The integration of the new logistical networks, a challenge for the Caribbean

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GUA_alix_tailleokFrom the forthcoming opening of the new locks of the Panama Canal to the strategic vision promoted by the State of Nicaragua. From the take-off expected at Cuba to the South American growth. From logistics conundrum at USWC to the future Pan-Caribbean integrated market. Except reading into a crystal ball, no one appears in position to forecast the future of the maritime, port & logistics’ competition into the Caribbean basin. Whatever you are a small dedicated terminal located on an Island or a cross-trade mega hub, most port authorities argue their ability to capture traffics, value services and jobs.
Which traffics are you talking about? What kind of logistics services or jobs? And above all, what will be the social outcomes and the economic benefits for the whole port community and beyond? The magnitude of growth requires an analysis of existing flows to outline the most realistic scenarios of the dynamics of Caribbean market of tomorrow.
This paper starts with a review of the actual stream of incoming and outgoing traffic of the Caribbean Market using an O.D matrix analysis. Understanding the economic geography of flows allows examining the ways to proceed for 2020 growth by public authorities. The conclusion outlines the contours of pan-Caribbean strategic synergies..

Depuis novembre 2010, Yann ALIX occupe le poste de Délégué Général de la Fondation SEFACIL, laboratoire d’idées prospectives sur les stratégies maritime, portuaire et logistique. Il a initié et dirige la collection Les Océanides de la fondation SEFACIL. Les corridors de transport (2012) et La logistique et le transport des vracs (2013) sont disponibles gratuitement sur
Yann Alix enseigne dans plusieurs universités et écoles de commerce en France et à l’étranger. Titulaire d’un PhD de Concordia University (1999) et d’un doctorat en géographie des transports de l’Université de Caen en France, Yann Alix développe des analyses opérationnelles sur les stratégies managériales des opérateurs maritimes et portuaires internationaux.

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