Port Cities and Universities working together

 Human capital 

Human Capital development is goal 5 of the AIVP Agenda 2030, and a priority for many members. The port of Venice will allocate €600k for the Ca’ Foscari University to create a study center focused on maritime and logistic activities. Part of the funding will also be dedicated to the new “Venice Science Gallery”. In Bahía Blanca, Argentina, the port has signed new agreements with the National Technological University (Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty), with whom we have already been working together, to develop new educational programs. In Algeciras, Spain, the city, the port and the university are working together for the creation of the European Sea University, in the Lago Marítimo project.

Nuova Venezia, Facebook (Bahía Blanca), El Estrecho Digital

Smartport Challenge in Marseille (France) announces the winners of the 2nd edition. This initiative, jointly developed by the Port of Marseille, the Chamber of Commerce and the University includes 8 challenges reaching from emissions reduction, energy recovery from cruise’s wastewater or green mobile energy. The winner start-ups will now have 5 months to develop the solutions in cooperation with industry leaders.

CCI métropolitaine Aix-Marseille-Provence

How to improve employability in the port-logistics sector?

 Human capital 

It’s the goal of a new cooperative project in the Mediterranean region which focus on improving the employability of younger generations in the port-logistics sector. The YEP-MED Project will have a budget of €3 million for port training centers, educational resources and cooperation between actors. The project is led by Escola Europea, and includes several AIVP members such as the ports of Marseille, Barcelona and Livorno, and the Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports, from Tunisia.

Escola Europea