Almeria: The Puerto-Ciudad project masterplan to be submitted to a public consultation in January 2018

The Mayor of Almeria has highlighted the importance of having all of the authorities concerned on board with the project, so that the city-port project ceases to be merely a discussion of good intentions, and starts to take practical shape in the form of tangible documents and real events open to all.

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The impact of the Belt and Road initiative on China’s cruise industry

The Belt and Road initiative is a new vision and represents a new direction for the country’s tourist development. Covering 80% of the world’s cultural heritage sites, over 60 countries and 4 .4 billion people, the initiative will generate major growth for the Chinese cruise tourism economy. Continue reading

Trieste: conference on the circular economy and competitiveness in port cities

Organised by AREA Science and the Port of Trieste, the meeting was an opportunity for experts to discuss innovative solutions and models made possible by the circular economy. They debated the positive impacts and added value generated in terms of employment for a port city territory like Trieste. Continue reading

The Port of Long Beach is organising public workshops to adjust its funding programmes

To obtain maximum information and adapt the criteria for subsidies under the Community Grants Program, the Port is offering to work with its neighbours and those most impacted by port operations. The programme funds projects designed to improve the health and quality of life of local residents, in particular.
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