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11 September 2019

New York City consults citizens on the latest version of its Vision 2020 Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

A waterfront zoning plan was originally created in 1993, and in 2008 the City decided it should be updated every ten years. The current consultation concerns the new version of the Vision 2020 for the 520 miles of waterfront, a document dating back to 2011. This summer, a variety of public workshops were organised for “Living and Playing at the Waterfront”, “Working at the Waterfront”, “Restoring and Recreation”, “Adapting our Waterfront” (to climate change).

Full article : Brooklyn Daily Eagle ; New York City ; Vision 2020

11 September 2019

San Francisco, India Basin: developing parks for the disadvantages and minorities, a strategy inspired by other examples in the US

Full article : Governing

11 September 2019

Sydney, Darling Harbour: the national maritime museum has installed 812 cutting-edge solar panels

Full article : Energy Live News

9 September 2019

Hayle (UK): FCBStudios selected for the next phase in the redevelopment of Cornish Harbour, a world heritage site

The project is inspired by the coal wharf and the natural landscape. Some 140 homes, along with offices, shops and a public square will be created on the eight-hectare site. The agreement also covers a wider masterplan involving 300 homes, a hotel, a watersports hub, and a listed building. The project was designed in conjunction with the municipality, heritage bodies and the local community.

Full article : Design boom (+ images, plans)

9 September 2019

Shenzhen, Huanggang Port: INVITATION TO TENDER for a passenger terminal and new port office building

Full article : Archdaily

9 September 2019

Brussels: a new bridge over the Canal will also provide access to the future leisure park on the Quai des Matériaux dock

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4 September 2019

North Vancouver: a new life for the former naval yards

Dialog has created a mixed-use development building on the site’s strong identity and heritage. This is particularly true of Shipyards Commons, one of the workshops that has been restored and now houses leisure activities. With shops and restaurants, public spaces and promenades, a small hotel, markets, exhibitions and festivals, the district has gained a new lease of life since the summer.

Full article : Canadian architect (+ images)North Shore News ; DailyHive

4 September 2019

Antwerp: the Flemish government looks for an expert to redefine the future of Doel, a villa enclave within the Port of Antwerp

Full article : GazetVanAntwerpen


Citizen Port

11 September 2019

Ship emissions: the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region is set to invest 30 million euros to “reconcile ports cities with citizens”.

Full article: Le Marin

11 September 2019

New App jointly developed by 21CC Education, Port of Moerwijk and private companies wants to bring the world of logistics closer to younger generations

Full article: Port of Moerwijk

11 September 2019

The port of Berlin launches the first emission-free “pusher”

Full article: Hafenzeitung

9 September 2019

Port of Leixões will host the 6th edition of the port race on Sept. 15. The program will include also several solidarity initiative

Full article: Port of Leixões

9 September 2019

Port authority of Antwerp hosts maritime cinema sessions in the port house

Full article: Flows

9 September 2019

Port of Quebec is developing an Environmental Citizen Participation Process to gather the opinions of locals about key port projects

Full article: Port of Quebec 1, Port Quebec 2

4 September 2019

Port of Rotterdam and Hamburg are discussing coordinated action for greener harbors

Local politicians from the green and social-democratic parties are negotiating new identical green shipping regulation to avoid harming economic competition, while favoring more environmentally sustainable ports. The goal is to convince other major European ports to join the initiative.

Full article: Splash 247, Portal Portuario

4 September 2019

Port of Coquimbo awards personal development grants to workers’ family members, to empower women in the labour market

Full article: Portal Portuario

4 September 2019

Port of Motril will have a commission to discuss the relationship with the city and prepare the guidelines for the future master plan affecting urban areas

Full Article: Motril Digital

4 September 2019

Panamá Canal implements several environmental initiatives, including speed limit to protect dolphins, whales and other large aquatic mammals

Full article: Global Ports, Safety 4 Sea


Enterprise-driver Port

10 July 2019

CO2 impact of e-commerce: rapid and individual deliveries are responsible for a very strong growth in emissions

Full article: Journal du GeekAxios

8 July 2019

African port metropolis: logistics fluidity and governance at the heart of all challenges!

Since 2000, nearly 50 billion Euros have been invested in West African ports and traffic has tripled. Integrated into rapidly growing urban areas, ports today face the challenge of metropolitan freight corridors. These corridors could lead to new types of Private Public Partnerships based on governance that integrates local populations and environmental interests.
Full article: Ports et corridors

8 July 2019

On the Gulf of Bengal, India wants to make Machilipatnam a global port city on more than 25 miles of coastline.

Full article: The Hindu

8 July 2019

The Marseilles’ port community, along with the Port, the Chamber of Commerce and the University, wants to boost the blue economy and innovation.

Full article: Le Marin

3 July 2019

For terminal operator TTI, ports must move beyond logistics and improve their industrial competitiveness

The view, expressed by the director of the terminal at Algeciras, aims to prevent an endless trade war between ports. On the contrary, port territories need to make efforts to consolidate industrial activity and generate jobs. Control of the logistics chain and development of import and export business requires control of production.

Full Article: El Mercantil

3 July 2019

Sail-powered shipping: Neoliner cargo vessels to be built in Saint-Nazaire with the aim of developing an innovative industry for the future.

Full article: Le Marin / The Loadstar

3 July 2019

With the inauguration of Tanger Med 2, the Moroccan port-logistics hub is now the largest in the Mediterranean.

Full article: Le Marin / Jeune Afrique / Port Technology

3 July 2019

Tanzania abandons plans for a new port in Bagamoyo originally launched in 2015, judging the conditions imposed by the Chinese developer to be unfair.

Full article: Splash 247

3 July 2019

Alpahabet Google wants to make Toronto a pilot city for autonomous last-kilometre logistics inspired by shipping containers.

Full article: World Cargo News

1 July 2019

The Port of Bayonne confirms its commitment to the local area with the support of institutional partners

The confirmation will allow projects on-going since 2013 to be continued. In operational terms, a study of land use strategy will also be undertaken, in order to guarantee development conditions for the medium term, particularly within the City Port perimeter. On the industrial side, it has been confirmed that Spanish steel group Celsa is to invest 60 million euros in a new rolling mill. Finally, a direct rail shuttle link with Pamplona will enter service in September..Full article: Aqui / Diario del Puerto