Traditional and new ways to highlight port-city heritage

 Culture and identity 

Port City heritage buildings are one of the main elements in the port city identity. It is necessary to protect them because they tell stories from the past and show the influence of the port in the urban landscape. The port of Tarragona for example, is refurbishing its emblematic clock tower from the early 20th century and its former HQ for new uses. Another Spanish port, Valencia is investing to protect the clock building from swallows, while allowing them to nest. Another approach can be found in Strasbourg, in France, where port has become a showcase for street art from artists like Apaiz.

Port of Tarragona 1, Port of Tarragona 2, Port of Valencia, Pokaa Strasbourg

A maritime museum for Melbourne?

 Culture and identity 

The importance of Melbourne’s maritime heritage and its major cultural and economic role are little know. To address this, the City of Melbourne is planning to launch a feasibility study for a possible new maritime museum, notably assessing the long-term financial viability of such a site. The museum could be based at the Docklands, in the same building that houses the “Mission to Seafarers Victoria”. The main stakeholders from the local community would be invited to take part in the project.

➜  City of Melbourne ; Docklands news

Two new facilities at the historic Aapravasi Ghat site in Port-Louis (Mauritius)

 Culture and identity 

An art gallery and cultural space will be created in this important district of Mauritius. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage on the 14th anniversary of Aapravasi Ghat’s being named a world heritage site. It houses the vestiges of an immigration centre for workers who were contracted and no longer slaves.

Republic of Mauritius ; Unesco – Aapravasi Ghat

Port of Saint John (Canada) supports supporting the local Art Centre

 Culture and identity 

The Port Authority of Saint John will sponsor a signature gallery in the Saint John Arts Centre for the next six years. The partnership also includes a biennial artist residency where a professional artist will be selected to create original works over a period of 10 months. The residency will include an exhibition in the Port Saint John gallery in September of 2021, 2023, and 2025, focusing on the Port themes. Artists can already apply for the first period of residency.

➜ Press Release PDF in English, French; Video (Youtube)

New ways to explore the Port City Culture

 Culture and identity 

While the restrictions to social gatherings continue to apply, port city actors are developing new ways to explore the port city culture. Port Saint John in Canada has published online the storybook Port City Champ and prepared a scavenger hunt for families. The participants can enjoy this activity to explore their port city on foot or wheels. In Rotterdam, this year’s edition of the World Port Days festival will finally take place virtually under the title “Port Stories”, with the “Digital Port Day” on September 5th. Other online initiatives are also taking place in Chile, for example in San Antonio, where the port is inviting the local community to share their historical photos, or in Valparaíso where a citizen’s organizations is hosting online events to discuss neighbourhoods’ initiatives and stories.

Port Saint John, World Port Days, Portal Portuario, Relatos Porteños

New Port Center in Dunkirk

 Culture and identity 

Last Saturday, 4th of July, the Port Center of Dunkirk (France) opened its doors to public for the 1st time. The process started 2 years ago, with the support of the main partners, the Urban Community of Dunkirk, the Port Authority, ACMAPOR association (Association for the creation of a home for port life and traditions) and the Port Museum. The new Port Center is located in the Port Museum and its exhibition is based on 7 topics: the identity the port, ships, goods, men, territory, prospects and opening to the world. The new space with 240 sqm. will be main point for the port-city-citizen relationship.

Dunkerque Port Center