Urban Port

18 September 2019

San Fernando: waterfront redevelopment finally set to start

The Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago set Udecott the task back in May, and the first phase has now been launched, with the aim of attracting private investors in order to be able to complete the rest of the project. The masterplan was submitted for public consultation in August. The project includes plans for housing, retail spaces, offices, cruise activities, and a fishing port.

Full article : Newsday

18 September 2019

Oakland waterfront: green light for tax to fund planned new stadium at Howard Terminal

Full article : San Francisco Chronicle

18 September 2019

Saint-Nazaire: plans for a marina on the site of the old refrigerated warehouses are abandoned due to the cost of cleaning up pollution at the site

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18 September 2019

The City of Melbourne wants to create promenades, a park for rainwater, and a biodiversity hub at Moonee Ponds Creek

Full article : Docklands news

16 September 2019

Las Palmas set to improve facilities for cruise passengers

A number of new facilities will enter service in the coming months, including a tourist information office, a footbridge between the terminal and the Port Market, a maritime viewing platform and new tourist signage.

Full article : Spanish Ports

16 September 2019

In Montreal, the 25 hectare site of the historic Molson brewery on the Saint Lawrence will become available in 2012

Full article : CityLab

16 September 2019

The Port of Cartagena set to redevelop the Alfonso XII promenade and access to the cruise terminal

Full article : La Verdad

16 September 2019

San Diego (USA): a huge outdoor concert hall to open in 2020 at the Embarcadero Marina Park South site

Full article : Archpaper ; Bayside Performance Park

11 September 2019

New York City consults citizens on the latest version of its Vision 2020 Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

A waterfront zoning plan was originally created in 1993, and in 2008 the City decided it should be updated every ten years. The current consultation concerns the new version of the Vision 2020 for the 520 miles of waterfront, a document dating back to 2011. This summer, a variety of public workshops were organised for “Living and Playing at the Waterfront”, “Working at the Waterfront”, “Restoring and Recreation”, “Adapting our Waterfront” (to climate change).

Full article : Brooklyn Daily Eagle ; New York City ; Vision 2020

11 September 2019

San Francisco, India Basin: developing parks for the disadvantages and minorities, a strategy inspired by other examples in the US

Full article : Governing


Citizen Port

18 September 2019

The port of Antwerp will install an experimental system to catch floating plastic

Le système, développé par la société néerlandaise Allseas, sera installé dans des endroits stratégiques, tels que le Dock Doeld, bénéficiant des vents dominants. Ce collecteur en plastique passif est composé à 75% de matériau recyclé. C’est un excellent exemple pour les objectifs 8 et 10 de l’Agenda 2030 de l’AIVP.

Full article: Port of Antwerp, Portal Portuario

18 September 2019

Port of Almería will install new screens to capture dust generated in one of the port terminals

Full article: Portal Portuario

16 September 2019

Bilbao: two winners named in the “Port Tales” competition

“The crane that wanted to be a boat” is a story created by the young high school student who won the competition. At the same time, the port authorities launched the fifth edition of the competition for young people.

Full article : Bilbao Port

16 September 2019

CLIA and the Dubrovnik’s municipality sign a Memorandum of Understanding to protect the city’s cultural heritage and find solutions for sustainable tourism

Full article: CLIA, Spanish Ports

16 September 2019

AIDA Cruises reinforces its commitment to reduce cruise emissions by signing a partnership with Corvus Energy to develop batteries for increasing electrification of the vessels

Full article: Vessel Finder

11 September 2019

Ship emissions: the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region is set to invest 30 million euros to “reconcile ports cities with citizens”.

Full article: Le Marin

11 September 2019

New App jointly developed by 21CC Education, Port of Moerwijk and private companies wants to bring the world of logistics closer to younger generations

Full article: Port of Moerwijk

11 September 2019

The port of Berlin launches the first emission-free “pusher”

Full article: Hafenzeitung

9 September 2019

Port of Leixões will host the 6th edition of the port race on Sept. 15. The program will include also several solidarity initiative

Full article: Port of Leixões

9 September 2019

Port authority of Antwerp hosts maritime cinema sessions in the port house

Full article: Flows


Enterprise-driver Port

21 June 2013

Liège Trilogiport multimodal platform: works to begin on 28th June 2013; opening planned for 2015. 2000 jobs to be created.

The project will enable the region to transfer a greater quantity of traffic to the waterways, whilst guaranteeing territorial, economic, social and environmental coherence in the Wallonia Region.  Cooperation with the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to be strengthened. (photo © PAL)
Source : Port Autonome de Liège

21 June 2013

Baltic ports gradually positioning themselves at the heart of globalisation

These northern European ports have traditionally shied away from globalisation. Regional dynamism, however, has led to a significant increase in Baltic maritime traffic. Its ports are at the crossroads that strengthen both North-South links within Europe and European links with Asia.  (photo © AIVP).
Source : Géoconfluences, Nicolas Escah et Arnaud Serry

21 June 2013

Guayaquil: Weakness of port access points damaging the regional and national economy

The port community wants to deepen the port access channel which handles 70% of the country’s exports.  If this is not done, business people could look towards Peruvian or Colombian ports.  AIVP will have the opportunity to consider this situation when it visits Guayaquil in early July. (photo © AIVP).
Source : Expreso

21 June 2013

Ports on the Elbe launch joint marketing campaign

5 economic and port zones situated along the mouth of the River Elbe in the north of Germany are being united under one logo. The marketing campaign, led by Hafen Hamburg Marketing, should allow the different German ports to position themselves within a regional grouping which enhances each of their individual strengths..
Nouveau site:
Source: Hafen Hamburg Marketing

21 June 2013

Hong Kong: inauguration du nouveau terminal de Croisière “Kai Tak” dessiné par Fosters and Partners

Source: Gizmag

19 June 2013

Canal project in Nicaragua: Maritime economy to grow but at what cost to the environment and the development of tourism?

Source : New Republic
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

18 June 2013

Port Louis positions itself as a hub port between Africa and Asia. The port is hoping to present itself to the Mauritian people via a new museum.

Source : Le Mauricien

17 June 2013

West African ports: which hub for the future and what form of inter-port cooperation?

Economic growth of more than 5% means West African ports are experiencing traffic increases. Trade is developing and ship companies are positioning themselves along the West African coast.  A regional port network should emerge from this new competition between ports, with not only strong leaders but greater collaboration.
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

17 June 2013

Multimodal platform at Le Havre: facilitating traffic flows between port zones and increasing the port’s river and rail services.

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

17 June 2013

Should the Port of Bordeaux be managed by the Aquitaine Region? The port community is divided.

Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande