New tools to disclose the Port City Culture

 Culture and identity 

This month, the main topic for AIVP is Port City Culture and in the last few days, our members have shown several new projects to disseminate it. In San Antonio (Chile), a new museum dedicated to sea books hosting valuable ancient volumes just opened in the port institutional building. The project will also include a library and a bookshop. In Algeciras (Spain) (PDF), the new multifunctional building that will host a Port Center, museum and innovation center is moving forward, with the call for tender for the assistance to draw up the project in the Lago Marítimo Plan. Another Port Center (YouTube) will open shortly in Côte D’Azur (France), linked to the GrITAccess EU project. It also includes the creation of a Great Tyrrhenian Itinerary to make its maritime heritage accessible. Additionally, you can learn about the new Port Pavilion of the port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in our recent interview. In the meantime, online tools are becoming increasingly accessible, as the port of Tarragona (Spain) shows in the virtual educational programme recently launched with the Port Museum.

El Líder de San Antonio, Port of Algeciras (PDF), Gritaccess (YouTube), Observatoire Portuaire, AIVP, Port of Tarragona

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