AIVP Recommendation

Port cities were originally founded in commercially strategic locations, and environmental considerations were not taken into account. Although subject to much debate, studies of climate change and rising sea levels have highlighted the vulnerability of coastal areas and many port cities around the world.
Waterfront areas and those where cities and ports meet are at particular risk, and can serve as testing grounds for resilience strategies inspired by natural functions.

Boston (United States)

In 2015, the City of Boston organised « Living with water », an ideas competition looking ahead to 2100 focusing on three specific sites. The three winners were named in June 2015.


Auckland (New Zeland)

Waterfront Auckland opted to make the redevelopment of its waterfront part of a wider sustainable development programme. The project is based on the concept of Water Sensitive Design, an approach that involves reusing natural features.


New York (United States)

On October 2012 Hurricane Sandy provided a timely reminder of the vulnerability of port cities to rising water levels. Landscape architect Kim Mathews proposes using the higher land-based access routes and intermodal transport roads.