Oakland (USA): new version of the waterfront stadium project unveiled

BIG, Gensler, and Field Operations have presented their updated plans for a baseball stadium on the waterfront. The new stadium will be circular shaped and more open, and will also have a landscaped roof open to the public. The aim is to ensure that the arena is better integrated into the surroundings of this Howard terminal site, which will also host a housing and office development programme.

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Port Authority and Municipality of Valparaíso agree to create a joint working committee to discuss port development.

This measure could allow better dialogue for port-city relationship and a common vision. This decision is motivated by the current situation of terminal 2, where the port authority will be responsible for the environmental assessment. Other port and urban projects, including a pier for cruises were also discussed. The mayor emphasized that their priority is to make sure that port development is done according to environmental requirements, but also that create jobs, and bring prosperity to the port and the city. The president of the port authority welcomed the common initiative with the municipality and, looking beyond the short term decisions concerning the terminal 2. Continue reading

Belgium: with 254,800 jobs and €35.3 billion of added value, the six ports are more than ever playing their part as an economic engine

The figures, which come from the latest study carried out by the National Bank of Belgium, are the highest recorded since 2012, and were never achieved prior to the crisis in 2008. However, they do include the non-maritime chemicals sector. In terms of jobs, the challenge for the ports is to continue developing their attractiveness and working on their brand image in the community. Continue reading

EU project Remember to develop alternative touristic programs based on port culture and heritage in the Adriatic.

The project Remember (REstoring the MEmory of Adriatic ports sites. Maritime culture to foster Balanced tERritorial growth) will be led by the Central Adriatic Ports Authority and gathers 8 Italian and Croatian ports cities, including port authorities, universities, municipalities and companies. The ultimate goal of Remember is also to improve the port-city relationship based on heritage and culture using innovative virtual museums. Continue reading

Oran (Algeria): the Wali keen for a port that is open to the city

Development studies currently under way will outline a range of options for improving the way the various port spaces are integrated and smoothing their visual impact. The final study will then be formally debated at a meeting. Another study on the development of a small marina and the fishing port was also launched a few months ago.

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Montreal: Lachine-Est to become a “living laboratory” for climate studies

The City of Montreal has reached an agreement with the research consortium Ouranos to create the Montreal Climate Lab in the Lachine-Est district. The project aims to develop new planning practices designed to take account of climate change by drawing on real-life cases. Lachine-Est looks to be the perfect location for the facility, having previously been home to industrial activities developed over six decades around the Lachine canal. The Lab will also offer a platform for exchanges to promote greater collaboration, especially with the public.

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Environmental organization “Wings of the Ocean” embarked in the Kraken last January to clean up the oceans and fight plastic pollution.

The NGO combines a training ship, scientific research and ecological mission. Wings of the Ocean was created in 2018 by Julien Wosnitza and Sébastien Fau who had previously met, fighting Ocean pollution. This is the first mission of the team, including 24 volunteers, sailing towards the Canary Islands and Madeira. The team has already collected 170 kg from the ocean, with the support of Thomsea who provided the necessary equipment.
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The Amazon effect and increasing growth in e-commerce forcing adjustments to port logistics

For the Port of Long Beach, the organisation of last-mile logistics, central to the strategy adopted by e-commerce operators, has to be supported by proper coordination of the “first mile” and port. That means not just changes to physical infrastructures, but a digital transformation for the whole supply chain.
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