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12 November 2019

Shanghai waterfront: urban ecology and heritage

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A 2.7 kilometer stretch of public space has been developed along the Huangpu. The environment is a key priority for the project, which involves adopting low-carbon technology, re-using some of the existing vegetation, and deploying “spongy city” technologies to anticipate flood risks, etc. The area will house sports and leisure activities, along with urban art, and is taking advantage of the existing industrial heritage.

Shanghai Daily


7 November 2019

Tallinn (Estonia): urban developments around a passenger terminal

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The City has planned housing, commercial spaces and a promenade in the area around terminal A. A third cruise dock is also under consideration. The 66.1 hectare site is located in a listed heritage zone to the north of the Old Port. The plan also refers to the 2030 masterplan for the Old Port designed by Zaha Hadid. This strategy of integrating urban and port activities will help make the city a more attractive destination.

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7 November 2019

The Kenyan President has officially opened the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, developed on more than 10 hectares of land along the Kilindini Canal in Mombasa

Daily nation

7 November 2019

The City and Port of Nanaimo (Canada) set up a committee to plan the waterfront development together

Times Colonist

4 November 2019

Plymouth (UK): a listed building set to be converted into offices, commercial spaces and a cinema by 2020

Business Live (+ images, video)

4 November 2019

Bordeaux (France): the Bassins à Flots docks are set to host floating offices. A former ferry has already been transformed into a cultural venue on the same site

LinkedIn ; Iboat

4 November 2019

Cadiz (Spain): agreement between the Mayor of Santa Maria and the President of the Port for an urban development at the mouth of the river

Andalucia Informacion

30 October 2019

Hobart (Tasmania): a fifteen-year masterplan for the waterfront

The Hobart waterfront is already Tasmania’s most popular destination. TasPorts, which owns and operates the port, is keen to make the area even more attractive by restructuring part of the docks. Measures including replacing certain ageing buildings, creating a marina in an area currently home to fishing activities, additional berths for cruise vessels, and a new layout for existing berths. Anthony Donald, CEO of TasPorts, has announced that the process will be carried out in consultation with stakeholders.

Full article : ABC news


Citizen Port

14 November 2019

The port of Barcelona (Spain) advocates for sustainable mobility promoting LNG as alternative fuel, new electric vehicle fleet or electrifying quays for onshore power supply.

El canal marítimo y logístico

13 November 2019

The Port Center of Algeciras (Spain) will be located in a multifonctional building at the City Port interface

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12 November 2019

North European ports committed to reduce air pollution and noise of docked vessels.

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In the past few days we have seen several initiatives following a similar trend: providing on-shore power to docked vessels to reduce emissions, mostly CO2, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, and noise, affecting the health of local citizens.
In Germany, the federal minister and coastal states have signed a memorandum including different measures to make shore-based power commercially viable. Among the measures are reducing levies and a program of subsidies to improve the port infrastructure. At the same time, the port of Tallinn, in Estonia, has announced that it will install shore power facilities to reduce the emissions and noise of docked vessels. The equipment will be ready by the end of the year, with further expansion in 2020. The port expects to save 120 tonnes of CO2 per ship per month. The Copenhagen Malmo Port has signed an agreement with ferry operator DFDS to establish a shore power facility in Copenhagen, to become operational in 2020.
A recent study from the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) shows that in 2016 air pollution caused over 400 000 premature deaths. The measure of these port cities are positive examples of the actions that can be taken to comply the AIVP Agenda 2030, “Improving living conditions for residents of port cities and protecting their health”.

EEA ; Port of Hamburg ; Port of Tallinn ; Copenhagen Malmö Port ; El Vigia ; Port of Stockholm

30 October 2019

The Ocean Cleanup organization launched “the Interceptor”, an autonomous boat to tackle plastic pollution in rivers. Two prototypes are already working in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Klang (Malaysia)

The barge uses a floating barrier that guides the litter to a conveyor belt extracting the garbage from the water. The debris is distributed into six internal dumpsters with capacity up to 50 m3. When the barge is full, the local operators recibe a signal to collect it and take the garbage to a waste management facility. The barge includes several solar panels, making the system also energy neutral. This kind of solutions can considerably improve the water quality in many port cities, contributing to goal 9 of the AIVP Agenda 2030.

