The Trilogiport multimodal platform, a tool to serve the competitiveness of the port of Liège (Belgium)

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GENES_bertrand_vignetteThe biggest inland port in Belgium and the third-largest river port in Europe – after Duisbourg and Paris – the Autonomous Port of Liège (PAL) has direct connections with the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, and controls 32 port facilities spread along the River Meuse and the Albert Canal.
The Port of Liège has more than 370 hectares of port land, two container terminals with direct links to the North Sea ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Dunkerque) and a covered basin. The infrastructure can handle ships of up to 2,500 tons coming from the Rhine, pushed two-barge convoys totalling 4,500 tons, and coasters of 1,000 to 3,000 tons.
With more than 18 million tons of goods moving across the port annually – 13 million by waterways – and more than 25,000 jobs generated in the region by port activities, including nearly 10,000 direct jobs, the Liège port zone is a top-rank economic centre.
In conjunction with Wallonia, the Port of Liège is currently developing the “Liège Trilogiport” multimodal platform (120 ha) at Hermalle-sous-Argenteau along the Albert Canal, only 14h steaming from the Port of Antwerp and 24h from Rotterdam. This multimodal platform will include a container terminal of 15 hectares and a logistics zone of 40 ha. Some 22 ha are still available for port uses.
The object of Liège Trilogiport – nothing less than a “future logistical village at the heart of Europe” – is to attract companies which make use of waterways, and large European distribution centres with high added value, which will generate new jobs (2,000 new jobs in the long term).
Today the Port de Liège is aiming to position itself as an ideally-placed port zone in the natural hinterland of the big sea-ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Dunkerque), making Liège more than ever an ideal centre for river logistics.
According to a study by Cushman & Wakefield on the best locations in Europe for logistics and distribution, Liège comes out as the top logistics region in Europe!

Emile-Louis Bertrand assure la Direction générale du Port autonome de Liège (Belgique) depuis 2004. Emile-Louis Bertrand est diplômé en droit de l’Université de Liège (Belgique). Juriste depuis 1986 au sein de l’Administration et de divers cabinets ministériels, M Emile-Louis Bertrand est entré au Port autonome de Liège en 1998 en tant que Directeur administratif.
Emile-Louis Bertrand exerce également les mandats suivants:
–    Secrétaire du conseil d’administration du Port autonome de Liège
–    Gérant du Groupement d’Intérêt Economique de Liège Trilogiport
–    Représentant de la Belgique au Comité de direction de la Fédération des Ports Intérieurs
–    Représentant du Port autonome de Liège à la SPI
–    Délégué du Gouvernement belge à l’Association Internationale permanente des congrès de navigation
–    Administrateur du Fonds de la Batellerie Rhénane Belge.

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