AIVP Recommendation

The creation of structures enabling port and urban authorities to set out their requirements and redevelopment strategies represents an opportunity to compare urban and port projects side by side, and to identify any functional incompatibilities or technical impossibilities at an early stage. Dialogue may be opened up to include the wider community affected by projects (private partners, population, etc.), helping to anticipate potential conflicts and move projects forward.

Valencia (Spain)

Upon his appointment as President of the Port of Valencia in August 2015, Aurelio Martinez Estevez was keen to find a solution to the long-standing issue of poor communication between the Port and City. He quickly proposed creating a Committee for the integration of city-port territories for the three ports and municipalities concerned.


Paris (France)

The « Local Port Communication Committee » was set up as a forum for consultation between the sponsors of redevelopment or regeneration projects, and all other stakeholders, including local residents. Meetings were held regularly in the ports of the Ile de France region.