Urban Port

16 May 2018

Valencia: the Mayor favours uses linked to culture and innovation for the Marina Réal docks

This announcement follows an agreement with Docks Logistics Spain, S.A., bringing forward the end of their concession which was to have run until 2022. Use of this emblematic building will then be returned to Consorcio Valencia 2007-CV07, which manages the marina. In March, CV07 launched a consultation process with a group of independent professionals and experts. The different proposals centre on the concept of a living space designed by the community as a whole, devoted to culture, education, research, etc.

Full article : Valencia Plaza ; El

16 May 2018

Houston: a vast tunnel network will not be enough to protect the city from future floods – a long-term approach is needed

Full article : Grist

16 May 2018

The Port of San Diego and the City of Chula Vista agree on plans for a hotel and congress centre

Full article : 10 news (+video)

11 May 2018

Le Havre: re-inventing the city-port interface

AURH, Le Havre’s Urban Planning Agency, looks at the situation and future prospects for the southern districts of the city of Le Havre, which has close links to the port’s economic activities. Almost twenty years of work on the area’s public spaces and some iconic operations have transformed the image of these districts, making them an increasingly attractive asset for the entire conurbation.

Full article : AURH

11 May 2018

The interests of lighter, quicker, cheaper interventions on the waterfront: the experience of Valencia

Full article : Project for Public Spaces

11 May 2018

Cape Town: the cruise terminal has been designed as an extension of the waterfront

Full article : News24

11 May 2018

Already present in Boston, Amazon announces plans for a new tech hub in the Seaport District opening in 2021

Full article : Boston Herald

6 May 2018

Shanghai: public consultation for the waterfront

Shanghai’s Urban Planning Authorithy has launched a consultation on plans to redevelop the waterfront along the Suzhou Creek and Huangpu River. Promenades were recently opened along 45 km of the banks, and the project aims to complete them and also offer new urban facilities. The district has been divided into three zones, each dedicated to a particular use: commerce, culture and historic heritage in the eastern zone; new waterfront access in the central zone; and an eco-corridor in the western zone.

Full article : Shanghai Eye (+ video) ; Shanghai Daily

6 May 2018

Coastal cities giving more thought to floating buildings to counter the risk of rising water levels, with more projects taking shape

Full article : Mach (+ images, video)


Citizen Port

16 May 2018

The European HERIT-DATA project aims to develop sustainable management of cruise tourism

Taking advantage of technology and the latest innovations in management tools (open data, connected objects, etc.), the project aims to reduce the impact of tourism on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean regions. The consortium brings together organisations, businesses and technology centres, along with local and regional public authorities from Italy, Spain, Croatia, France and Portugal, including four regions which are members of the Intermediterranean Commission, namely Tuscany, Valencia, Occitania and Western Greece.

Full article: Fundacion Valenciaport

16 May 2018

Cruise operators are increasingly looking to promote and create private tourist destinations

Full article: Maritime Executive

16 May 2018

California: tighter legislation on emissions boost research and development in green technologies

Full article: Port Strategy

14 May 2018

University of Concepción (Chile) initiates a project on sustainability in port cities

The initiative is led by the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Geography, and is financed by an innovation fund to boost regional competitiveness. Mabel Alarcón, project director, explained that the object is to solve the problems which arise between ports and their associated port cities, in particular logistical problems.Full article: Portal Portuario

14 May 2018

Costa and the Port of Marseilles sign for an economic and environmental sustainable cruise industry

Full article: La Provence

6 May 2018

More than 30,000 visitors at Singapore Maritime Week 2018 (SMW)

In an increasingly variable and fragile situation, this year’s theme turns resolutely towards the levers of the future, such as connectivity, innovation and talent. Organised by the Singapore Maritime Authority, SMW 2018 serves as a platform for discussion and motivation to encourage debate among the actors in the regional and international maritime scene. There will be 19 discussion sessions and presentations, 11 networking receptions and four large-scale events for the general public.

Full article: Seatrade maritime + SMW

2 May 2018

The Port of Rotterdam has tidal basins built along the Calandkanaal to encourage biodiversity. The idea came out of a start-up from the Port XL programme

Full article: Port of Rotterdam

2 May 2018

Belgium: call for tenders launched to examine the economic impacts of maritime space planning, allowing its role in the blue economy to be assessed

Full article: Ted Europa

25 April 2018

Innovative strategic partnership between the Port of Quebec and Cégep Limoilou

The Port of Quebec and Cégep Limoilou have formed a strategic partnership. The objects of the agreement are to open up port installations to Cégep’s teaching activities, to allow the Port to benefit from the expertise of the college’s teachers and students, and to encourage interchange of ideas between the two parties.

Full article : Port of Quebec +


Enterprise-driver Port

9 April 2018

Murmansk, Arctic: Russia launches plans for a new coal terminal, with the aim of eventually developing a mixed-use port

Full article: The Barents Observer

9 April 2018

China in moves to build the Kra Canal, a waterway across Thailand designed to bypass the Strait of Malacca, which is close to saturation point.

Full article: Business Standart

9 April 2018

Through an investment fund, the Port of Rotterdam is supporting the development of storage batteries for the maritime industry

Full article: Splash 24/7

4 April 2018

The Regional Council of Hawke’s Bay (NZ) considers funding for the Port of Napier to guarantee sustainable economic development

Full article: Scoop Independent News

4 April 2018

Enviroports: a young marine services company aiming to treat waste and supply fresh water

Full article: Splash 24/7

2 April 2018

France, Port Community System: Soget and MGI are closing the gap towards agreement on a solution which will be unique in the country

Full article: Soget

2 April 2018

Port of Leghorn ready to construct a LNG platform which will have a final capacity of 9,000 m3.

Full article: Greenport

2 April 2018

The port of Incheon is booming: logistics zones, energy transformation, industrial ecology in the cold chain, cruising and tourism

Full article: Hellenic Shipping News

2 April 2018

South Africa is working on the development of a Smart Port System to support economic growth, employment and sustainability.

Full article: Engineering News

28 March 2018

Baku (Azerbaijan): the 5 km2 new port is a promising logistics hub between Europe and Asia

The clear ambition is to boost traffic from 5Mt in 2016, to 15 Mt and eventually 25 Mt. The project is backed by the EU, while a number of European ports are also involved. Baku will quickly become a vital link on the new Silk Routes being established by China and its partners, followed by India, Japan, and Russia. In these early years of the 21st century, international power is primarily economic.

Full article: Trend News Agency / Olaylar / Forbes