Solidarity, technology and cakes to fight the Coronavirus in port cities

 Health and life quality 

Every effort counts in the struggle against the COVID-19. Ports and cities are demonstrating their solidarity since the beginning of the crisis. The Port of Dakar (Senegal) has been particularly active taking care of workers and citizens. Besides the initial donation of 1 billion of CFA Franc to the national government, it has also supported the transport council from Kayes (Mali) with disinfecting equipment and the national children program “Zéro Enfant en Situation de Rue”. Another solidarity example took place in Puerto Coronel (Chile). There, the 8 managers of the terminal decided to destine part of their salaries to the social program of the company, that has already provided hospital beds and ventilators to the city. In the meantime, in Valencia (Spain), the port authority via its foundation has provided food vouchers with a value of over €13K to more than 200 families of the maritime district. We have seen how other ports in Spain have also developed economic help packages for companies, to ease their situation and protect jobs, as it is happening in Bilbao.

More examples of coordinated actions can be found in France. In Bordeaux, the port, the city and the cruise company CroisiEurope have worked together to provide the nursing staff with river liner boat Cyrano de Bergerac as temporary accommodation during the crisis, if necessary. Other initiatives to fight the corona virus include innovative technology, such as the smart bracelet being tested in the Port of Antwerp to ensure physical distancing between working. A more delicious approach is taking place in Trieste (Italy), where the Michelin starred Chef Matteo Metullio has created a special cake for front line port workers (PDF), giving them a symbolic hug, as the president of the port indicated. A noisier homage has been the chosen approach by other ports like Saint John in Canada or Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where boats and trains among others “made some noise” to recognize the efforts of essential workers.

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