Agreement between the Port and City of Maputo (Mozambique)


The MoU concerns the regeneration of promenades and other spaces in the area between the port and city. Osorio Lucas, the port’s CEO, stressed the port’s commitment to other measures aimed at promoting city-port integration, including a passenger terminal, cultural and leisure infrastructures, conference hall, and other steps to support the socially excluded.

Porto de Maputo

Economic recovery will require a strong port-city cooperation


As many cities struggle to boost their economy over the brutal recession triggered by the Covid-19 outbreak, Port-City cooperation is a key-asset for efficient stimulus programs.
In Canada, a joint recovery plan has been elaborated by the Port and the City of Québec, with the help of the University of Laval and the local Chamber of commerce and industry. They agreed on collectively stimulating innovation and transport. Several ambitious projects are on track, such as a new container terminal called “Laurentia”, an innovation hub along the river, or a new regional transport scheme.
Same idea in Spain, where the Port and the City of Ceuta have concluded a new protocol on the development of the cruise sector. This protocol focuses on the welcoming conditions of tourists and the services the city and the port can provide them.
However, for post pandemic recovery there must be not only business-oriented investments: Port of Long Beach (United States) has integrated public health projects in its 46m$ community grants program. In such a period of sanitary crisis, no doubt that health will be part of the new economy!

New initiative for community dialogue in Bahía Blanca


The Port of Bahía Blanca (Argentina) has started the new online participative forums “Puerto Abierto” to establish new dialogues with the local community. The first meeting included representatives from the agricultural and food sector. The goal of the forums is to debate and align the expectations and needs from the local community with the actions of the port authority. The dialogue will be structured in three phases: diagnosis, discussion of ideas and starting the agreed projects. The participants of the future debate sessions will include representatives from the academy and scientific sector, business organizations, workers, environmental, and cultural initiatives. The final result will be a new strategic plan built from the social agreements.

Port of Bahía Blanca

New committee will improve the port-citizen dialogue in Halifax


The Halifax Port Authority in Canada is creating the Port Community Liaison Committee (PCLC) to establish a more fluent dialogue with the local citizens. The new body will have an independent chair and comprise 15 individuals representing a broad mix of port city citizens. One of the advantages of the new committee is that it will highlight the opinion of people with a different background than the usual port user. Interested citizens can contact the port authority, and the President and the Chair will select the first group.

Port of Halifax

Covid-19: the Port of Papeete launches a support plan for local businesses


More than €4 million are being allocated by the port to prevent bankruptcies and maintain existing jobs. 200 companies established in the port area are concerned. The proposed measures will support the economic activities, tourism and maritime and inter-island transport services.

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