Urban Port

18 April 2018

Reimagine the Canals: seven finalists named

The Governor of New York State has unveiled the seven finalists in the competition to redevelop the State’s canal network. The aim is to develop the canals’ tourism and leisure potential and economic sustainability, while preserving and showcasing their heritage value, and securing their long-term financial viability.

Full article : Reimagine the Canals Competition (+ video) ; Press Release

18 April 2018

Circl pavilion: a building designer on the principles of the circular economy and versatility to adapt to different uses

Full article : Inhabitat (+ images)


16 April 2018

Santos: the Port announces changes to the Porto Valongo Santos project

The initial project to convert this historic port district of almost 14 hectares was produced in 2012 by Ove Arup and Partners. The new plan was unveiled by the CEO of the port operator Codesp following an agreement with the Government, and includes proposals to develop the rail network, restore warehouses 1 to 4 and demolish warehouses 5 to 8. A raft of measures will be taken to preserve and showcase the port’s heritage.

Full article : A tribuna ; Porto e navios Diario do Littoral

16 April 2018

London: Essel Group puts forward plans for a cultural centre including a museum, theatre and botanical gardens at Silvertown Docks

Full article : Newham Recorder

16 April 2018

Portland: debate on the risks of waterfront privatization and the loss of industrial and port uses

Full article : PressHerald

11 April 2018

Brest: landscaping work on the port has begun

The work is an accompaniment to the new Marine Renewable Energy zone currently being created, and will showcase Brest’s maritime and industrial activities, with a coastal path and viewing tower. A biodiversity reserve is also planned. The project has been presented to representatives of local residents living close to the site.

Full article : Journal Port de Brest, mars 2018

11 April 2018

Liverpool: plans for a cruise terminal at Princess Dock have been approved, with work potentially set to begin in October 2018

Full article : BBC ; Seatrade Cruise news


Citizen Port

18 April 2018

Creation of an Italian national foundation (SILP) for future port-logistics training

The new body aims to provide a forum for contact between public institutions and private enterprise, in order to tackle the phenomena and processes driving changes in the port workplace. Automation, digitisation, the internet of things, and the rise of mega-ships all represent challenges that need to be faced quickly, in terms of jobs and the new skills needed. Genoa was chosen as the site for the Foundation by its creators: Isfort, employment agency Randstad, and the RINA Group.

Full article: Ship2shore

18 April 2018

Venice: new regulations come into effect for large cruise ships exceeding certain tonnage criteria

Full article: The Meditelegraphe

18 April 2018

The Martigues Tourist Board (France) is organising three tours of the port of Fos on the theme “Nature and Industry”

Full article: Fequence Sud

16 April 2018

Lorient’s Port Center website goes online

Having signed the Port Center Missions Charter in 2016, port community stakeholders in Lorient have now opened a digital Port Center, in the form of a website explaining and highlighting the port. The website, at carries the official “Port Center By AIVP” label. Lorient’s port community who came together around the project understand that three-way dialogue between the city, port and citizens is beneficial for the territory as a whole. Since 2016, a large working group has been actively implementing the project, led by Audélor, and bringing together the main stakeholders in the port territory (Lorient Agglomération, the City of Lorient, the Regional Council, SEM Lorient Keroman, the Morbihan CCI (Port of Commerce), SELLOR (marinas), the Espace des Sciences Maison de la Mer, the University of Southern Brittany, the Development Council, Bretagne Pôle Naval, and others.)

Full article: AIVP

16 April 2018

Seattle: three companies ordered to pay $4M for damage caused to the coastal fringe dating back to the start of the last century.

Full article: Herald Net

16 April 2018

Le Havre: invitation to tender including an engineering study on the future port center

The Port Center of Le Havre – a member of the AIVP Port Center Network – has just published an invitation to tender for a “Design study for the scientific and cultural project of the future Port Center in Le Havre”. The move is part of the Le Havre region’s candidacy for the PIA3 future investment project, for which the port city of Le Havre has been selected and which offers an ambitious programme entitled “Smart port city, towards a new model for urban and industrial-port territory integrated through innovation”. AIVP is delighted by this opportunity to work on the concept for the Future Port Center, an essential resource for developing a culture of harmonious development between city, port and citizens.

The specifications for the ITT can be found at + PIA3


11 April 2018

France: solar power plan for the river dam at Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Full article: Port of Marseilles

11 April 2018

South Africa’s national ports authority (TNPA, a member of AIVP) to set up its own dredging school

Full article: Engineering News

11 April 2018

The Port of Genoa is to be equipped with cold ironing facilities by Nidec

Full article: Cruise industry

9 April 2018

A report by Asia Research & Engagement, commissioned by HSBC, assessing the risks of climate change to ports across Asia Pacific

Full article: Sustainable Finance


Enterprise-driver Port

2 April 2018

South Africa is working on the development of a Smart Port System to support economic growth, employment and sustainability.

Full article: Engineering News

28 March 2018

Baku (Azerbaijan): the 5 km2 new port is a promising logistics hub between Europe and Asia

The clear ambition is to boost traffic from 5Mt in 2016, to 15 Mt and eventually 25 Mt. The project is backed by the EU, while a number of European ports are also involved. Baku will quickly become a vital link on the new Silk Routes being established by China and its partners, followed by India, Japan, and Russia. In these early years of the 21st century, international power is primarily economic.

Full article: Trend News Agency / Olaylar / Forbes

28 March 2018

Tunisia is set to pass a law on logistics zone planning as it aims to position itself as a hub in the short term

Full article: Web Manager Center

28 March 2018

For the Mayor of Cartagena (Spain), the port needs to make a bigger contribution to funding rail links for the city.

Full article: El Vigia

28 March 2018

From their position at the heart of ever more complex territorial ecosystems, ports have an increasingly active marketing role to play, according to a study by Port Economics.

Full article: Thanos Pallis Linkedin / Science Direct

28 March 2018

Importing coal and eliminating its impurities before re-export: the port of Belfast at the heart of a high-tech coal industry.

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

26 March 2018

Trois Rivières: the Industrial Port Zone is established and looking to go on the offensive

The zone is an integral part of the new maritime strategy adopted by the provincial government of Quebec. Now mapped out, with development, action and financing plans in place, the zone is being driven by the Port, the City and their partners and is now the subject of a major promotional campaign. It will receive almost 1 billion Canadian dollars in funding and tax breaks.

Full article: Port de Trois-Rivières /

26 March 2018

Madagascar: unprepared for the island’s economic growth, the Port of Toamasina is already at full capacity.

Full article: L’Express de Madagascar

26 March 2018

The port of Buenaventura (Columbia) unable to fully play its role as an engine for the economy without improvements to urban services.

Full article: El Pais

26 March 2018

Italy: Assoporti to provide technical support to promote the growth of LNG in port zones.

Full article: The Medi Telegraph