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16 February 2018

Hong Kong: flats over the container terminal?

This is one of the solutions being studied by the government to meet the strong pressure for housing. The other option would be to relocate the terminal concerned, Kwai Tsing Container Terminal, which currently handles 80% of the territory’s traffic. For the Managing Director, the first option is worth considering and technically feasible. It could provide housing for tens of thousands of people. Relocating the 380-hectare terminal, on the other hand, raises the difficulty of finding an alternative site. A joint port-city solution which is unprecedented to say the least! It will be proposed to the public in March.

Full article : South China Morning Post

14 February 2018

Oulu (Finland): images of PAVE architects’ 2014 project to turn grain silos into housing

Full article : ArchDaily (+ images, plans)

14 February 2018

Sète: the port will seek consultation on the project to accommodate large yachts, which has given rise to much discussion

Full article : La Dépêche

12 February 2018

The Rotterdam Makers District is officially launched

This common initiative by the City and the Port will bring together RDM Rotterdam and M4H Rotterdam, which are on opposite sides of the river. Participants in last year’s AIVP world conference saw for themselves how RDM Rotterdam has created an association between the Port, Rotterdam University and the business sector to encourage innovation in the shipping economy. The other bank, once occupied by fruit-shipping activities, is gradually being settled by innovative companies, offices linked to the design industry and Port XL.

Full article :  Port of Rotterdam ; Rotterdam Makers District

12 February 2018

Dundee waterfront: drone footage provides an early glimpse of the new V-A Museum due to open in September 2018

Full article : Borehamwood Times ; Drone visit

12 February 2018

Arica (Chile): the new cruise terminal may be used for cultural and educational activities outside the cruise season

Full article :  Portal portuario ; Puerto Arica

12 February 2018

Dubai: first phase of development planned for the canal, with floating homes

Full article : Design Mena

7 February 2018

The Port of Marseilles reaffirms its strong interest in a city-port combination

The presentation of the year’s balance and the perspectives for 2018 was used to announce the launch of a study on the redevelopment of the 400 hectares of the East Docks. The object is to combine industrial and urban activities on the site. This strategy follows the same line as the Port-City Capillarity Charter signed in 2013 between the Port, the City and Euroméditerranée, or the Terrasses du Port which brings a passenger terminal into the same building as commercial facilities run by the city.

Full article : Le Moniteur

7 February 2018

Southampton: Eling Wharf could finally be used for a port extension rather than urban development

Full article : Daily Echo

7 February 2018

Shoreman-by-Sea (UK): the local authority has approved construction of 540 homes on Free Wharf former port site

Full article : Publicnow (+ images)


Citizen Port

14 February 2018

Hong Kong: being a leading maritime metropolis still requires a prosperous port

Full article: China Daily

14 February 2018

The wahoo effect plays a role for port employees. We look at the Kalmar example

Full article: Kalmar Global

14 February 2018

Lorient: winter port circuits to learn about the region’s maritime economic identity

Full article: CCSTI

12 February 2018

France: what does the future hold for the sea and the coastline?

The State has set up a participative platform for members of the public to obtain information and submit their views on the future vision proposed for each of the country’s coastlines, in order to ensure the right ecological balance and maximise economic and social benefits from the sea and coast.

Full article: Mer Littoral + Magazine Environnement

12 February 2018

Valparaíso: the port launches the fourth edition of “Vive Muelle Prat”, with festive activities for all the family

Full article: Portal Portuario

12 February 2018

The Port of La Rochelle launches a consultation on its “Port Horizon 2025” development project

Full article: Port of La Rochelle

7 February 2018

Thanks to a long-term societal integration policy, the Dutch people now love the port of Rotterdam!

Full article: Port of Rotterdam

7 February 2018

The ASEAN member nations sign a joint declaration to promote the development of the cruise industry in the region

Full article:

7 February 2018

A report on maritime growth in the United Kingdom underlines the need for greater engagement with the public and more support for education and training

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5 February 2018

Liverpool: the public to be invited to contribute to plans for a new ferry on the river Mersey

The passenger service is coming to the end of its life. The Mayor of Liverpool wants the ferry to remain an icon that reflects the city’s identity, and the new service will be a key part of the transport and tourism strategies. The new ferries will need to meet the needs of passengers, while generating additional revenue from the organisation of events and local cruises. Full article:


Enterprise-driver Port

18 December 2017

Turkey confirms the route of the Istanbul canal to avoid the Bosphorus strait, with plans for 45 km of waterway, a port and three artificial islands.

Full article: Daily Sabah

18 December 2017

Energy transition: a “Cap vert Energie” green energy methanisation plant at the Port of Bordeaux with an eventual capacity of 18 MW

Full article: Bordeaux Port Atlantique

18 December 2017

The Port of Huelva announces plans for a new logistics zone with potential to create 1300 jobs and €90 million in added value for the local region

Full article: El Vigia

13 December 2017

The Urbanisation Agencies of the Seine Valley are thinking about the region’s future as a European corridor.

The conclusions of this common study “Seine Valley XXL” are now available. How can this territory, its ports and their hinterland fit into what will be a global transport system? What new cooperative actions should they expect? How can the territory be extended to the East or North? Valuable elements of the answers to all these questions can be found in the report.

Full article: Vdseine / Report

13 December 2017

Rotterdam: all the stakeholders get round the table to imagine a green corridor for moving cargo overland

Full article: Port of Rotterdam Video

13 December 2017

Two regions, two countries, only one port! The port of Ghent and Zeeland Seaports merge to create North Sea Port

The new port complex represents some 70 Mt of traffic and is among the ten largest in Europe. The merger was approved by both the Belgian and Dutch shareholders. By going beyond traditional political boundaries to pool capabilities, the new port aims to be more innovative, more dynamic and more ambitious. Duplicated activities will be avoided and there are already plans to group together goods flows. The initiative reflects a global trend, and should be followed closely.

Full article: North Sea Port

11 December 2017

OSC and Royal Haskoning unveil a range of development scenarios for European port hinterlands. The battle is not over.

Full article: Global Maritime Hub + pdf

11 December 2017

With 21 ocean liners ordered in two years, the cruise market is taking off in hard-to-reach areas.

Full article: Le Marin

6 December 2017

Columbia placing its hopes in the Port of Buenaventura as it looks to create an international class maritime city

Until now, Columbia has not capitalised on its status as the only Latin American country with access to two oceans. That could change with the planned Economic Activities Centre in Buenaventura. The first phase of the project aims to attract Chinese industrialists, and eventually the goal is to build a port city in its own right, rather than a city neighbouring a port.

Full article: Departemento Nacional de PlaneacionChina Dialogue

6 December 2017

Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine Ecosystem vision is centred on high levels of connectivity and digitalisation

Full article: Cruise and Ferry