Cruises remain limited in most countries

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As we will discuss this week in the 2nd AIVP webinar, cruises are in a complex position. Several countries have announced that they restrict cruise ships from docking in their ports. Canada has been one of the first countries confirming this measure, communicating that cruises are banned from Canadian waters until the end of October, effectively ending the cruise season of 2020. In other parts of the world, other countries are still limiting cruises. This week, the Spanish government announced that maintains a ban on the entry of cruise ships from any port. A similar situation is happening in New Zealand, where the government confirmed the ban on cruises. This situation is not only causing major economic loses to the companies, but also impeding more than 40 000 cruise workers from going back home. In the meantime, some ports are working on their medium-term (3years) plans to recover the lost cruise traffic, like Barcelona. In other Spanish port cities, like Málaga, cruise terminal operators see this as an opportunity to improve this type of tourism, making it more sustainable and increasing the value for the hosting city. These will be the challenges for the recently re-elected president of Corporación de Puertos del Cono Sur, Mr. Carlos Mondaca, also VP of AIVP.

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