energy management will give a competitive edge in the future

On 3 June 2013, the port launched its energy action plan. Reliability of supply, optimisation of consumption, lowering costs, reducing environmental impact, etc. – the object is to increase the port’s independence from the regional electricity industry and guarantee service quality under all circumstances. (photo © aivp)
Source : Port of Los Angeles

4 June 2013

Maputo and Transnet reach an agreement on reciprocal use of their facilities to help the rapid economic expansion of southern Africa

Source :

4 June 2013

Trade diversity, wind generation industries, the environment – the Port of Nantes Saint Nazaire is trumpeting its ambitions

Source : Le Marin

4 June 2013

The re-launch of French ports must be based on three pillars: logistics, industry and the importance of ports for development

Source : French Government (pdf)

4 June 2013

WORLD SYSTEMS, a new approach to maritime traffic in the development policies of port cities

In the context of research projects into the dynamics of port cities, AIVP would like to draw its active members’ attention to the World Systems project. This project, financed by the European Union to the tune of one and a half million euros, began in March 2013 and will go on for 5 years. The World Systems project is under the scientific responsibility of César Ducruet, CRNS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) researcher and member of AIVP’s network of experts.“The World Seastems project aims to map and to analyze the changing spatial pattern of the world economy across 300 years from a maritime perspective. It will exploit untapped vessel movement data on a world scale since 1734, date of the first publication of Lloyd’s List. Such data offer disaggregated information on weekly inter-port flows with detailed descriptions of vessels as well as their dates of departure and arrival at world’s ports. Despite the vital importance of maritime transport for economic development and international trade, no research has been done on the long-term evolution of the global maritime network. There are three main goals of the project.
First, it will map for the first time the spatial distribution of almost 300 years of maritime flows in a dynamic and interactive manner. A geomatics visualisation platform will also integrate advanced analytical tools to simplify the pattern of shipping routes and corridors, and to extract meaningful information from the original data, with both scientific and pedagogical outcomes. Second, the project will look at the topological and spatial structure of the global network of inter-port links with reference to graph theory, social network analysis, and complex networks. The global properties of the network can be compared with general models of networks, while the evolution of macroscopic measures will be explored in relation with wider structural and conjectural changes in the world system (e.g. conflicts, revolutions, crises, territorial reconfigurations) in terms of network expansion, shrinkage, concentration and polarization. Internally, the search for tightly connected substructures (i.e. clusters, communities of ports, économies-mondes) will focus on the emergence of world regions and regional integration processes. Finally, we will examine the co-evolution of maritime flows and urban/regional development and compare the growth trajectories of port and non-port cities based on their situation in the combined sea-land network.
In a multidisciplinary fashion, the project questions both the contribution and the resilience of port activities and shipping routes to the transformations of the world system and economy from the local level to the global level. It will provide novel results about world systems theory, network theory, and location theory. ”

César Ducruet