Public debate in Livorno: the mayor and the President of the Port enter a constructive phase for the extension plans

The debate, which brought together a large number of local stakeholders, associations, professionals and politicians, focused on plans to convert the maritime terminal and extend the container terminal. The latter project was revised downwards following recent studies highlighting the importance of more stringent environmental and financial requirements. Finally, environmental monitoring needs to be established to observe air quality and possible noise pollution. Continue reading

Shanghai plans to create a free port with a focus on innovation

The announcement is the logical next step following the free trade zone launched in 2013, and which was extended in 2015. In addition to the commercial activity, the objective is to accelerate foreign investment to create a Chinese rival to Silicon Valley that will reinforce the 400 R&D centres already present in the territory. Continue reading

Port of Quebec becomes the 11th signatory to the Charter to join AIVP’s Port Center Network (PCN) working group

quebec signature charte GM_2016juin24The Port of Quebec, represented by its President & CEO Mario Girard, signed the Port Center missions charter on Friday 24 2016 at the AIVP Days in Malaga. The move reflects the social commitment of the Port of Quebec, which has embarked on a process aimed at improving port culture and awareness among its communities.
The goal is to bring together private and public stakeholders to develop a transparent, collaborative policy on social integration, and eventually a Port Center-type structure. The General Meeting was also an opportunity for AIVP to distribute a document presenting the Port Center concept and the various parties actively involved in the PCN working group. The document is available here.
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