AIVP Recommendation

The creation of cultural clusters serves to promote economic development and represents an essential means of raising an area’s attractiveness, including in a crisis context. Expanding and combining cultural projects and facilities can inspire a dynamic new movement for the territory concerned, revitalising old port areas and attracting visitors and residents. It also affords an opportunity to improve the quality of life for the City Port interface, and for the city as a whole.

London (UK)

Dane’s Yard, a creative quarter designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects at Three Mills, is part of the Sugar House Island development in London’s East End.


Reykjavik (Iceland)

Founded in 1913, the port of Reykjavik quickly established itself as Iceland’s largest seaport and the country’s main gateway to the outside world. It was one of the country’s biggest fishing ports until 1962, when the commercial port of Sundahöfn was built to the east of Reykjavik.