Art, culture and solidarity in port cities

 Culture and identity 

Ports contribute to the local communities in many ways, beyond its economic impact, for example in art and culture, or with solidarity initiatives. The port of Lisbon (Portugal) is celebrating its 133rd anniversary virtually opening its headquarters, sharing the murals from Almada Negreiros. The port is also hosting a regatta and a photography challenge. In Barcelona (Spain), the port is connecting arts and solidarity by inviting children aged between 3 and 12 to participate in the collective mural by artist Carme Solé Vendrell to raise awareness on child rights. Still in Spain, in Huelva, the port is collaborating with the Arrabales Association to help in the rehabilitation of young people with addiction problems. The port of Algeciras (Spain), is supporting the Red Cross to help homeless people, in a critical moment due to the pandemic. On another scale, the Port of San Diego (USA), is developing a project for an artist-designed lighting project for the Coronado Bridge. The goal is to create a monumental signature artwork for the region.

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