Almeria: The Puerto-Ciudad project masterplan to be submitted to a public consultation in January 2018

The Mayor of Almeria has highlighted the importance of having all of the authorities concerned on board with the project, so that the city-port project ceases to be merely a discussion of good intentions, and starts to take practical shape in the form of tangible documents and real events open to all.

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San Francisco: the Port chooses CHE2M and Arcadis for resilient redevelopment of the waterfront

The object is to strengthen the protection barrier along an essential 3.5 mile sector of the waterfront. A multi-risk analysis and an approach focusing on the idea of co-existing with the water will result in an action plan to forestall, mitigate and manage storms and the sea level rise.

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The impact of the Belt and Road initiative on China’s cruise industry

The Belt and Road initiative is a new vision and represents a new direction for the country’s tourist development. Covering 80% of the world’s cultural heritage sites, over 60 countries and 4 .4 billion people, the initiative will generate major growth for the Chinese cruise tourism economy. Continue reading

Trieste: conference on the circular economy and competitiveness in port cities

Organised by AREA Science and the Port of Trieste, the meeting was an opportunity for experts to discuss innovative solutions and models made possible by the circular economy. They debated the positive impacts and added value generated in terms of employment for a port city territory like Trieste. Continue reading

Morocco: the 1st international leisure ports meeting confirms Morocco’s potential

During the opening ceremony, the Minister noted that with 3,500 km of coastline, 7 marinas and 4,000 berths, the country already has great potential. The national port strategy to 2030, consistent with the tourism vision for 2020, expects to see infrastructure development and improved connectivity. Cooperation within the Mediterranean Basin is another strong point. The Moroccan Leisure Ports Association (APPM) signed agreements with its French and Spanish equivalents during the meeting. The organizing committee of this meeting included the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development –SMIT-, member of AIVP.

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The Port of Long Beach is organising public workshops to adjust its funding programmes

To obtain maximum information and adapt the criteria for subsidies under the Community Grants Program, the Port is offering to work with its neighbours and those most impacted by port operations. The programme funds projects designed to improve the health and quality of life of local residents, in particular.
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Melbourne: the State of Victoria proposes a huge development project for the 480 ha of Fisherman’s Bend

The declared object is to make it a benchmark for resilient, sustainable urban redevelopment. It is expected to house 80,000 people by 2050. Five sectors which have been identified. One of these, which has been defined as an economic and innovation cluster of national importance, will be devoted to generating up to 80,000 new jobs.

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Guadeloupe, active member of AIVP, wins ESPO Award 2017

This year, the annual prix awarded by ESPO was devoted to the commitment of ports to promoting artistic and cultural projects in their communities. The Port de la Guadeloupe project, entitled Port’Art, is intended to be broad and diverse. It will enable a large percentage of the island’s population to discover port territories through art and history, and also raise awareness among young people through artistic creations produced jointly with local schools. Today, after years of investment in society, the Port of Guadeloupe is paying more and more attention to the intangible benefits of these “soft” values in its activities and their competitiveness. Continue reading

Manila: Mayor approves man-made island project

The objective of the Manila Waterfront City Project is to turn a 318 hectare area in Manila Bay into a commercial and tourism hub. Commercial centres, residential buildings, high-class hotels, public services, entertainment and cultural facilities have been announced… but also an international cruise ship terminal. Other man-made island projects have also been approved.

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Bergen (Norway): joint decision by the City, Port and Tourist Office to limit cruise passenger numbers

With cruise passenger numbers rising constantly, stakeholders in port city of Bergen, home to Norway’s biggest cruise port, have decided to regulate ship and passenger traffic. The move follows similar decisions by other ports such as Dubrovnik, which are refusing tourist development at any cost to the quality of life of residents and tourists themselves. Continue reading