Protecting, disclosing and working with biodiversity in port cities


There are many possible actions to help preserve the local biodiversity. In the case of Ceuta (Spain), the port authority has launched a falconry service to ensure the safety of the air operations in the heliport and in the dock España, in an environmentally friendly way. A different approach is the ECHO program from the Port of Vancouver (Canada), to reduce the underwater noise affecting killer whales. The 6th edition of the program started on July and will continue until October. Equally important is to disclose the port city biodiversity. For that purpose, the port authority of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris (HAROPA) has supported the publication of “Biodiversité en Seine”, an illustrate notebook containing drawings from Claire Motz of the flora and fauna in this French river. Biodiversity is also a major concern in large infrastructural constructions as it is visible in San Antonio, Chile. There, the port authority will transport rocks to the breakwater of the dock Policarpo Toro with special environmental measures to diminish the potential impact of the operation.

➜ Port of Ceuta (PDF), Port of Vancouver, HAROPA, Port of San Antonio

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