Urban Port

5 December 2018

Corunna: thousands visit an exhibition on 10 European cities which have converted parts of their port zones

These 10 models give an idea of what could be done at Corunna. All these port cities chose to organise international competitions to give their projects coherence through an overall plan. The solutions adopted vary, depending either on the diversity of the new uses introduced, the type of management adopted, the choice to build emblematic buildings (frequently the case), the uses given to water and the old docks, or the priority given to pedestrian promenades. Visitors were invited to vote for their favourite: Amsterdam was the winner.

Full article : La Voz de Galicia (+ images) + the 10 examples

5 December 2018

Strasbourg: redevelopment of the rue du port du Rhin for a better bridge between the city and the port

Full article : Strasbourg Port

5 December 2018

Adelaide: a historic warehouse will finally be demolished because of its dilapidated state. Others on the same site will be given new uses

Full article : InDaily

5 December 2018

Melbourne: public consultation on plans for a new park at North Wharf in the Docklands

Full article : Participate Melbourne

3 December 2018

Marseille, Euroméditerranée: temporary site occupancy strategy

Euroméditerranée has launched a call for expressions of interest for nine sites yet to be allocated in the port hinterland zone. The aim is to host economic or cultural activities there for between one and five years. The strategy is also intended to enable current and future residents and users to reclaim the site in redevelopment.

Full article : Euroméditerranée ; Move

3 December 2018

Copenhagen, Urban Rigger project: containers transformed into 12 floating student dwellings to be completed by the addition of 60 more in 2019

Full article : IAU ; video

3 December 2018

Port and City of Oakland: consultation to reduce the impact of trucks on residential zones closest to the port

Full article : Port news

3 December 2018

Edinburgh: 388 new homes, including social housing units, and offices on an area of disused waterfront land in Leith

Full article : ScottishConstructionNow

28 November 2018

Limerick: real estate firm Savills Ireland chosen for Docklands redevelopment

The aim for Shannon Foynes Port Company is to transform the 45.5 hectare site into an economic hub for the city and region. Savills will be required to put forward proposals for converting the disused land and buildings, while ensuring Ted Russell Docks’ viability as an active port.

Full article : Limerick Leader

28 November 2018

Seattle: $438 million for the waterfront redevelopment, including plans to modernise the congress centre and add a fourth cruise terminal

Full article : Kiro7 (+ video)


Citizen Port

5 December 2018

Buenos Aires: mural frescos to give new life to the Sand Terminal

Argentina’s flora and fauna have inspired the artists in this programme to recover buildings and sand silos which have been abandoned for years. The programme is part of the current project for F Dock, which will be converted into a riverside promenade. However, the manager responsible for the Port’s project stresses that the idea is for the Sand Terminal’s equipment to be brought back into use as well, as it can play an essential role in construction work around the city.
Full article : La Nacion (+ images)

5 December 2018

Kiel: a pollution measurement campaign suggests that cruise ships are not the main cause

Full article: Greenport

5 December 2018

The inland port of Goole will become self-sufficient in electricity, thanks to photovoltaic power. Other ABP ports are following the experiment closely.

Full article: Hull Live

5 December 2018

Seattle: the five-year port plan (US$348 M) pays special attention to energy and environmental issues and to relationships with the community

Full article: Port Strategy

3 December 2018

La “New York Harbour School” has declared his intention to reintroduce oysters in the port to improve water quality

Full article: Market Screener

3 December 2018

Alaska starts a training programme to involve citizens from all walks of life in reflection on the potential of the blue economy

Full article: Alaska Journal

3 December 2018

Riga: On the city’s initiative, the port will take part in a big public conference on the subject “The port of Riga and the city’s inhabitants”

Full article: Port of Riga

28 November 2018

Cruise industry in China: a strategic plan for the period 2018-2030 is unveiled to meet the demands of the 20 million passengers expected by 2030

Full article : Cruise Industry News

28 November 2018

The Port of Honolulu creates a website dedicated to overhauling its master plan and wants to develop a vision for 2050.

Full article: Honolulu Harbor

28 November 2018

Murmansk: €27 million of investment has seen dust particle emissions around the coal terminal cut by three-quarters

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News


Enterprise-driver Port

12 November 2018

By creating the largest green hydrogen cluster in Europe, the Port of Amsterdam wants to move towards a climate-neutral circular industry.

Full article: Port of Amsterdam

12 November 2018

Behind the Altenwerder Terminal, Hamburg is building a wind-power storage demonstrator in a block of granite.

Full article: Les Echos

7 November 2018

Can port development be inclusive and link economic growth to social progress?

It is fairly common today for ports to develop partnerships with numerous stakeholders in their territory to resolve environmental problems. The aim of this inclusive approach is to harmonise conditions for port growth in order to limit negative externalities. But what about the social aspects? Is it time to create new levels of governance? Professors Maurice Jansen and Rob van Tulder try to answer this question by a case study of Indonesia.

Full article: Maritime Policy and Management

7 November 2018

After more than 10 years of applications and appeals, the Port of Hamburg has been given the green light to deepen the Elbe.

Full article: Port of Hamburg / World Cargo News

7 November 2018

Professor Peter de Langen: building an innovation ecosystem on the port territory is vital to ensure competitiveness

Full article: Port Economics

7 November 2018

Ocean Alliance launches its blockchain offer to compete with Maersk. How far should the private sector be left to lay down the rules for tomorrow’s maritime trade?

Full article: Splash 24/7

5 November 2018

For Kalmar equipment, the search for greater flexibility in its logistical chain might compromise the future of megaships.

Full article: Kalmar

5 November 2018

The explosion in e-commerce and associated real-time order monitoring are forcing marine logistical services to reorganise.

Full article: Maritime Up

29 October 2018

France: the new port governance system should be announced by the end of 2018. Will associations have a role?

For Paul Tourret, Director of Isemar, all the players directly involved in port functioning should have a place in decision-making bodies. While the State may continue to be one of the main players in principal ports, local territories could assume leadership in other ports. To coordinate this arrangement, he imagines a national port strategy committee. All these changes could support intermodal transport, innovation and the emergence of circular industry models.

Full article: Le Marin, 18 oct 2018, p16

29 October 2018

Africa: according to expert Denis Cordel, secondary ports, which are less constrained by cities, will grow significantly over the next years.

Full article: JMM