Blending Cruise Activities with Community Waterfronts: Barbados’ Sugar Point, a Caribbean Case Study.

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GUA-Scott_Lagueux_photo_tailleOKOne challenge in cruise facility design is their incorporation into the broader fabric of the host community and harbor district. Too often, cruise centric development efforts create “islands” of commercial and logistical areas that are poorly incorporated into the surrounding coastal and community fabric. In the Caribbean—the leading destination for cruise activities in the world—island communities have faced a number of challenges hosting ever larger cruise ships due to poor design integration of facilities and flows. The inverse can be particularly problematic as well; a loss of cruise traffic often leave facilities and waterfronts without the dexterity to have other purposeful use.
This presentation will focus on design that takes a fresh look at the spatial engagement of a community’s waterfront with cruise activities, with emphasis placed on transformational efforts in the Caribbean context. Using the Port of Bridgetown’s Sugar Point Development as a key example, the presentation will offer strategies as to where cruise and community waterfront activities can be blended and maximized, offering a more complete waterfront experience and leveraging greater value from these investments along the water’s edge.

Scott Lagueux has worked for over twenty years in the design and development waterfront, resort and community spaces. Scott’s diverse work experience includes engagements in over 80 countries, where he has managed multi-disciplinary teams on complex feasibility, master planning and design assignments. He is a sought after specialist on the design of cruise facilities and the communities for which they are a part. Scott’s client list includes major cruise lines as well as destinations in each major deployment regions. He is currently a partner and studio director with LandDesign, a national design practice comprised of planners, landscape architects, urbanists, graphic designers, and project strategists. Scott holds a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida, USA.

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