Hackathon and simulators: stimulating innovation to improve port logistics

The 3rd Haropa hackathon ended with awards for various projects in the areas of port employment or community relations. The projects will receive backing. In another field, the major port equipment manufacturer Kalmar has taken inspiration from Formula 1 and is keen to explore the benefits of collaborative simulator games aimed at improving the operation of container terminals. When will the championship start? Continue reading

Denmark: the city of Kolding makes a political choice to get rid of its port in the next 25 years!

The port itself (1.3 Mt and 3000 jobs) was not involved in the decision, which it naturally regrets, but published its new strategic plan just two weeks ago. The city eventually plans to redevelop the zone for housing and amenities with an emphasis on the natural environment. However, the port has committed to supporting companies in the face of the situation, while the Danish business confederation has voiced strong criticism. Meanwhile, the city of Vejle is set to follow suit.
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