Full article: The Ocean Cleanup

30 October 2019

The South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) hosted the Forward Thinking for Maritime Education and Training Excellence Conference to discuss the new skills development and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by the blue economy and the 4th industrial revolution. The underlying discussion was the need to speed up the creations of jobs in the ocean economy, to reach the targets of the Operation Phakisa, launched in 2014, to expand the blue economy

Full article: Global Africa

30 October 2019

Natural habitat created by the Port of Tilbury as compensation measure for new distribution park becomes wildlife relevant site for insects and invertebrates

Full article: Forth Ports , Greenport

30 October 2019

The Port of Strasbourg offers new guided tours responding to the success of previous visits during the European Heritage Day. The tours will take place on November 6th

Full article: Batorama

28 October 2019

Port of Seattle joins partners to develop the “Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator”

Port of Seattle partners up with co-working company WeWork and Washington State cluster Maritime Blue to create Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator, a new start-up incubator. The main goals are to help maritime companies to innovate, be more sustainable and establish Washington State as a global leader in maritime economy. These programs are crucial to foster human capital development for the future port city economy. There are already similar solutions in Rotterdam, Hamburg or Singapore.

Full article: Port of Seattle, Maritime Blue

28 October 2019

Port of Valencia launches the SuperLabPorts, a platform to support innovative port and maritime start-ups in the field of climate change

Full article: Esmartcity


Enterprise-driver Port

24 June 2013

Slow growth for port activity in Latin American and the Caribbean during 2012.

Source : CEPAL

24 June 2013

Traffic changes and the short-term decline of ports: ISEMAR focusses on European port economics.

Source : Isemar

24 June 2013

Santa Fe: Consolidating the strategic role of the port for the Argentinean economy

At the beginning of June 2013, the Argentinean Government signalled that the construction of a new port terminal in Santa Fe was a priority. The project shall be situated outside of the city and served by a new railway access. The aim is to make the most of the port’s location at the crossroads between Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia in order to create added value and jobs.
Source : NuestroMar

21 June 2013

Liège Trilogiport multimodal platform: works to begin on 28th June 2013; opening planned for 2015. 2000 jobs to be created.

The project will enable the region to transfer a greater quantity of traffic to the waterways, whilst guaranteeing territorial, economic, social and environmental coherence in the Wallonia Region.  Cooperation with the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to be strengthened. (photo © PAL)
Source : Port Autonome de Liège

21 June 2013

Baltic ports gradually positioning themselves at the heart of globalisation

These northern European ports have traditionally shied away from globalisation. Regional dynamism, however, has led to a significant increase in Baltic maritime traffic. Its ports are at the crossroads that strengthen both North-South links within Europe and European links with Asia.  (photo © AIVP).
Source : Géoconfluences, Nicolas Escah et Arnaud Serry

21 June 2013

Guayaquil: Weakness of port access points damaging the regional and national economy

The port community wants to deepen the port access channel which handles 70% of the country’s exports.  If this is not done, business people could look towards Peruvian or Colombian ports.  AIVP will have the opportunity to consider this situation when it visits Guayaquil in early July. (photo © AIVP).
Source : Expreso

21 June 2013

Ports on the Elbe launch joint marketing campaign

5 economic and port zones situated along the mouth of the River Elbe in the north of Germany are being united under one logo. The marketing campaign, led by Hafen Hamburg Marketing, should allow the different German ports to position themselves within a regional grouping which enhances each of their individual strengths..
Nouveau site:
Source: Hafen Hamburg Marketing

21 June 2013

Hong Kong: inauguration du nouveau terminal de Croisière “Kai Tak” dessiné par Fosters and Partners

Source: Gizmag

19 June 2013

Canal project in Nicaragua: Maritime economy to grow but at what cost to the environment and the development of tourism?

Source : New Republic
Source : Journal de la Marine Marchande

18 June 2013

Port Louis positions itself as a hub port between Africa and Asia. The port is hoping to present itself to the Mauritian people via a new museum.

Source : Le Mauricien