Many paths to the same goal: reducing polluting emissions

 Energy transition and circular economy 

Until hydrogen is universally adopted, there are many ways to reduce emissions. In this direction, the ports of HAROPA (Le Havre, Rouen and Paris), in France, are making the energy transition one of the main axis of its merger. Besides onshore electric power supply for vessels, HAROPA is also looking at LNG supply for different vessels, and using electric vehicles. The port of Bremen (Germany) is building 8 energy supply stations until 2023 to provide green electricity to vessels and vehicles. In the port of Riga (Latvia), the new digital technologies will also produce positive environmental outcomes and reduce the traffic congestion in the city, besides improving the cargo flow service. Efforts in the direction to reduce the environmental impact have already proven valuable in Montreal (Canada), where the port has reduced 45.3 % of the greenhouse gas emissions since 2007. This figure is the result of a combination of actions, including onshore power supply, LNG refuelling solutions, and truck traffic management. Another innovative case is Antwerp and the Fastwater project, that will investigate the commercial application of methanol as an alternative fuel.

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