Thursday 26 March 2015 : AIVP Regional meeting
Ports, growth driverS in the Caribbean

Location: Complexe World Trade Center of Pointe-à-Pitre / Jarry
From 8:00 : registration of participants

Official opening

Under the patronage of Victorin Lurel, President of the Guadeloupe Regional Council

Ary Chalus, Maire de Baie-Mahault, France
Yves Salaün, Président du Directoire, Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes, France

Ports, growth driverS in the Caribbean

At the crossroads between Europe, North America and South America, the Caribbean (Antilles, Central America and the North and South American “Caribbean” nations) is positioning itself as a new focal point for international exchanges, with the ability to capitalise on strong economic growth in neighbouring countries. The widening of the Panama Canal now nearing completion and Nicaragua planning a new canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific, there are new development opportunities to be seized by port cities right across the Caribbean and Central America.
To take advantage of the significant growth expected in international trade, without neglecting more traditional industries such as agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and tourism, the port cities of the Caribbean will need to adopt new sustainable development strategies and attract investors. The ability for ports to be more competitive and to have an international outlook, must go hand in hand with improvements in the quality of life of those living and working in port cities. Tourism – and the cruise industry in particular – remains a powerful local growth engine, provided port regions and cities are able to harness it and offer complementary products and services.
There have already been numerous attempts to achieve some degree of region, political or economic integration between the forty or so continental or island political entities that make up the Caribbean, though they have so far been largely unfruitful. In addition to these efforts, AIVP proposes asking the stakeholders of port city development, key players in economic globalisation, about the development strategies they have adopted in the current changing climate.
By sharing their experiences, the aim will be to identify common interests and highlight innovative solutions tailored to the geographical, economic and social realities of the Caribbean..

Introduction par Jean Pierre Lecomte, President of AIVP


SESSION 1 : Make citizens BE a partner in the PORT City tandem

Ligne blanche
Public/Private Partnerships: How private businesses and community leaders can work together for community advancement

Michelle Hundley, Vice President of Public Affairs, The Economic Alliance Houston, USA

This presentation will be followed by the signature
of the Port Center Charter by the local authorities of Guadeloupe

coffee break

SESSION 2 : Intensify international exchanges

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The “Mesoamerica” project, ports and international maritime trade as regional integration modes in the Caribbean
Lidia Fromm Cea
, Chief Executive Officer, Proyecto Mesoamérica, La Libertad, El Salvador

The integration of the new logistical networks, a challenge for the Caribbean
Yann Alix, Secrétaire Général, Fondation SEFACIL, Le Havre, France

Technical visit

Boat tour of the port’s facilities: marina / cruise terminal / shiprepair yards for big yachts / maritime station of Pointe à Pitre / terminal of Jarry

lunch on board

Visit of the Memorial ACTe : Caribbean Center for the memory of the slavery

SESSION 3 : economic innovation and Port city Governance

Ligne blanche
Creation of jobs and added value in port cities
Roger Rios Duarte, Coordinador, Programa Integral de Investigación para el Desarrollo de las Ciudades Portuarias – PROCIP, San Jose, Costa Rica

How to capitalise on land resources?
Franc Pigna, AEGIR, Port Property Adviser, Miami, USA

HAROPA, a tool for an inter-port coordination of the Seine Normandy Axis, France
Raynald Levillain, Secrétaire Général, GIE Haropa, France

Ligne blanche
return to the hotels

Official dinner

Location : Ilet Cochon
Transfer by boat. Departure: “Marina du Gosier”

Friday 27 march 2015
AIVP Regional Meeting (Continued)


Session 4 : Waterfront and cruise, two major assets for the caribbean

Ligne blanche
Blending Cruise Activities with Community Waterfronts:  Barbados’ Sugar Point, a Caribbean Case Study.
Scott LagueuxPartner, LandDesign Inc., Charlotte, USA

The new planning of the Havana waterfront, an opportunity for the sustainable development of the port city
Arq. Kiovet Sánchez Álvarez, Coordinador del Plan de Manejo de la Zona de Protección de la Bahía de la Habana, Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad, La Habana, Cuba

Signature of a partnership agreement between
the Port Management Association of the Carribean
and Guadeloupe Port Caraîbes
coffee break

Welcome and enhance cruise tourism in the port-city
Adolf Romagosa, Gerente, Gerencia Urbanistica Port 2000, Barcelona, España


SYNTHESis and conclusion


cultural visits

– Option 1: Discover Taonaba
– Option 2: Discover Beauport, the country of sugar cane