Port cities active in the fight against corona virus

 Health and life quality 

After last week’s special edition, we continue to see different initiatives AIVP members around the globe are taking forward to reduce the impact of the virus. Many port authorities are making extra efforts in the logistic and economic fields. One the one side, speeding up payments to suppliers, while on the other, easing the fees to port companies to reduce the impact on port employment. In other ports, like San Antonio in Chile, we see how the port authority is actively contributing to disinfecting public facilities and trucks heading towards the port, and promoting vaccination campaigns against influenza. Being really what we call a “citizen” port. The port of Venice has developed Fast Track, a solution in coordination with other actors to speed up the delivery of strategic goods. At the same time, UNCTAD has gathered a guide of good practices and recommendations for ports, with clear indication of what can be done in crisis scenarios like this one.

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