A new project for the Santa Fe waterfront (Argentina) unveiled, despite the Covid pandemic

 Port city interface 

Three new apartment blocks will be built by 2026 in the former port precinct of Santa Fe. With unrivalled views of the city and river, they will add to other constructions already completed or currently in progress (including shops, a business and services centre, etc.). For many, the site is set to be another Puerto Madero. The Covid crisis has failed to hold up the project, and is even seen as an opportunity by property developers, with market prices predicted to rise.

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A masterplan for the former shipyard in Guangzhou (China)

 Port city interface 

The masterplan for the “Future Harbour City” was designed by Spark Architects. The project covers a 2 km stretch of land along the river, with three distinct precincts planned: a business precinct (with shops and offices), a residential precinct, and a heritage precinct. For the latter of these, there are plans to re-use the old shipyard’s dry dock and launch ramps, notably in conjunction with cultural amenities. Spark has aimed for conviviality rather than density, by including numerous green spaces, pedestrian promenades, and good connections with the city.

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In Valencia, the redevelopment of Tinglados 4 and 5 continues

 Port city interface 

Temporarily halted by the Covid-19 epidemic, the restoration of the famous port hangars has now resumed. They will house cultural and innovative activities, and in doing so forge a new relationship between Valencia Marina and the city. A similar effect will be achieved by the small landscaped area and cycle path, on which work has also begun.

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