Cluster approach for social economic development outlines area development of Stadshavens Rotterdam

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Genes_arenso_vignetteIn Rotterdam the Stadshavens development (city-ports) is a well known initiative: The port is expanding in the direction of the sea and the old port areas near the city are in the process of transformation into areas with urban functions. If we analyze a project like Stadshavens we can use the concepts mindware, software and hardware. These can be explained with the questions Why? How? and What?..
• The Why, the mindware: This is about the social economic development of the city. Because of the dominance of the port, the Rotterdam community has developed one-sided. A relatively big part of the people living in Rotterdam are low educated and have jobs that create low value. So main goal of Rotterdam is to stimulate other types of economy. This has to create other types of jobs on a higher level. Next step is that people with a higher education also want to live in Rotterdam. For this group an interesting area to live has to be created.
• The How, the software: how to achieve this goal. Software is about processes and organization. The economic situation in Europe forces governments to avoid risk and when developing areas they follow a demand driven approach. Only when there is a certain demand for space an area can be developed. Question is how to get enough demand for space. This is economic development that comes before area development.
• The mentioned physical objects are the What, the hardware: as soon as the economy is growing, space is required were companies can settle and great areas to live can be created.
In order to support, stimulate and facilitate this aimed economic development, today Rotterdam uses the cluster approach.

Arènso Bakker is a property specialist with a focus on ports and corridors. His knowledge of both logistics environments and property processes enables him to overview complex tasks and to optimise the use of areas from the core business of a post.
As a partner of Stig BV examples of his activities are valuation, business modeling, new-style-ppp, transaction advisory and the setup of concessions and landlord operations. One of his projects is Stadshavens Rotterdam where he works for the city of Rotterdam on the development and positioning of the Merwe- Vierhavens Area.
Before co-founding Stig Arènso used to be Director Site Development at Port of Rotterdam for many years. As such he was responsible for all commercial investment projects in the port of Rotterdam area as well as for the related lease concessions. In this time he initiated and implemented area development as a new field of expertise within the Port of Rotterdam authority.

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